One Clue Per Level Ironman! Episode 9 - 50 clues!

2021.09.20 00:10 mindfull724 One Clue Per Level Ironman! Episode 9 - 50 clues!

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2021.09.20 00:10 fixefete Wunderschön in Weiß!

Wunderschön in Weiß! Bestechend schön wie ein Streifzug durch den schönsten Tag deines Lebens! In zartes Weiß gehüllt ist an diesem Tag nicht nur die Braut, die ihre Nase in Richtung der sinnlich duftenden Kerze richtet. Ihre Blicke verlieren sich auf der Suche nach diesem faszinierenden Geruchserlebnis. Die elegante Jasmin vereint sich mit den lieblichen Noten aus Rosen und Mimosa – es sollten noch unendlich viele Tage im Stil eines weißen Blütenmeeres folgen. Elegant, subtil und erfrischend mit einem Hauch Blattgrün, einer Zitrusnote und im Hintergrund wohlriechendes Sandelholz.
Wedding Day by Yankee Candle
Die warmen Sonnenstrahlen des Tages bieten den besten Rahmen für alle faszinierenden Erlebnisse, die noch kommen. Ein weißes Jasmin-Blütenmeer versprüht einen unvergleichlichen Duft und du träumst dich direkt in deinen Tag mit einem wunderschönen Kleid in Weiß, einer Scherpe bis zum Boden reichend und ein dezenter Schleier, der die Vorfreude auf alles, was noch kommt, auf kreative Weise verhüllt. Mit wem würdest du diesen einen Tag gerne teilen?
Duftkerzen für besondere Anlässe
Lass dich von in die malerische Ursprünglichkeit der Hochzeit entführen. Ein Hoch auf die Liebe, das Abenteuer und die Leidenschaft! In tiefer Verbundenheit zu diesem Ereignis versetzt dich die Duftkerze Wedding Day von Yankee Candle in eine romantische Kulisse. Begib dich mit einer Brise Ylang Ylang und Moschus in der Nase auf das größte Glück deines Lebens. Egal wann und wo: Diese Duftkerze macht einfach nur glücklich! Hol dir deinen Duftliebling –
Wedding Day
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2021.09.20 00:10 BidenSucksBigBalls Is it harmful if this is fake ?

So I recently bought a Fume Ultra pink lemondade disposable and it tastes great no burnt taste no negatives at all . Ive bought these in the past from the same corner store / tobacco and vape shop , and just now noticed the authentification code on the back . WELP its fake but ive used quite a few of these in the past and still feel fine and am using one atm is there some deathly or sickley negative outcome to this if i keep using it ?
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2021.09.20 00:10 AbyssDivision Does Childers build rifles?

I’ve never posted to this sub as I’ve been out of the AK game for a few years now, but I’ve got a Tula parts kit that’s been sitting in a closet for two years and I’m ready to have it built. I don’t know anything about building AK’s and I don’t even want/trust to do it myself. I’m from WV and Childers Guns LLC is leas than an hour from me. They offer smithing services, but I haven’t been able to contact them via phone for a week, I have recently sent an email that I’m waiting for a reply to. Has anyone here ever had them do work on anything other than a blank receiver? It would be nice to have someone local build my kit. Thanks.
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2021.09.20 00:10 P00ps_4_cash Lazy Sunday Bliss

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2021.09.20 00:10 Reddit9yearold My goal is complete

I've finally found a thrift store near me that sells Skylanders also here are the first ones I got,food fight,lava barf eruptor,mega ram Spyro, slobber tooth
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2021.09.20 00:10 Antique-Wolverine-59 Metrosexual male in backward country

I am a male and would describe myself as metrosexual. Honestly I have feminine and masculine interests.
For example, I love hiking and flying, I am also into shopping for clothesand get along best with women. I have quite a feminine voice, which to be honest I don’t like.
I have more in common with women than men (personality wise.) Though when I’m around a group of women I do find them to be bitchy and drama hungry (not to generalise or be insensitive).
What I have noticed though is that I just don’t click with other men. I’m not into their lad type personality or brash attitude. I’m very sensitive, I overthink things and I sit up at night worrying.
Furthermore I do things that would be kind of feminine. For example, I go clothes shopping with my mother and honestly I love it. I’ll be in the shop and I’ll help my mother pick out things. Now let me just say I don’t look at bra’s and things like that just more coats or a top or something.
And tbh that’d make me uncomfortable.
Now Northern Ireland is quite a backward country. I’ve faced abuse for this before.
I was out shopping today and my mother asked me what I thought of a top and I was talking about it and saying “oh I prefer that one because the material is more comfortable” only to look up to see a middle aged man staring at me and giving me dirty looks.
I then went into a mall and bought a cologne and the person who I bought it off said “that’s quite a feminine cologne”. Honestly I’m thinking of returning it even though I really like it because people are judgemental here and I can’t be bothered with the negative judgement.
Both of these incidents today lowered my mood and brought it up to the fore that I can’t really show my true interests or personality in Northern Ireland.
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2021.09.20 00:10 KrustyKrabMan1999 How to know if you really are an INTJ?

