Olympus Pen EES | 30mm f/2.8 | Kodak Color Plus 200

2021.09.20 01:17 user692 Olympus Pen EES | 30mm f/2.8 | Kodak Color Plus 200

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2021.09.20 01:17 Zyrox-_ Its 1 am I just realized something

Idk if the flair fits anyways
When among us was in hype and i played it a lot i played with this one girl and she ended up sending me a friend request then we texted almost everyday and often played among us together, she even send me selfies and stuff.
When i look back at the texts its kinda obvious she liked me at least a bit, but i just didnt see it at the time Boys can be so Oblivious
But it was over discord and i just liked her as a friend so idk why i thought about it
(Sry for bad english)
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2021.09.20 01:17 Outrageous-Bank-9225 DOUGH 🍩 | Huge International marketing is here 🚀 | Live AMA in a French investor group in 1 hour! 🎉

Next marketing steps:
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🔥So what is Dough? Dough is building a blockchain ecosystem around food & health related products under the Dough™️ brand.
🚀Holders benefit from unique NFTs and can earn vouchers for amazing restaurants.
Read more about the utility of Dough in our Litepaper: Website : www.doughbsc.comhttps://doughbsc.com/assets/Litepaper.pdf. ——————————————————☑️Is Dough just another fork? No, we believe in uniqueness and tastefulness in every aspect of the Dough ecosystem.
The Dough tokenomics have been carefully selected to offer holders the best reward-system on BSC!
When the price is on an uptrend holders are rewarded Cake, but when price is on a downtrend the contract automatically switches to reflections in Dough to decrease sell pressure. —————————————————— ⭐Tokenomics:
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⚠️How to buy Dough?:
Dough has its own Swap on its website, but can also be purchased
⚠️Contract: 0xde7938d20e49858527e4a26516730c47c20f29c0
⚠️Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xde7938d20e49858527e4a26516730c47c20f29c0
⚠️ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xde7938d20e49858527e4a26516730c47c20f29c0#readContract
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2021.09.20 01:17 NeitherType9529 Hey babe

I miss you and I wish you still wanted to talk to me…
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2021.09.20 01:17 BeGayDoThoughtcrime College advice!

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2021.09.20 01:17 imanemetophobe help!!

so basically the last 2 days me and my family have hung out with another and we’re all good and today we was at a football game and the girl was sick we don’t know why but I freaked me out I know I won’t get ill but just any advice helps!
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2021.09.20 01:17 Exastiken Australia says France knew of 'grave' submarine concerns

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2021.09.20 01:17 Gaz971 Arthur and John at the bar 🍻

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2021.09.20 01:17 minnieboss The Real Reason Our Planet's Deepest Hole Was Sealed | The planet's biggest MANMADE hole was sealed because temperatures got too hot to go any further down (40 clicks)

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2021.09.20 01:17 Difficult-Pause7583 Streak 4- Dormir...o no. Corrígeme, por favor!

No puedo dormir. Lo que quiero decir es, cuándo acostarme en la noche, duermo de inmediatamente. Sin embargo, cuándo mi novio se mueve, me despierto. Cuándo el gato se mueve, me despierto. Cuándo el reloj dice cuatro y media de la mañana, me despierto. Y cuándo me despierto, no puedo acostarme de nueva por unas horas. Estoy muy, muy cansada. Y a veces necesito beber un poco de café en las tardes para estar alerta en el trabajo. Pero eso me hace despertar con más facilidad. Estoy muy, muy cansada.
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2021.09.20 01:17 Painter19 Drank the last swallow of my whiskey. Damn.

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2021.09.20 01:17 BotDefense overview for boinaFandgs

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2021.09.20 01:17 SupaHotFire007 [NA][T4] Bot lane duo LF team

My ign: Im Wyrd (Silver 2)
His ign: Drowned Guy (Gold 4)
Add me if interested
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2021.09.20 01:17 RevelFaye Procedure reccomendations needed, please check the comment section for my statement

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2021.09.20 01:17 ArtCost Painter - Collection-Of-Cats

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2021.09.20 01:17 holyrasta We no longer get 100 Viz on the last chest of dailys... Unplayable

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2021.09.20 01:17 ThexLoneWolf Is it possible to set up an AI-only match?

