How to stop talking to him?

2021.10.25 00:31 Negative_Source_5849 How to stop talking to him?

We’re friends. We’ve been talking for around 2 months now and recently, we haven’t really talked as much. We used to talk for hours straight (2-4hrs nonstop) now with school and busy schedules, we always miss each other. Sometimes I also feel like he doesn’t wanna talk to me. Like the vibe I get is different from before. I liked him for a short bit but I don’t anymore because i thought to myself that why would I like someone who won’t put the same effort as i do.
We’re from different uni’s. He’s a junior in IT and I’m a freshman premed student. He replies hours later tbh and sometimes I reply 2-3 mins after he texts cause I’m free (timing and and all) he replies hours later again. Maybe he doesn’t wanna talk anymore? Should I just ghost him?
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2021.10.25 00:31 ExpensivePiglet5480 So there’s no Talking Dead episode tonight?

I know that for a while during the lockdowns and stuff, they opted to stop making Talking Dead episodes for every episode that comes out. Tonight, I waited to see the Talking dead for the Fear and World Beyond episodes that came out on live TV (I have AMC+ so I've already seen the episodes), and instead of Talking Dead they just started playing Fear 7.01 again.
I've noticed that they don't really advertise when there is no Talking Dead for some reason. So people who like watching it just have to wait and find out when it doesn't come on lol.
Does anyone know if there's a place they post when there's not a new episode of TD? I know many people don't care to watch it but I enjoy it so thanks in advance if anyone comments!
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2021.10.25 00:31 Papu_777 La sección tiernito está infravalorada

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2021.10.25 00:31 77009_ Added 10” risers. Feels better than I hoped.

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2021.10.25 00:31 super_dab_boi_22 phone call

so you know how in undertale there is a chance of you getting a phone call, asking to speak to 'G' what if it was referring to spamton G. spamton, also perhaps it was mike calling, also another thing having to do with spamton, spamton and mettaton both have 'ton' at the end of their name, and they both turn into a neo mode, maybe 'ton' is a suffix having to do with robotics, or just neo
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2021.10.25 00:31 chris8121990 Extremely cute 🥰

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2021.10.25 00:31 formulaUH How can I add WiFi to my Gigabyte B550m DS3H?

Hey everyone I have a B550m DS3H, non-AC. It doesn’t have WiFi on board and I’m looking at Network cards. Here’s my issue, the graphics card blocks the PCIe x 1 slot.
Any suggestions on how I should go about this?
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2021.10.25 00:31 darlingplyb Bring back those items🥺 Please... Thank You

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2021.10.25 00:31 Malacath29081 Am I Morrowinding Correctly?

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2021.10.25 00:31 jakeyboi213 I have my custom killsound working when I put in the command but it does not work in game

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2021.10.25 00:31 OneQuadrillionOwls If life's a beach, why don't werewolves go on diets?

If life is a beach then werewolves like other beings should go to beaches but I have never seen a werewolf go on a diet. Aren't they thinking about their physique?
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2021.10.25 00:31 Some-Championship259 Pre-hood load.

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2021.10.25 00:31 Leviathan_2119 Bruticus/Defensor

Anyone have a combiner wars bruticus and/or a defensor they need to get rid of because if you don't want it I will gladly take it off of your hands and if their is a price I'll pay it
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2021.10.25 00:31 Vakiadia Daily Devotion no.1598: In the Face of Lightning

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2021.10.25 00:31 Aaron2501 We gotta run now

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2021.10.25 00:31 Radam-Dadam Help requested for a P000A code, A Camshaft Position Slow Response Bank 1 (replace oil control valve)

(To the point sentence at bottom) So a few months ago my 2014 XV threw a check engine light, the TCS light flashed, and my cruise control light flashed and wouldn’t work. It would come on and off for a week but it went away , it recently came back. Looking into the problem online I came across multiple people who dealt with the same issue. Ultimately came down to needing to replace the oil control valve. I scanned the code and it came out to say basically what the title of the post says. Now I am not a wealthy man and like to do my own repairs and maintenance when I can and if it’s in my wheelhouse of skill.
Ultimately it comes down to this, I saw videos on what parts I need and how to replace it. Doesn’t seem difficult but the issue is there are apparently 4 of these bad boys (oil control valve). Based off the code and description are any of you guys able to tell me which one it could possibly be? I know it may be one of those “ya gotta take a look bud” situations but maybe the description tells me and I’m just not understanding the language
tldr; based off the code and description, are you able to tell me which OCV I gotta replace?
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2021.10.25 00:31 KanseiDorifto86 There should be no off-limit topics for jokes

