What do you think? M19

2021.09.20 01:49 According_Mode_4715 What do you think? M19

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2021.09.20 01:49 WeddingAccurate4648 Trials v Competitive, and The Pursuit of "Balance"

The recent changes to matchmaking in Trials are proof that new weapons must be added as competitive (Glory) rewards, and our current sandbox reveals that Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten should never have been touched.
I understand there is a crippling fear surrounding Pinnacle PvP weapons after the Three Horsemen: Mountaintop, Revoker, and Recluse. However, that fear from Bungie and the community has led to the worst possible outcome for loot in PvP playlists. Several years worth of painstakingly farmed RNG loot was sunset to essentially kill just those three weapons, and a mere handful of Legendary outliers... Only for new weapons to be (re)issued, despite a gargantuan amount of RNG, with similar and potentially stronger perk combinations.
Slideshot Ignition Code may not have micro-missile, but a Velocity MW + any of several Launch perks make it difficult to tell. Luna's/NF were 3-tap 180 Handcannons, but now you don't even have to hit Headshots with Vulpecula + Harmony. Mulligan may not guarantee that a round returns to your Magazine, but I've been allowed to miss FIVE times with Occluded Finality before finally picking off my target on Distant Shore. QuickDraw+Harmony Fractethyst makes peak Felwinter's Lie/Astral Horizon blush. etc.
This list will continue to grow, and we simply have to trust that Bungie stops themselves before making another mistake like the aforementioned Three Horsemen.
Mind you, this is all before we arrive at Adept Trials loot.
Prior to that first weekend of the Trials Revamp, few people even considered attempting a Flawless passage with a Passage of Mercy due to the relative skill-level of Trials regulars (i.e. Sweats) and the prevalence of hackers. Hackers ran so rampant that even the genuine top 0.X% dreaded or regularly avoided the playlist, prompting this revamp in the first place.
My argument isn't that 3 stacks should be guaranteed 5 trips to the Lighthouse and dozens of post-Flawless wins by farming solos. You should absolutely have to come correct in order to achieve and sustain Flawless, but I firmly believe that any and *all* RNG loot must be farmable to a significant enough degree to warrant playing a Looter Shooter like Destiny 2.
Trials has too much loot that is too potentially powerful for the Playlist to be anything other than the first weekend of the Revamp, with *minor* tweaks to post-Flawless matchmaking. Especially considering how many borderline filler perks exist on every single desirable weapon.
RNG loot must be HIGHLY farmable for any sense of "competitive integrity," to remain intact. As it stands now the very best players in Trials could genuinely encounter .1% bad luck to still not see their desired roll after 100s of flawless drops, and a first timer pushed through via SBMM may end up with an objectively better weapon after 1 trip to the lighthouse.
That's where dedicated competitive rewards with static, but powerful perk sets serve as a goal for players interested in constantly improving to compete at the top level of Destiny PvP, and that's where I believe there is currently a massive disconnect in Bungie's approach to the new Matchmaking for Trials.
Instead of attempting to maintain Trials as a highly exclusive playlist (but also trying to push below average players up with *very* restrictive and deterministic matchmaking), they should reconsider the matchmaking and lean far more towards the Revamp debut, or at the very least implement the new Flawless matchmaking to Passages instead of players.
Bungie really likes metrics, but you can't like metrics and expect to cultivate an elite PvP fantasy when you force a 50% W/R on people trying to beat truly hellish RNG. However, that pill is 100x easier to swallow when you know for a fact that every player who manages to climb the mountain is met with the exact same powerful rewards that you'll be met with should you also succeed.
In short, Adept Trials weapons should be treated as Pinnacle weapons with powerful static rolls, or (much more preferably) Trials should move closer to the Revamp debut with more minor matchmaking tweaks and Pinnacle weapons should be reintroduced to the Glory playlist.
Were they to refocus their Competitive vision in the Competitive playlist, Trials would remain the weird hybrid of accessible and exclusive that it was on the 11th of September, and the sweatiest of the sweatlords would have consistent long-term goals to chase in Glory.
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2021.09.20 01:49 dark_side0fthem00n My best friend, my cat, passed away after 21 years. I designed these lantern for him from now on, a candle will burn in it for him. 24/ 7. so that he never gets cold.

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2021.09.20 01:49 potatoartist2 It's relatable, right guys?

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2021.09.20 01:49 Enigma_101 Haters will say it's fake...

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2021.09.20 01:49 isnisse Jeg forstår ikke helt... Skal man oprette sig en bruger inde på Computershare.com?

Kan ikke finde hoved eller hale i alt det her.
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2021.09.20 01:49 Denpants Fun AFK Myers Build

Play With Your Food (Movespeed)
NOED (Movespeed, the exposed is redundant tbh)
Shadowborn (For seeing survivors come to you)
No Way Out: 12 seconds + maybe 9 more of time to get another mori if you have judiths
Run tombstone piece and whatever else you want. I usually go faster stalk rate. Get to T2 and get a hook or two if you wanna charge no way out. Make sure ro chase the obsession to get 3 PwYF stacks. Then afk with t2 99% in a visible area. Let all the gens be completed. Now here's the fun part. Once 5 gens are done, wait for survivors to come to you and tbag when they see you're afk. Wait for the right moment to strike, if you activate t3 and they all run and you miss the attack, you'll embarass yourself. Once enough survivors are close, level up to t3 and attack one unlucky survivor. Then start hunting the rest down if you have Judiths and hair or just keep afking if you have tombstone piece. Get ready for the spicy end game chat!
Most fun you'll have as killer!
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2021.09.20 01:49 mrmrbob i think this is a rare walkman its a sony wm-f18 and it is working and got it for 99$

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2021.09.20 01:49 jvsh_c A USPS mailbox in Vancouver, Canada. September 28, 2020.