Every single time I take personality tests I get INTJ, I am just skeptical because less than 1% of women are apparently and the one time I posted I got a lot of hate LOL.
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2021.09.20 00:10 Dee202020 How to make DIARY the default when app opens?

I would like to have the diary page to be the landing page on the app- not the stories..etc. anyone know how to do that? I have the premium and can’t figure it out.
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2021.09.20 00:10 Saca_ Was ist die beste Res? 4:3 Stretched oder 16:9 und wieso? (Oder spielt ihr was ganz anderes?)

+ Größeres Sichtfeld
+ Gegner bewegen sich langsamer über den Bildschirm
- kleinere Gegner
Bei 4:3 das genaue Gegenteil
Was benutzt ihr und wieso?
View Poll
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2021.09.20 00:10 vodkaanlemon My brain is so full of holes!! Please help

Hey everyone excuse the grammar how is it that you can remeber the storyline/plot but never the name?
Ok I'm sure it's set medieval time. Heroine is forced into a marriage by her wicked stepmother her father is a alcoholic. Hero has a mistress who lies and tells him she's pregnant so keeps her around as he was her guardian. I'm more than sure the heroine has her own place/estate that does really well but I remember the stepmother got a guy to beat the heroine up and everyone thinks its the hero whos barbarian.
Anyone please!! Thanks
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2021.09.20 00:10 ThatOneCoolKid777 Those of you whose team aren’t making it to the playoffs, who are you rooting for to win it all?

I personally am rooting for the Giants. They’ve been a fun team to watch and are completely unexpected. Would be cool to see them go all the way.
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2021.09.20 00:10 SlavaChvi How Gabrielle Union’s Tell-All Book Was ‘Healing’ For Her Relationship…

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2021.09.20 00:10 Moonlit_Meadow Help with PSVR Setup

Hi guys and gals.
I've recently dusted off my PSVR and set it up in a spare room so I can show it off to guests. Unfortunately I'm having trouble getting it to work. I believe I've followed all of the instructions correctly - I even had my girlfriend unplug everything and follow them herself when it didn't work.
The problem is that my ps4 isn't powering on. The VR headset has power, the processor unit has power, but the PS4 doesn't. I do think the power supply set-up is odd. The only connections the PS4 has are: an HDMI cord to the Processor, the USB Camera, and an HDMI cord to the Processor.
How does the PS4 draw power? It can't be through the HDMI. Is a usb connection to the adapter really enough? What am I missing?
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2021.09.20 00:10 Newton1334455 (Hire Me) Need a skillful, unique, personal essay writer that provides well-written content at its earliest convenience? Would you please email me at Rates begin from $15per page. Thank you

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Please reach out via email at: []( or Discord #9211 and expect top-notch work from me.
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2021.09.20 00:10 Orangejuice_123 What is this mushroom? (Southern Saskatchewan, Canada)

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2021.09.20 00:10 mr-insano Potent or tolerance?

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2021.09.20 00:10 whereisbrazy Where to find Mellowcreme Pumpkins in Nova Scotia?

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2021.09.20 00:10 universal-bob Cant find the userChrome.css rule to change the alert infobar's colour

After update 91.1 I have re-built my TB theme using userChrome.css to fit my desktop env on my linux kde, back to how I always had it. Only thing im having trouble with is the infobar. I can set the background colour of the bar in the toolbox (as shown in pic) but no matter what I put into the userChrome.css it just will not have any effect.
You can see in the toolbox i'v set .container.infobar {background: green;} and it works but when i set the same rule in userChrome.css it does not? Why not? I have setup everything else using css.
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2021.09.20 00:10 Mazikeen8873 Since everyone apparently hates this game, I'll give the reasons I love it!

