[USA-MS] [H] Paypal/Cash [W] Older computer with 4 core cpu.

2021.09.20 00:52 nlj1978 [USA-MS] [H] Paypal/Cash [W] Older computer with 4 core cpu.

Looking for a donor computer for a virtual pinball machine.
Needs to be a 4 core CPU 3ghz or faster. Intel/AMD. DDR3 or DDR4 ram Gtx970 or better GPU a bonus. 7.1 audio on board or card also a bonus.
Don't need any peripherals. Condition of case not important as it will be coming out of the case anyway.
Also would be interested in motherboard/cpu combos of the same specifications.
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2021.09.20 00:52 lasermech2 Need help with skilltree

Recently I have been looking over my skill tree, and I've called into question the usefulness of a fully buffed Focused Frenzy. It's an ability that is only useful on boss-level enemies, and has a 2m cooldown. Most of the time I end up using it on something that gets defeated immediately, wasting the ability. I feel like I could put the 3 skill points into something more useful, and as I have a single point in Damage Control, I need to respec already, but I don't know what I want to put it into. My build is an unconventional hybrid shield tank/assault vessel, and has a shield lean. I threw around the idea of adding more shield power but I don't know how much of a bonus that would give me. Any advice?
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2021.09.20 00:52 linznator Looking for remote bookish jobs

For almost a year I’ve been freelancing as a social media manager for lesser-known authors. I’m only doing it part-time, alongside my day job, and I’d like to find a career that I can break into that I get to work with books and still make a living. Freelancing is a great option, but the pay and clientele isn’t always a guarantee. I’m wondering if anyone knows of any type of social media job I can do full time, remotely, that deals with books. Any ideas and tips are welcome!
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2021.09.20 00:52 sobeonekinobe Thinking of selling our house

We love our home and we never thought to leave it but with the crazy real estate market right now, we feel like it would be crazy to not cash in. Our home is appraised at 400,000, would it be crazy to list it at 500,000? Considering a similar house like ours in California would go for a million or more, that's the price we want to set it at.
Here are some upgrades that were made to the house. We have a swim spa, screened in sunroom, new floors in living room and master, pre-wired surround system, and prewired CCTV system, Over the air TV with roofing antenna(towers are too far)and ATT fiber internet.
Also, does anyone know if Frisco lakes is sought after more than the houses in surrounding neighborhoods. A home in Frisco Lakes had listed their home for 549,000 and under contract the next day. Similar size and lot. In our neighborhood, houses are selling for less even though they are bigger. These houses have also been built fairly recently.
Our proposed price is a "make me move" price. Are we wasting our time trying to get our house ready for a showing? Any advice is welcome! Thanks!
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2021.09.20 00:52 hkitty1991 hmmm

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2021.09.20 00:52 SHURIDACHI Ok i think this is the time for STANDARD / CLASSIC / ADVANCED modes.

Hi, after 7 months we will celebrate for LEGENDS OF RUNETERRA second anniversary.
And we will get maybe 3 or 4 New expansions before that so we will see a lot of New decks.
So i think this is the time like HS. 3 modes ( not New modes ) its the normal mode but you can choose between CLASIC, STANDARD and ADVANCED
In the classic mode you will play with just the Foundations cards
In the STANDARD mode you will play with all the cards
In the ADVANCED mode you will play with only the last three or four expansions so you will just play against the meta every single time ( i think it Foundations is allowed in the ADVANCED mode because without it you cant complete your deck ).
So what do you think guys?
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2021.09.20 00:52 somersaultdropkick Hoshiguma finally came home so I drew her.

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2021.09.20 00:52 spankthawank Best things to buy with gems in order.

Math warning! TL;DR at the bottom.
First of all, I have divided the possible gems purchase in 2 different categories: time and gold. Today, I’ll only go into the time saving items.

