Puppy blues with second dog

2021.09.20 00:35 VitricTyro Puppy blues with second dog

We had a nine month old puppy who is great and against my better judgement, we decided to get another puppy. We knew we'd want a second one eventually but I hadn't planned for it to be this soon. I knew what went into raising one dog since we just did it less than a year ago, but getting this second puppy is breaking me. I had puppy blues and I know it gets better - but can anybody weigh in on puppy blues with a second pup?
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2021.09.20 00:35 NoTouchyJager Cannot figure out how to take off outer barrel.

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2021.09.20 00:35 Adenordis View Google Photos without editing capability

It's hard to search for how not to be able to do something.
I have a toddler who loves to look at photos on my phone including doing the swiping herself. And I'm willing to let her do it for a few minutes every day. But I'm always afraid she's going to delete something even when I'm trying to watch carefully. (At least pinning the app keeps her from texting people.) Is there a way I could give her access to flip through the pictures without being able to make any changes to pictures or albums?
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2021.09.20 00:35 surrasauce Deja Vu

When the squad talked about deja Vu I felt like they were going to point out something that I've dreamed/thought about. I've dreamt that as whenever I go to sleep, the dreams that I've had have been me living through a life in a different time zone. So since I'm in the US, in my dream where I thought this, my brain put me in an Asian country where basically they're awake when I'm asleep and vice versa. I've always had super vivid dreams though and have tried to maintain a journal for them, but this one has kind of stuck. Alternate reality maybe??
PS after listening to the boys without the distraction of watching them play a game, I've realized I'm a "Wade" 🙃
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2021.09.20 00:35 ICEE82 I input some of my favorite Oasis keywords into an AI Hive-mind image generator and these were the results

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2021.09.20 00:35 Dash_Harber How to fold copper?

Hey guys, new user here, and I have a question. Does anyone know a good technique for folding over copper and other metals?
I started a few months ago making wire jewellery and some other handcrafts like wood carving, resin, etc. I bought an anvil and small hammer and propane torch a week ago and started working with copper. I watched some videos on Youtube and tried a design I saw that was a flattened copper pipe with the top and bottom edge folded over.
I followed it as closely as I could but I can't seem to get the edge to actually fold over even after annealing it, flattening it, scoring it with a digital caliper, using a chisel to deepend the score, folding the edge in a vice, and then pounding it down on the hammer. Everything works fine until I try to flatten, and it just goes all over the place unevenly.
Anyone have any ideas? I hope I'm in the right subreddit.
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2021.09.20 00:35 Moniliosehv 🇲🇱 Decentralized Exchange for Cannabis tokenized stocks - Last days of pre-sale - Current price is $0.05 and ICO price start at $0.11 - Project from Switzerland 🇨🇭

This project its a like Pancakeswap or Uniswap but cannabis tokenized stocks! Current price of token is $0.05 and price on ICO will start at $0.11
Check project website: www.rastaswap.com
if you going to buy some tokens use my affiliate link and you can get 5% bonus.
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2021.09.20 00:35 MaskedMel Ask me Questions about my world

Context My world has different dimensions, 16-17 different alien races, advanced technology, an extensive history, combat, space assassinations, superweapons, mega stations, androids, mega-corporations, large Royal families, brutal arena fights, mercenaries, an advanced squad of soldiers, galaxy-wide wars, galaxy-wide plagues, viruses that transform aliens into monsters, 4 Galaxy-wide wars, a galactic collision and all of it takes place over three different galaxies and 3 dimensions
The Quasar Union and the Intergalactic Council are the most important Aspects of my world.
My Alien Races are the Humans, Quasians, Nequasians, Taah, Kog, Eruxo, Kollective, Nyx, Zoralta, Ryx, Klaga, Xurixan, Lorcan, Xorcan, Navi and the Zak'Ni'Teral (Also another Race Called the Kinsen, but they're Extremely new and have no current Lore)
Times have changed, so has the world. The "Final War" Ended in 0Na, if you ask a Question, please specify before or after 0Na.
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2021.09.20 00:35 whateverMoonRises Ideas for protecting the Eufy motion sensor outdoors?