Alright, obviously, if your friend’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, you shouldn’t mock and joke about that. Your friend is grieving and you’re being an unaware douchebag. Most sound-minded people (I say most, this is a very generous statement) understand that there is a time and place for jokes of certain topics. Getting an armless kid a set of jump ropes for his birthday or a getting a bottle of Jack Daniels for someone who lost their dad to liver failure is not funny. Any “joke” crosses the line when it goes from harmless to upsetting someone for a completely valid reason.
That being said, I could go tweet a joke about a certain group of people, not mentioning any certain even in time, not mentioning any particular person, and I could get a reception rivaling Bo Burnham live performance levels. Then, I could go make a joke about a separate group of people, again, not mentioning any certain event in time or mentioning any particular person, and the same people laughing their asses off at the first joke would doxx me and surround the door to my apartment with machine guns and smoke grenades like a SWAT team. It’s a stupid double standard found all over the internet, about any topic, none of which I will name because apparently mentioning any group of people gets my post taken down… kpop stans. My point is, you can either be a sensitive asshole who is offended by all jokes of any topic, or someone who accepts jokes of any topic, and does not consider them inappropriate, of course provided that said joke is made at an appropriate time and place.
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2021.10.25 00:31 Razorshard08 a weekend well spent

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2021.10.25 00:31 Aggressive-Start2779 The love of my life (M27) took me (F23) back after a love triangle and I just the wrong man. He holds a hidden resentment for me and hasn't been the same in years. How can help him?