  1. Nectar. Each nectar boosts your village 4x for 1 minute, thus saving 3 minutes each. With a price of 10 gems/ 20 nectar this amounts to 1 gem/ 6 minutes. For every villager in your village. Assuming you have 5, 1 gem will save you 30 minutes.
  2. Research scrolls. The rate for research scrolls seems to be around 60/hour (being generous) you can buy 100 scrolls for 60 gems. So this would amount to 1 gem saving you around 1.66 minutes. This would decrease the more you upgrade the research stat.
  3. Research potions. There are 3 different research potions. The first being 30 gems and adding +50% for 3 hours. This is 1.5 hours saved. 90/30 comes to 3 minutes/ gem.
The second is 60 gems and is +100% for 6 hours, thus saving 6 hours. 360/60 comes to 6 minutes/ gem.
The final (not unlocked yet so I might be off) is 90 gems and +150% for 9 hours. Thus saving 13.5 hours. 810/90 equals to 9 minutes/gem.
  1. Franz the fixer. Franz has a 50% boost and lasts for 2 days. So an effective time of 3 days. With a cost of 200 the minute/ gems amounts to 4320/200 = 21.6. This will go down as you increase the skills of your other workers.
So in order the best way to spend gems would be:
  1. Nectar
  2. Franz
  3. Big potion
  4. Medium potion
  5. Small potion
  6. Scrolls
But since it’s possible to stack these items this isn’t the final list.
So, what can be stacked? And how much does this improve things? Here’s the rundown:
  1. 180 Nectar+ small potion. The total cost is 90+30=120 gems. The the 3 hours of nectar save a total of 9 hours over 5 (as example) villagers thus saving 45 hours total. Then the small potion adds +50% over 3x4 =12 hours. Saving another 6 hours. To a total of 51. (51x60)/120= 25,5 minutes/gem
  2. 360 nectar + medium potion. Costs a total of 240 gems. The nectar saves 18 hours a villager, so for 5 that’s 90 hours. Then the boost saves 100% over 6x4 hours so another 24. To a total of 114. (114x60)/240= 28.5 gems/minute
  3. 540 nectar + large potion. This costs 360 gems. The nectar saves 27 hours a villager. Again with 5 this is 135 hours. Then the potion saves 150% over 36 hours. So 54 hours. To a total of 189. (189x60)/360= 31.5 minutes/ gem
  4. 2880 nectar+ franz. This will cost you 1640 gems. Since franz has upgraded skills he counts as 1.5 person. So 2880 minutes x4 x6.5= 56160. Dividing this by 1640 gives you 34.25 minutes/gem.
You think this might be it, but no. There’s more stacking to be done.
  1. 2880 nectar + 16 small potions+ franz. Amounts to 2120 gems. 2880 nectar will save you 43200 minutes with 5 workers. You’ll also now have franz essentially 8 days. And he’s boosted another 50% on top of his earlier 50% boost. So +125%. This totals to 18 days you save. 18x24x60= 25.920 minutes. + 43200= 69120. Divide this by 2120 and you get 32.6 minutes/gem.
  2. 2880 nectar+ 8 medium potions+franz Costs 2120 gems. Again you save 43200 minutes. Only this time franz gets 100% boosted troughout. Thus netting him +200% boost saving 24 days. 24x24x60=34560. Adding 43200 gives 77760. Dividing by 2120 gets us 36.7 minutes/gem.
  3. 2880 nectar + 5 large potions+ franz. Will cost 2090 gems. Again 2880 nectar saves us 43200 minutes. This time franz gets 150% boost on top of his 50% but it doesn’t cover the full period since the potions only cover 45 hours. So for 45 hours we get franz at 375% and then back to 150% for 3 hours. So 675 hours with the potions then 18 without. To a total of 693. Converting to minutes then adding 43200 equals 84780. And that comes to 40.5 minutes/gem.
We can also get a 6th potion. Let’s assume the overflow isn’t boosted with nectar.
  1. 2880 nectar + 6 large potion + franz. Costing 2180. You save 43200 with the nectar. Then 375% on franz for 2 days will amount to 30 days. You wil then have another 6 hours of 150% potion to save another 9 hours. To a total of 86940 minutes. Dividing by 2180 comes to 39.9 minutes/gem.
Now we can make out final list. But first some things to point out. 1. You don’t actually save 40 minutes. This is over all your villagers. And might not be equally either with potions etc. 2. This is assuming there is no time lost. Assuming you sleep I’d say you won’t reach 100% efficiency. 3. This is with 5 workers and assuming no skills are leveled. Values will change but the order in the list won’t drastically change until you get to 8-10 workers. And then it’ll still be somewhat accurate. Anyways here’s the final list:
  1. 2880 nectar+5 large potions+franz 40.5 minutes/gem
  2. 2880 nectar +6 large potions+franz 39.9 minutes/gem
  3. 2880 nectar+8 medium potions+franz 36.7 minutes/gem
  4. 2880 nectar+franz 34.25 minutes/gem
  5. 2880 nectar+16 small potions+franz 32.6 minutes/gem
  6. 540 nectar + large potion 31.5 minutes/gem
  7. nectar 30 minutes/gem
  8. 360 nectar + medium potion 28.5 minutes/gem
  9. 180 nectar + small potion 25.5 minutes/gem
  10. franz 21.6 minutes/gem
  11. large potions 9 minutes/gem
  12. medium potions 6 minutes/gem
  13. small potions 3 minutes/gem
  14. research scrolls 1.66 minutes/gem
Calculations assume franz on research and give him research potions
If you’re free to play I’d say to stick to nectar and craft (don’t buy) potions to use together.
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2021.09.20 00:52 Putrid_Water3585 Madden more realistic than I thought

Boy, watching these NFL games and how wide open receivers are is making me feel like Madden was just ahead of their time for realistic coverage. Lmao!!!!
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2021.09.20 00:52 ronninguru Fart tubes!