I’m going to sit it on the exterior flat part of a transom window, leaving two questions:
How to protect it from rain while looking nice — it will be in the front of my home?
How to secure it? I believe it will void the window warranty if I drill into the window. Would 3m tape be enough to hold it?
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2021.09.20 00:35 thepiglover21 My new website and brand, Conspiracy (also new shirt design)

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2021.09.20 00:35 its_jayfer Van Gogh's Chambre, Atlanta GA

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2021.09.20 00:35 radwanpadma Chubby having an afternoon strawberry shake.

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2021.09.20 00:35 flapanther33781 Is there a way to programmatically get the current league number (for example, this one being 3.15)?

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2021.09.20 00:35 mothsyrup Celebrity supports COVID-19 vaccination

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2021.09.20 00:35 AnAccount4Posting MTF boobs, 1 month in - hurt once, then haven't since?

Hey everyone,
Tomorrow will officially be my first month into HRT. About a week, maybe week and a half ago, I got these bruise-like aches on my chest, feeling like it was deep under each nip. This feeling lasted for only like... 3 days, then stopped. It might be the negative version of a placebo, but some other stuff that I thought was due to HRT also seemed to be less pronounced at around that time. (Mood changes, sexual stuff, etc.) I know I'm probably wrong, but I can't help but worry I'm gaining a "resistance" to the HRT. (Cypro and E, btw)
I know I am only a month in, and usually breast stuff starts at 2 or 3 months, but I can't help but worry.
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2021.09.20 00:35 Vickyaa I hope UL will give us an option to take the last bullet if we know we're not gonna make it. I really love drawing stuff from sod.

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2021.09.20 00:35 Kindly-Implement9809 Is there an attraction between us? He's on the outside.

Is there an attraction between us? He's on the outside.
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2021.09.20 00:35 SurvivinginLA Mom dead. Brother hospitalized. What does Heather need? Prayers and anti-vax memes.

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2021.09.20 00:35 jellybeanbazooka The Marauder, Ch 14