Something I was wondering, is it possible to set up an AI-only match in Halo Wars 2? Something I like doing in Stellaris is setting up AI-only games and letting the AI do its thing without human intervention. Is something similar possible in this game?
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2021.09.20 01:17 cmookiie Nice addition to the collection

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2021.09.20 01:17 kmkaz96 Sword user looking for Tyranitar / Pupitar

Looking to do a quick trade for a Tyranitar give you a "sword exclusive" lvl 60 Kommo-o. Comment or DM thanks!
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2021.09.20 01:17 SakeIsGr8 D i n o a à u r

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2021.09.20 01:17 ahura21 چه خاطراتی داشتیم

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2021.09.20 01:17 Penakoto When can I switch my party next, if I'm at the start of Act 4?

^ Title
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2021.09.20 01:17 Lucky_Mage Could use some advice on both my Gender and Sexuality. I'm doubting a lot of things.

Hi, I'm 17 AFAB and currently questioning my gender and sexuality after reevaluating my sexuality (panromatic ace, or at least what I think I am now), and probably because I'm questioning my gender. I want to describe my situation in full so this is a long one and no tl;dr --
I first assumed that because I didn't want to "sleep with" men, I must have been a lesbian, rather than bisexual. Though I heard of the term asexual, I didn't think it fit me because I desired (and still do) a romantic relationship, and I had assumed I was just inexperienced. So I jumped into the lesbian community because I didn't yet know that sexual desire or sex in general could be separate from relationships. I had basically thought it was something one would have to do to cement the bond, or you didn't really love each other. It was fine at first but I quickly realized I didn't relate to a lot of what was being said by people in those communities. I chalked it up to being unexperienced with relationships. But after a while I wasn't so sure.
I did more research and found that I felt connected with the whole Asexual experience a lot more than the lesbian one. So from there I assumed I was an asexual lesbian, leaning demisexual because again, I felt and still do somewhat feel that you have to give something of yourself, such as sex, in order to prove you love someone. I know it's toxic now, and I'm working on that self-worth, haha. Still, sex is/would be purely emotional to me if I were to have it, and I don't really want to even if it was with someone I trusted. But before, I had sorta resigned myself to this idea of relationship = eventual sex. I had never had it before so for all I knew I would actually enjoy it, even if I didn't seek it. From there is where things gets even more complicated.
I started watching some tiktok compilations on YouTube and it was mostly LGBTQ+, with some being specifically Trans related content. I originally only watched MTF tiktoks because I thought I'd somehow relate to them more than other ones. Not sure how I though that, but I assume now that I must have always felt some sort of kinship to those who wanted to, IDK, transition I'd guess? Yet I would always avoid the FTM ones purposefully for similar reasons. Maybe I didn't like what I was recognizing in them. Introspection is difficult.
But I eventually did start watching more Non-binary and FTM tiktoks and well, shit. It's almost all I watch now and I don't think I can confidently say I'm cis anymore. I don't know if it's Non-binary or FTM, but it's just not cis. I think it's the realization that it's even a possibility for me to be, if not the other gender, then at least not female anymore that brought this on.
Looking back, I realize that I always liked to play the male version in videogames growing up (Pokemon, mostly), because I didn't want to be "the girl" character. I would only like to pretend to be animals when playing house or make believe. Or if it was from shows, I would for example like to be the purple wolf Power Ranger from the season with the jungle animals, a very obvious guy. I always preferred male clothing or masculine ways to describe myself, IE handsome over pretty by family, or being called "bro" or "dude" by friends rather than "girlfriend" (platonically).
I also always liked to be friends with boys over girls and had an easier time of making friends with boys over girls. It's changed a bit now that I am in high school, but that is more because I feel excluded from men's (or boys because of highschool?) spaces, which makes me feel left out, because it's as if I should be there, even if I feel like I wouldn't belong.
After that realization, I began to again question my sexuality. I was already ok with women and non-binary people because to me lesbian meant and still means non-men loving non-men. But if I'm no longer sure that I am a non-man, how could I be a lesbian? The word also just doesn't sit right with me anymore. From there I re-evaluated some things, and also came to some more realizations. Such as that relationships with men doesn't = eventually having to have sex because marriage and kids (more on that later) and all that. I mostly blame heteronormative notions of love and relationships and some older family members pressures for that assumption, but that's beside the point.