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2021.09.20 01:49 viktor17420 A new player joins the game

This game is really good
After some gameplay
Oh I am a captain ok that's nice and what are these oh daily missions and rewards ok
After time passes a little bit and the day comes to an end
Mei's lunch and bento what is this? Oh for stamina good good
After chapter XVI
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2021.09.20 01:49 johntwit Fed Chair Powell Owned At Least $1.5 Million In Municipal Bonds Like The Ones The Fed Bailed Out In 2020

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2021.09.20 01:49 Physical_Still6225 While preparing for another client's Love spell, feedbacks from the recent ones were already in my Dm! it's not too late to get your Ex back too💜. with No repercussion

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2021.09.20 01:49 Dj_Pio Pele, „pregătit să iasă de la terapie intensivă” şi să revină acasă, spune una dintre fiicele sale - Stiri Online Din Romania - info-24.ro

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2021.09.20 01:49 Firstdeed I found THE Gun, haha

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2021.09.20 01:49 bornstunna45 Madden 22 Xbox next gen brand new packers Vikes open, 60$ prize each year 48 hour sim

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2021.09.20 01:49 Sixshooterchuck Nothing to see here just a bunch of oshowatt

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2021.09.20 01:49 ScaryCicadaSongs Is this a T. georgicola Wolf Spider?

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2021.09.20 01:49 slicktwit69 Staking with non elected

I know you don't get rewards till a validator is elected, but once they are elected do you see any past rewards from the unelected time?
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2021.09.20 01:49 yangchu981 How does one plan for the future?

I’m 23 and have been wanting to move to another state to start over to gain independence. Life at home with family isn’t bad or anything. I’ve been fortunate to live with parents who help me when needed but every time I try to gain independence they put up a resistance and try to keep me as their baby.
I’ve been trying to plan my future but I find it daunting because it’s all based on unknowns and “what if’s”. And there’s so many small things to consider too. Is there a process to planning? Where to start? How well does the plan stick once initiated? How much should I save?
Any tips are appreciated!
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2021.09.20 01:49 throwaway11one1 Pulmonary and Critical Care Job Question

I am a third year IM resident who is planning on taking a single hospitalist year before applying to PCCM or Cardiology. I am at a Top 10 residency and have already garnered excellent LoRs from well-respected Cardiologists and Pulmonologists, so I feel comfortable that I'll be able to match at either speciality. I like critical care and cardiology equally, but admit that I haven't had much exposure to Pulmonology and am not sure that I will like it (which I suppose is okay because I can just be an Intensivist full time if I need to). One major concern I have is the massive pay differential between PCCM and Cardiology. I recognize that CCM jobs are often 7/7, so you're only working half the year and thus won't get the same wage as a Cardiologist (who is usually working 60-80 hours/wk every week). Is it feasible to sign with a group that will allow you to do the 7/7 job, then supplement your income on your off weeks with extra per diem ICU shifts vs part time sleep medicine vs IP clinic/procedures or some other "side-gig?" to close the pay gap?
When I see job listings for Pulm + Crit, they're often somewhere closer to "2 weeks clinic + 1 week ICU," and it's not clear to me if the 4th week in the month is meant to be your off-week after the ICU, or if it's a 3 week-long rotation and you rotate right back to the clinic after the ICU week. If that's the case, then it seems that the marginal increase in salary from CCM jobs vs combined PCCM jobs is not worth the extra 10-14 days of work each month and this model is only for people who truly want to be a Pulmonologist.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.20 01:49 FlavaTowns Book recommendations for TBMs

If you could get a TBM to read one anti-book, what would it be? I’m leaning towards CES letter but want opinions.
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2021.09.20 01:49 EDroneVirginFedshill New SCJerk HoF inductee: Jonathan Coachman

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2021.09.20 01:49 hasanalkhammash Just dropping my first NFT today check it out

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2021.09.20 01:49 Emperor_cringehunter Please takara, For the Love of Primus do it.

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2021.09.20 01:49 Kind_Description8503 Demon-Bee mope.io (rare) idea

Demon-Bee mope.io (rare) idea
A demon bee.
Tier: 6
can kill: Tier 15 or 14 and 12 or 13, can kill zebra, (CANNOT KILL BD BECAUSE BD CANNOT HIT A BEE) can kill any that is above tier 6.
Also, killing it gives you 670 coins. It also randomly rarely spawn In beehives.
If its attacking, It can deal 70 damage.
also it’s tier 6
Demon Bee has a lot of health, as if is OP.
Health: 890 :\
this is a demon pufferfish like.
When you touch it above tier 6, You get the posion effect and stinging effect and it stuns you too. (YOU CAN GET THE POSION EFFECT AND THE STINGING EFFECT WITH ABILITY)
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