Tallya Orlyana, the Chief Director of Red Tempest's Commerce division, sighed in relief as she approached the front door of her luxury condo, her nearly three million dren'zai luxury car locking itself with a musical chirp in her gated off driveway. It had been a long week of managing all her subordinates and their worries, launching an investigation into their subdivisions, and arguing with the rest of the board of directors over funding. But all of that was behind her for the next four days, leaving her with nothing to do but relax and be with her family.
“Hmm, Raa’Lyz is cooking my favorite. He must already know I'll be home. I can almost taste the meaty goodness inside those stuffed loafs from paradise…”
She hummed happily to herself as she inhaled the sweet and spiced aroma coming from her home before she stopped, her moment of happiness interrupted as she saw an unfamiliar limousine parked further up in her driveway.
That's… not supposed to be here… she frowned, picking up her pace a little till the door burst open before her.
Tallya blinked and almost jumped back in surprise, sighing and putting a hand over her heart before she knelt down to give the four year old cave gremlin a hug and a kiss, "Sola! How's my little baby starlight?"
"I'm good mommy!" The little boy beamed, squeezing her neck tightly as she picked him up and carried him inside, "Daddy's making Paiban for dinner when he heard you were coming home today! I helped!"
"Aw, you helped him make mama's favorite?" She asked, giving him another peck on the cheek, "Such a helpful good boy!"
"Tallya? Are you home?" A voice that truly felt like home called out from the kitchen, taking Tallya's mind off of everything at work and any of her concerns for the moment.
"Yes my moon and sun, I'm finally home." She sighed, setting down her briefcase and kicking off her high heels.
"Well there's some guests waiting for you in the living room, some business partner of yours he says."
"He says?" She thought as she entered the other room, Who could-
"Ah, Tallya Darling, it's so wonderful to see you…"
Tallya Orlyana's world suddenly became devoid of all warmth as she felt the blood drain from her face, the sickeningly sweet, disingenuous tone of that Shil accented voice making her stomach twist into a knot. Across the low table in the middle of the room, seated in one of the plush guest chairs was an elegant and beautiful Shil’vati male's face she hoped she could go without seeing for a long time. One that was posted on most, if not all of the wanted posters spread throughout the Consortium and the Imperium. Fey'Lyx Caydek Shae'lur, the Prince of Vice. Almost two thirds of all the illegal smuggling, slave trade, and unregistered prostitution in this side of the Galaxy was either done by him or his subordinates, or eventually found its way to him.
Fey'Lyx smiled warmly as he stirred his tea with his legs crossed, wearing a high cropped dark blue blazer over a white crop top that left his stomach and lower back exposed, and matching bell bottom slacks. She could also see there were two Rakiri wearing dark business suits in the room, A black furred one with several jagged scars across its snout and one eye, and a white one with electric blue highlights in its mane, each of them standing on either side of the couch, glaring at her as she stood paralyzed before the two predators and their employer.
"I see the family has been doing lovely, Sola and Raa’Lyz have been such welcoming hosts…"
He's here, drinking from my father's tea set, in my guest chair, in my home, with my family… She thought angrily. Tallya gave her son one last kiss and hug before slowly setting him back down on the floor, "Solaufein, go play in your room for a bit while Mommy takes care of some business."
"Oh, okay Mommy." he said in a small voice, hugging her leg before running back to his room.
"Sola is just absolutely precious, isn't he? I just don't know how you can stand to be away at work for so long..."
Tallya slowly turned back to face the wanted criminal, clenching her fists with a low voice in Trade Shil to avoid her son and husband understanding her, "What the fuck are you doing here, I thought we had a deal!"
The black furred werewolf/lion alien growled menacingly at Tallya, only stopping when Fey’Lyx snapped his fingers.
"Oh, skipping the manners and 'how have you been' are we?" Fey'Lyx tittered humorlessly, the Shil crime lord sipping his drink, "A bit uncalled for, but I'll indulge. Our deal being broken is precisely why I'm here, darling. Your job was simple: Let these ships through here, pay off this inspector to turn a blind eye there, don't send pirate patrols into this sector over here…"
"What are you talking about? I did exactly-"
"Then how do you explain one of my contracted ships carrying possibly the most expensive piece of live cargo in the Consortium being blown up and robbed by one of your patrols?" Fey'Lyx snapped, setting down his empty cup as he stood up and glared white hot daggers at her.
Despite being a Shil’vati male, and a twink even by their standards at that, Fey'Lyx had little trouble stooping over the Nighkru female, even if he wasn't wearing open toed stilettos. The two bodyguards of the crime lord taking a step forward to cover the flanks. Tallya did everything in her power to maintain eye contact and control over her shaking body, as her nails dug into her palms and she spoke hoarsely.