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2021.09.20 00:52 TN_Egyptologist Shabti of Mentuemhat

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2021.09.20 00:52 SnooHobbies4904 [US-TN] [H] Paypal [W] Black Satisfaction 75

PM me with offers!
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2021.09.20 00:52 UnfairSoup70 ✨Martha fanart✨

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2021.09.20 00:52 jst2012 18 September 2021 Tennessee Smokies (0) @ Biloxi Shuckers (1) Game 2 Official Scorers Book

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2021.09.20 00:52 ParadiseMurderer LOOKING FOR ENGAGEMENT PHOTO FROM 2002 ATARI CONCERT

Looking for a picture of my parents engagement at an The Ataris concert on December 17th 2002 in Portland at the crystal ballroom. Parents names are Danielle and Daniel. My dad proposed to my mom on stage. If you have any photos or information please comment.
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2021.09.20 00:52 merrymerry19 [H]$75 iTunes Gift Card [W]85% Paypal

REPLY then PM me... Needs to go ASAP!
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2021.09.20 00:52 Kisshu-Alas Finished YCH for skye on telegram (artist: kisshu alas, me)

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2021.09.20 00:52 blair_bear_ I love humanity so much it hurts

I’m really drunk rn but I’d like to share how much I love people and how happy I am to be there for them when they need, especially when others won’t ‘show up’.
If you need me, I’ll always be there for you. It’s so difficult to express to others how much you may need them (and as a Taurus I’m among the worst at expressing how much I may need another person).
But if you need someone, I just want you to know how much it means for me to be there for you. And im honored to assist you in any way I can.
I love you, fellow human. And if you need help, I’m happy to be there for you. Tell me what you need and I’m there.
I love you. ❤️
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2021.09.20 00:52 fairchildart [I ate] Chicken Sandwich

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2021.09.20 00:52 Dzy666 Won the price twice in one.... But only got 24 dollars....where do I get my reward???

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2021.09.20 00:52 LeakLab [Snippet] Matt Ox - Untitled

dm me
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2021.09.20 00:52 R3DN3CK375 26 M Looking For A Friend Or Two

Howdy y’all 👋
So what am I looking for?
Well friends of course but also people that won’t disappear after a day or two, if would also be cool if you was a little nerdy/geeky like myself 🤓 or maybe like to play video games as well? Let’s be friends and see how it goes 😁
What hobbies do you I like?
Well I like hunting, fishing, swimming, shooting my bow, horseback riding, camping, hiking and just enjoy the great outdoors. My hobbies that I like to do inside is playing video games.
What kind of music do I like?
Well like today’s country, classic country, some country rap, some regular rap, some edm, some alternative rock and some metal core but nothing to heavy.
What movies do I like?
Action, suspense, horror, thriller and comedy.
What foods do I like?
Chinese, Mexican and bbq 🤤
I also have a Xbox One, PC and Switch, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and PS5
If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask or send me a message and I’ll be more then happy to answer whatever it might be, but until then take care and be safe and hope to hear from you!
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2021.09.20 00:52 pkele Extra Prerelease Codes

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2021.09.20 00:52 balthamoz ANTM Alternate Reality: Cycle 27 Episode 6

ANTM Alternate Reality: Cycle 27 Episode 6 The Premise
"How would so-and-so do if they were on a different cycle? Would they have won against different contestants?" in ANTM: Alternate Reality, we will try to answer these questions!
I randomized every model, photoshoot and challenge from America's Next Top Model to create an alternate reality with different casts and different photoshoots. You can influence the results by voting on your Call Out Order each week.
Last Episode
The models needed to get in touch with their sensual side. For their challenge, they needed to sell chemistry and a narrative using nothing but a photograph and a sexy costar. Noune and Treveen delivered, but it was Treveen who best told a Love Story through her photo, making her the challenge winner.
For their main shoot, they shot campaign images for a Swimwear and Lingerie brand. Dressed in Lingerie-inspired swimwear, the models struck sensual poses, and some lucky models were even flown around the world. The brief was to show off the garments while delivering an impactful photo.
Best Photo...
goes to Noune:
1. Noune
However, the Call Out Order this week will not be for the swimwear shoot (check out the COO chart below for the Swimwear COO!) because...
... it is time for a Purge.
The models will be revealed in order of their performance up until now, and the Bottom 4 are going home:
Unfortunately we lose Osi, Ronja, Loiza and Larissa! All 4 of them showed signs up improvement, particularly Osi who clawed her way into the Top 4, but unfortunately none of them had enough standout performances to help improve their averages.
Episode 6
This week the models needed to navigate two difficult things to pose with.
For their challenge, the models each posed with an animal costar. The brief was to keep the model while making sure their costar fits into the shot.
For their main shoot, the models were draped in jewels, and needed to pose in a way to showcase them while remembering to deliver their signature beauty.
Here are their best shots:
Judge Vote: Vote for your Call Out Order here!
Fan Vote: Cast Fan Votes here!
Voting will close tomorrow around 7pm.
Thank you!!
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2021.09.20 00:52 svanapps r/dogecoin - Doge to the Moon

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