Before I could only see men and relationships as something I will have to have sex with eventually, which turned me off from it entirely.
But now that I am looking at it all from point zero again, I find myself ok with the idea of being in a purely romantic relationship with men as well. But with women I had thought I'd be ok with sex even if I know my sexuality is asexual as long as I knew them, similar to demisexual people. However, that too lead me to questioning what sex even is, because I thought about it and the idea of any penetration and even just sexual touching is gross. But things like kissing or even making out I am more ok with. Cuddling is especially nice, even the idea of doing it without clothes on with a beloved partner, but nothing more than that. This applies to men, women, and non-binary people.
I think the reason I am so averse to the idea of penetration (and why I correlate it so heavily with men, or more accurately male genitalia in general) is that I am actually terrified of the idea of getting pregnant or having children. I know this because this fear of sex, and not just an aversion, only stems from cis men. With trans men I feel nothing of the sort. Which makes me feel sort of transphobic because of how I view these two types of men so differently, based of their physical differences. They're both men to me, just different kinds of men, and I'm more ok with one than the other. But at the same time I also don't fear dating transwomen for similar reasons despite what anatomy they may have, so long as the relationship is non-sexual.
I'm not saying that transwomen can't sire children, but it just feels like I wouldn't be pressured to have kids with them if I was in a relationship with them, even if it would be biologically possible. It's like how it's societally not expected for two women to have bio kids. If we are two women in a relationship, most would ignore or not even think of the possibility that one of those women is trans and with male anatomy. So it's like that pressure in the back of my mind isn't there, because of that "two women = no kids" notion. I feel like this doesn't make a lot of sense but it's the best explanation for my feelings I can come up with. Ugh, moving on.
With cis men I still feel to some degree that I would have to have sex AND kids. Other times I don't feel that way, but only with specific kinds of cis men. If I were to, for example, date an asexual cis man, I wouldn't have that worry of sex and kids, mostly because they would also not want to have sex with me because their asexuality is like a shield against it. I flip between the two often, but now I don't think I'd be comfortable in a relationship with someone who wants to have sex with me (because the idea of being an object of sexual desire is, while flattering, ew), and especially if that someone is an allo or maybe even just a sex-positive asexual cis man, because in that relationship it feels like I would be expected to have, or rather bear, children as a result of that form of an intimate relationship with a partner.
My core family doesn't even pressure me to marry or have kids so I have no real idea where this comes from. I guess I'm more worried about a future partner and my acquaintances/in-laws bullying me into it? That seems more likely, because that's when I can get the fear of sex and relationships from transwomen or even nonbinary people with male anatomy. But it still seems distant, like I can't imagine myself in that sort of situation with them as easily. Probably because it's not talked about or presented as much as it is with cis men so the reality of the situation is harder for me to come to terms with.
With everything else, I now have to question if this is a form of dysphoria, or if I just have to "grow up" about this issue, as my brother effectively put it, because according to him the idea of kids is so great, he couldn't comprehend it when I said that I hated the idea of it. That it made me feel repulsed, like my body wasn't mine, or that if these things did somehow happen to me, that I don't like to think about what I might do to get out of it. I of course didn't go into that much detail with him after the reaction he had to me simply saying "I don't want to have kids". He even asked if it was because I was somehow traumatized by our mom's very pro-women, anti-men comments. Which, maybe? It's at least one explanation, but a pretty weak and crappy one in my opinion. I feel like I'm being gaslight because he is making me doubt my own feelings, which I am pretty certain are genuine. But still, I am only 17, so, I'm just really confused right now.
But onto the other aspects of my whole "gendesexual identity crisis" I am currently having. I've thought about it, and the idea of not only being more masculine presenting, but also more intrinsically masculine is just so damn appealing. I'm thinking proportions, like a flat chest or slimmer hips. Even a deeper voice would be awesome. But I am ok with my genitalia, and do NOT want to change that. Which, combined with the above, makes me wonder if that's because I find male genitalia repulsive, or if I'm just ok with that part of my body. Like, I could do without the periods, the uterus, and all of that, but completely changing everything that's down there? No thanks. I'm more comfortable with the way it's shaped now, than if it were to be fully male. I wouldn't have an aversion to male genitalia if it were on my person, and if I was born that way I'd be ok with it, but I don't have a burning desire to change it or dysphoria from not having it. It makes me confused on whether I am non-binary or FTM because of this last aspect.