"I don't know what you're talking about. Whatever happened, it was certainly not under my orders or by my ships."
"Oh? Then care to explain this, dearie?" Caydek said, brushing his long white and digital rainbow streaked hair back as he pulled his omnipad out from behind him.
Tallya frowned before looking down at it, her eyes going wide before shutting tight as she looked away, a faint blush over her cheeks over seeing the image of a shirtless Human male.
"Fey'Lyx, you left your porn folder open again."
"What?" The lavender space orc blinked, looking down before scowling at her, "Oh don't get cute with me, this is what I'm talking about! This was a photo taken on one of your ships, The Eve of Dawn! A Human, my Human cargo, on your ship headed for Herraplex! You want to tell me again you didn't send someone into my smuggling lanes to cash in on my haul?"
"What?" Tallya gawked, "That's ridic-..."
She froze as a few details and words began to line up and add together, the realization making her soul sink lower, "Herraplex… that's in the region supervised by Phyrea."
"Ah, so you do know who has my missing pet." Fey'Lyx tutted, putting his omnipad away.
"Yes, I know her, but I never ordered her to send Shift Nets or ambushes in any of the sectors your associates were smuggling in. She must have done this on her own!"
"Well, then it seems that you haven't done your best to make sure she's on a tight leash." The Prince of Vice leered down his nose at Tallya, the white Rakiri raising an eyebrow at the remark but remaining eerily silent, sighing as he closed his amber eyes and combed his hair in his hands, "But, I suppose you can't always keep track of every overly ambitious member of middle management at all times, especially when they're light years away from getting the memo…"
Tallya Orlyana felt almost relieved, but couldn't stop being tense, not until he was gone from her home and family. She flinched as he clapped his hands, beaming at her with a tilted head and a calm smile, his eyes staring into her very soul being the only tell that he was still livid.
"Well then, seems like we are both going to need to inform your subordinate about how things are supposed to be, as well as reclaim my property. Enjoy your four day weekend, because as soon as it's over, we're heading out on the first flight to little Miss Phyrea's office to have a nice, long, chat." Fey'Lyx hummed, that last word laced with enough venom to kill off a herd of Turox.
Tallya forced herself to swallow despite how dry her throat was, nodding as she looked down to avoid making eye contact, "I... I understand. This won't happen again."
"I hope so, Mrs. Orlyana." Fey'Lyx stated, tilting his head as a cruel smile grew across his face. "For your family's sake."
Tallya went completely rigid as fear gripped her heart, quickly turning in the direction of the kitchen as her husband Raa’Lyz walked out, carrying a tray of more tea and four steaming, meat stuffed, dumpling-like bread rolls.
"I've brought some more tea, Fey'Lyx, and I've made your favorite Tallya." The violet-skinned Nighkru male smirked, setting the tray down on the table before giving his wife a kiss and a hug, "I missed you, my love. Will your guest be staying for dinner?"
"Oh, Raa’Lyz, I'm touched." Fey'Lyx beamed, his demeanor and personality making a complete one-eighty as he began socializing with the other male, "But unfortunately I have to decline, I have a very tight schedule, and just stopped by for a quick visit while I was in the system."
"Well I'm sorry you have to go, maybe some other time?" He shrugged.
"Yes, we should do brunch sometime darling." The Shil’vati giggled, giving the other man a quick peck on each cheek and a playful wave as he left the two, "Don't be strangers!"
Fey’Lyx gave his fingers a few snaps and turned to walk out the front door, the scarred black Rakiri bodyguard swiping one of the Paiban rolls on their way out with their associate and boss.
"Goodbye" Raa’Lyz chuckled bashfully, blinking before shaking his head and turning to give his wife his full and undivided attention, "Well, you sure keep interesting company."
Tallya let out a shaking, ragged breath before turning to her husband, tightly wrapping her arms around him as she held him as close as she could.
"H-hey, what's wrong?" He asked, stunned by her sudden need for him being close.
"It's nothing, I've…" she paused, choking back some tears but not all of them, "I've been away for too long, that's all."
= = = = =
"This is taking too long." Phyrea huffed, folding her arms under her chest and tapping her foot impatiently as she watched the inspectors go through The Eve of Dawn after it had returned to the central hub.
"Well they have to make sure nothing else happened on the ship." Xara droned, the chitinous fingernails of one of her many hands clattering rhythmically on the desk as she went over diagnostic scans of equipment and the ship’s database again while watching some dubbed films.