Throwaway cuz of obvious reasons and he scrolls reddit..
We broke up cuz I lived with my bf (we'll call him Rob) and I was drinking and not working and bumming off of him and he felt he was supporting my habits with the environment he lived in. He lit off fireworks when he first told me he loved me, is stunningly handsome and the most supportive and non-manipulative man I've ever met. We split up.. was supposed to be temporary and I was a wreck and crawled to him and it hurt hearing about him flirting and fooling around.. he still promised and always said we'd be together.
We both fooled around but he completely dodged me and pushed me away when I was a pathetic mess.. so after 2 months I meet this guy and try to move on and he basically told an insecure girl everything she wanted to hear and basically pretended to be obsessed with me.. He's asshole.. he told me about a hotel party he was having.. then everyone bailed and he still had the reservations amd asked me to swim.. I pretended it wasnt like that... but I knew... and yea.. i felt dirty after and shitty, but he all of sudden after finishing was super sweet and apologized..we ended up hanging out more.. Later on, Rob reached out since he didn't hear from me and I told him about new guy and used him to make him jealous.. it worked and he started crawling to me. I fucking loved it. He asked one day for lunch and started being the old guy I remember but only cuz someone else was around and that pissed me off.
I'm a people pleaser and a bit of a vengeful person. So I couldn't pass up the new guy and always knew now Rob would be there. He asked all sorts of dumb stuff about asshole and I announced he was the best sex of my life and had a huge dick. Ive never been the girl guys fought over so.. it was kinda nice being caught in the middle and both go extra to prove themselves.. I said maybe you guys could share me. I didn't mean it like in sex terms I just didn't wanna lose the attention and both of their extra motivational attitudes. I felt special for once... and I liked it. Well, about the dick comment..that stung and I loved it at the time..That night asshole found out and turned into, you guessed it. An asshole. He started pouting and getting mad that i wasn't checking in and constantly following him when he'd run off and pout. I fucking hate games and had the power. He screamed at me and I dropped him off and cried to Rob and we hooked up..
Later that night, police called and tell me he's about about jump off a building and I had to talk him down. I promised Rob that would be the end of it. Well, I slept with him after.. he guilt tripped the shitnout of me and was super kind and apologetic. I promised Rob I wouldn't stay the night.. I fell asleep in his bed and Rob called me on FB and I answered on video on ACCIDENT.. This fucking ruined Rob. He went crazy depressed, sad, begging... He seemed more like a problem then a solution and I was mad at him... I just ignored him and asshole started guilting me more.. I hate it.. to this day I think about it. Rob gave me the free will to go see asshole and check on him, but when I wanted to calm Rob down asshole got controlling and mean.. I feel so stupid.
I picked the other guy, and since then he had changed.. he'd treat me like shit always wanna go to bars even though he said he hated drinking, lied about his roommate being his ex who he dumped 5 days before he contacted me, was broke, didn't have a car or a license. Couldn't drive, started cheating, never touched me in front of other people, sex was more for him and rarely looked at me. He made me delete everything I had of Rob. He moped about his ex all the time and I was forced to listen.. He made me think Rob was the root of all of our problems and i blamed him for asshole not being sweet anymore. This guy who was everything I loved about Rob for the first 2 weeks he needed to be until Rob went crazy..
I tried making him look good to my friends and bragged about his dick ( stupidly) and how much sex we had. Then things got physical and worse, he'd make me do sexual things I hated by threatening me with breaking up or he'd just ignore me or ask me to leave while drinking.... Rob would reach out every so often or I'd see him performing at bars and making friends with everyone cuz he's so fucking socially perfect while nobody even liked talking to asshole for more than 5 seconds in my life.. I deny him and look at him with anger cuz I was scared of assholes reaction and I blamed him..i didn't wanna look dumb choosing him.. Rob went crazy and it looked like it was smarter...
Later on, we finally split after some horrible horrible things.. I acted obsessed with asshole. He got me in this pattern of proving myself and I had to prove my allegiance and he lived me being a servant.. later on Rob found me crying at a park somehow and we talked for hours... we got back together and have a kid.. Things were great! Then he found old videos I thought were deleted on Google photos, of his dick and me asking for pictures of it cuz he was always mad and I thought I'd make him happy.
Then my stupid old party friend, told Rob everything I bragged about and now he thinks I'm obsessed with huge dick.. I feel stupid, dirty, and like a bitch..
He's been depressed for 3 years now. The first year I was an emotional punching bag, the second he'd have maybe outbursts once a month when drinking, asking why asshole was better and why 8 inch dick wasn't scary to me and why bigger is better, and I'd catch him crying alone at night or in the shower.. this year, he's distant, doesn't like sex as much, he sometimes looks at me different. He's caught me in little lies I've told to protect him, but he's so fucking smart. He downloaded ny samsung cloud data and it had messages and screenshots of me basically, bragging more about his huge dick, which I can't even remember, and he found messages to an old friend where i was crying cuz sex didn't feel the same when Rob and I got back together cuz I was used to bigger, but that's gone now.
He says everything I said is proof bigger is better in sensation and feeling full and more fun to me, and that "bigger is sexy and impressive when you hold it." Especially, since I asked for dick pics, and told everyone and choose him as a fwb and met him at a hotel and continued to screw him.. He says I of course had to of thought about it when I slept with them both the same day and he didn't please me enough.. to top it off, his highschool stand sweetheart (who they're just friends now) found out about assholes dick, and fucked him and told his group.. I can see how defeated he is by all of this...
I fucking hate myself. I love this man and I can't pull these thoughts away from him. He's caught me in innocent lies and doesn't believe a word I say. He doesn't bring it up anymore, but I know he's dying inside and hates a part of me.. if we didn't have a kid I'd set him free, but we do and he's a great dad. When we're together we're happy and have so much fun, but he works a 3rd shift alone and thinks alot.
He's read all this fucking research and with everything explained and shown, fucking christ, I think I'm convinced. But I don't remember... I really fucking don't. I never chased it I thought it was trashy, but I was just stupid... I'm so scared to talk about it with him incase another detail ruins him. He says since I don't talk about him or the relationship he sees him as just this mysterious, tall, dark skinned, huge dick, fuck buddy, from my past that I choose over him and gave glowing reviews of.. idk what to do.. I kept hoping it will go away but he looks at me different.. I tell him I don't need that, but he thinks it makes you orgasm faster and feels better, but i sacrifice that for love... and He's not small he's technically above average by just a bit which is perfect. It's never annoying or painful.
Any advice on how to help him understand? I think he's over the betrayal, it's just the fact he thinks this guy beat him in sex appeal and sensation.. Any ideas?
Chose a douchebag over love of life out of spite and anger for being dumped, guy turned out to be manipulative and a POS. I hurt my ex and bragged about well endowed FWB and constantly pushed away sad ex for new guy to prove myself. Got back with Love of my life and he holds on to the pain and feels defeated by a tall fuck boy big dick douchebag... need help proving something he feels he has limitless evidence against.
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2021.10.25 00:31 echoes_of_the_moor After surviving a 2-of-3 falls war with Ciampa at Takeover: Philadelphia, Ambrose wasted no time in challenging NXT Champion Juice Robinson on the heels of retaining his championship against Velveteen Dream

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2021.10.25 00:31 Vexcess Appreciation for (Real) Abed Gheith

I’ve had my flair for a long time, and made me think of this, but I’m listening to FlagCop for the first time in a while. The whole bit about his cousin and the questions that follow is solid gold. What’s everyone else’s opinion on his appearances?
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2021.10.25 00:31 Toastwaver 1983? Halloween teaser posted outside merch truck inside the gates tonight.

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2021.10.25 00:31 NORDLAN January 6 committee chair Rep. Bennie Thompson says 'there's no question' that the Capitol riot was premeditated

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2021.10.25 00:31 MMA_Fanboy082384 Megan Olivi - Swipe left/click right for the second pic!

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2021.10.25 00:31 TheMann9565 Made the Afourteen mask myself

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