Honestly if I could have it my way I wouldn't have genitals at all so that I could no longer have to worry about all this. It's to the point I wish I was born infertile or that I even had some kind of condition or injury that could prevent me from sex and pregnancy because the idea is just that terrifying to me. It's wrong but it is the way I feel. I realize as I'm writing this out that most of my worry and questioning over everything has to do with genitalia, specifically when it comes to procreation, and in a way where it's all focused on myself or how I would interact with others in relation to sex and my own body.
Basically, Gentials on others = sex objects = gross. I have NO desire to touch another person in that way, it makes me sort of gag thinking about it. Another reason I think I'm asexual is because this applies to both sets of genitals. While I'm more comfortable around female gentialia, I think it's because I'm more used to it than anything, because again, I still do not want to touch it on another person who has it. It's just so gross to think about doing it. I like them both from a purely medical perspective.
While Gentials on me = an unfortunate necessity, but one I need to be comfortable with so familiarity is good, and most importantly, I don't like the idea of anything other than hands near it. Primarily my own, but if it was someone I trusted I'd be ok with them near it in a non-intrusive way. Like, medically or something. Not sexual. I don't know how I'd even feel about it in that way because I haven't done anything in that way before, not even masterbate. I've never felt a desire to. I've only ever had a curiosity on what these things might feel like, which quickly fades because, well, it's too much effort to go through the motions of doing it, especially because I have never felt a "need" to alleviate anything.
Though, my brother has told me to do it to gain a "sexual awakening" of sorts. He legit gave me a magic wand that he just "happened" to have (he offered to buy me one before without prompting, so, I doubt he just happened to have it). It makes me feel even more all kinds of uncomfortable about my relationship with sex because doing anything now feels like it would confirm and congratulate those sorts of behaviors, and it also feels so deeply intrusive which I HATE. Like he thought nothing of it and even thought he was being "big brother helpful" by trying to pressure me into masturbating for my "stress". WTF?
Sorry, just, had to vent there a little. It makes me feel nasty. Especially because he doesn't normally do this shit so it feels like it came out of nowhere, or like I'm the crazy one for feeling so disturbed by it. I know I'm not but at the same time I don't know? This happened a little over a month ago anyways.
Again, this all makes me question if I am just adverse to sex, not because I am asexual, but because I am uncomfortable with it. I can guarantee I have no sexual attraction, but is it because I am the way I am or is it because of things like this? Have I just shut down that part of my brain in some weird way to protect myself? It keeps getting implied to me by others that it is. When I tried to explain to my mom how I thought I was asexual and no longer a lesbian she said I was young and couldn't really know yet.
So now I have no idea if I am female, non-binary, or male. Panromantic or homoromantic. Sex-positive or sex-repulsed because what even is sex. Or if I even have gender dysphoria or not because I still don't really understand what that is or if anything I described counts as that. I only know for a fact that I've felt gender euphoria, and over specific things.
The only thing I'm even slightly positive over is that I am asexual - BUT - I still have that doubt of in-experience/I am young and 17, because that's what I got from my mother when I mentioned it, or that I'm somehow traumatized or shutting down my own emotions as my brother put it. My dad on the other hand, of course, knows nothing.
So, I could use some opinions and advice on how to better figure this all out because it's getting frustrating and it's like I don't even know myself anymore, and all I get is doubt and anxiety whenever I try to look.
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2021.09.20 01:17 JustinEnsley [WTS] Used Jordan 4 ‘Pure Money’ Size 10 - $220 Shipped OBO

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2021.09.20 01:17 diffractiongradient Moving Sale, various items

Selling off various items after having moved into a new, smaller space. They're listed and pictured in the google sheet. If you buy at least one thing, feel free to also ask for something from the "free with purchase" section. I can take cash and venmo.
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