#1. Champion Hill
Champion Hill is probably the most fun side mode I've ever played in COD, aside from Gun Game. It feels like you actually have to be somewhat strategic with what you buy and when you buy it. Instead of just maxing out your gun instantly, maybe you should buy a few armor plates. Or a new perk, or maybe a better secondary. It actually makes sense.
#2. The Announcer Voice
One of the biggest things I've been waiting for in COD is an announcer like Halo to tell you when you go on a streak. It feels so much more rewarding than a little medal popping up at the top of the screen. If you're going for challenges, you don't have to count how many kills you get or look for medals anymore, the game just tells you, and I love it. It would be better if they added a toggle for it though, for the people that don't want it.
#3. The Camera Movement Setting
The main thing I hated about MW2019 was the absolutely awful amount of screen shake when a grenade blew up next to you or when someone used a certain scorestreak. It was a little too realistic for an arcade shooter. Thank you Sledgehammer for finally making this a feature.
#4. 10 Attachments
This is awesome. It allows for so much more variety and creativity than the 5 attachment limit in MW2019.
This killstreak almost makes me feel like Doom Slayer. There's just something about shooting 100 bullets of explosive bullets and pure badassery. Also, the fact that you don't lose it on death is even better.
#6. Color Customization
As someone who has a somewhat difficult time differentiating certain colors, this setting helps out so much.
#7. Much Quieter Footsteps
I'm so glad people can't just camp in corners and know my exact location by soundwhoring anymore. This was another one of my biggest complaints about MW2019.
#8. The Hitmarker Sound
Please do not change this. It sounds so GOOOOD! You had it perfect in Cold War, and you changed it after the beta for whatever reason. Please do not do this for Vanguard.
#9. The Perfect TTK
The TTK (time-to-kill) in this game feels way better than any other COD in recent years. It's not too fast like MW2019, but not too slow like Black Ops 4. It's juuuust riiiight.
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2021.09.20 00:10 sthclever013 What model is this ancient piece of shit please? It says G40 sthing. I think it's G400 but it could be G40. Please help.

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2021.09.20 00:10 Tell_a_tail What is the kindest thing you have ever done for a stranger ?

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2021.09.20 00:10 Goodsauceman Bassist in Richmond, Virginia looking for a jam session.

I've posted this in a couple other subreddits but I'm just trying to cast a wide net. I moved to Richmond, Virginia a few months ago and feel a bit a lost as to how find people to play with. I thought I might try here and see if anybody in this subreddit could help me out. I play bass, was in several jam bands all throughout college, gigged locally, even did a DIY music festival. If you or someone you know needs a bassist, feel free to DM me and I can provide some samples to show I'm not trying to waste anyone's time. Appreciate it!
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2021.09.20 00:10 khalilwallakhilo Kanye West Iceberg Explained in Under 20 Minutes!

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2021.09.20 00:10 He11o_Je11o Things I Want to See in Year 3 of MKT

It's crazy we're already into year three! I only played at the start of year 1 and then took a break until the Summer Festival Tour (I didn't like the game at first haha) but being a semi-veteran of the game I can say a lot of improvements came in year 2! It seems like the whole theme of year 1 was UI fixes, new content, and additional ways to get items like the shop, event shop, and improving banners too. Year 2 definitely seemed challenge oriented to me, with all the challenge stuff they added and whatnot. They also continued to play with shop stuff here as well. So, based on that, here's what I see in year 3:
Theme: open game/exploration
This isn't the best description for my ideas but I couldn't come up with anything else, so I'll just explain it. Basically this is just exploring more of the design of the game and being able to do more than just what the tour offers.
The Gallery: In the gallery, you can view a 3D model of your character, kart, or glider by itself. You can rotate the camera and use different backgrounds (such as the garage [the background of kart and glider cards], the beach, and course themed backgrounds) to take pictures. Tapping the camera makes your item strike a pose or do a trick! You can find this in the menu as a new button.
Toad's Race Simulator: This is another button on the menu. In this mode, you can select any track in the game from the first menu. Then, it will display all versions of that track (R, T, T, N, 1, 2, etc). Whichever one you select, you can play! You can also choose the multiplayer mode to play your favorite courses with your friends, and even set up a four-course cup to play!
These two things are major updates I see coming in year three, but I also feel like animations of the game will be upgraded more. Things like zooming into the course when you select it and other animations that replace the loading icon that just... waits until the screen cuts to the next part of the game. (Evidence for prediction in the new stars animation that was added.) Also battle mode seems pretty likely to come soon this year.
Lastly, something I see coming maybe not this year but at some point:
Kart World:
Race different courses against increasingly challenging bots in different levels! Travel the map as you race across worlds and challenge bots in races, battle mode, and other interesting level themes. The "worlds" would be maps of different areas, as your avatar (choose a favorite driver, kart, and glider to travel across the different levels as you select them) progresses through each dot indicating a different level. Complete one of the maps in Kart World to earn a Platinum Pipe ticket. The Platinum Pipe can only be fired by use of platinum tickets. The Platinum Pipe contains fifteen high-end items per week: five drivers, five karts, and five gliders. They are randomly generated for each player, and when you fire the pipe, you are guaranteed one of these fifteen items. Be wise when using your ticket to have the highest chance at a new driver! (Note: the randomly generated HE items can include any D/K/G, not just permanent)
Let me know what you all think about this!
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