Phyrea sighed and shook her head, “I know, but all I can think about is the numbers this whole fiasco is making negative! Customer trust, the bills the investigators will be leaving, workers getting spooked, investors pulling out, it’s just a Deep-Dragged nightmare!”
“Well so far everything seems to be completely normal, my guess is that they'll be out of here before I get to finish watching this movie." The spider woman shrugged, putting down her Omnipad with the data streams and putting her full attention to her video, giving her boss and friend a sly grin. “Or is this less about the inspection, and more about Captain Vii’a scoring with the Human before you?”
Phyrea huffed before turning away from the observation deck to sit next to Xara, crossing her legs and folding her arms, looking around for anything to occupy herself for several maddening minutes or relative silence before looking down at her Quartermaster's device.
"What are you watching? Is this a human film?"
"Yes, I downloaded it off of Gray’s device when I was pairing up his suits vitals to it and performing the standard security checks." She said indifferently as she kept watching the video, the characters on screen swiping colored beams of light at each other repeatedly in some sort of acrobatics duel. Phyrea turned toward the arachnid and squinted. "Going through employees' private data, Miss Met'iix? That's rather bold and stupid of you to be admitting to infront of your employer."
"Firstly, It's literally part of my job to go through everyone's devices to make sure there's no viruses, spyware, or illegal data on devices, so there's nothing wrong with me copying the data and going over it later." Xara chittered spitefully, "Second, say nothing about this, you can watch, and I won't distribute that embarrassing photo of you from the corporate Star Gala, three years ago."
Phyrea A'Daragon sat up a little stiffer and straighter, her violet skin turning a much redder shade, "I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about."
“Neither do I.” Xara hummed as she continued to watch the movie, “But so far they’re entertaining to watch.”
“... you know, that looks an awful lot like those games from when I was a kid, what were they called… Battle For Fate?” Phae said as she glanced over the Raan’nacht woman’s shoulder, “I think my sister talked about starting filming for the movie for them in a few months.”
“Yeah, I noticed that too, only this one is science fiction with wizard knights instead of just regular wizards and knights.” Xara hummed as she continued to watch, “Apparently Gray saved them in a chronological order and a “Best Viewing Order” for some reason. Don’t know why they are mixed up in this bizarre manner, but if he organized it like that, then there must be a good reason…”
“Weird.” Phyrea frowned before gasping in horror as one of the characters, a male, got his arm chopped off by another, screaming in pain as she turned around and looked away, suppressing her gag reflex.
“By the Deep, I hate gore…” she moaned as she went as close to green as a grape colored space elf could get.
“Miss A’Daragon, we found something.” The voice of one of the investigators sounded over the intercom.
Phyrea looked up and rushed to the observation window, her heart pounding like a battle drum between her ears as she saw one of them pull out a small box from the ship’s main computer in the dismantled helm.
“It seems to be some sort of recording and broadcasting device hooked up to the ship’s comms and internal security feeds. It wasn’t on the schematics, so we pulled it out and-”
There was a loud bang that made Phyrea instinctively duck down, the investigator howling in pain over the radio. When the Regional Director peeked out from behind the observation control panel, she stared in horror as the IA agent lied on the ground, screaming and crying in agony as she held the stump on her shoulder that once was her arm holding the device. Without wasting another moment, Xara dropped her device and hailed the medical wing, “All hands, we have a code Khresh in Hangar 20-B! Initiate station-wide lockdown! Repeat, Code Khresh! This is not a drill! Initiate station-wide lockdown! I need medics, fire brigade and a bomb squad in Hangar 20-B NOW!”
Phyrea stared at the chaos surging all over the hangar as the remaining investigators hurried their injured partner towards the medics. Nighkru firewomen in specialized Exos flew in and began hosing down the violet-colored fire that had roared to life on the side of the Eve of Dawn’s starboard bow and a good chunk of the hangar. The situation was rapidly being put under full control, so far only three injured by the blast were being reported over the coms, but the station was now on full alert over the mystery device self destructing, Phyrea’s worst fears over what could have caused the security breach proving to be a reality.
Phyrea shook her head as she snapped out of her shock, placing two fingers on her left temple to call her aid, “Drizzt, as soon as the lockdown ends, have my ship and an escort of Black Suns prepped for Herraplex.”
“Yes, Madam Director.” Her aid confirmed, closing the call as she turned to Xara.
“Fire is 32% contained, the injured investigators are stabilized, and security teams are reporting all clears throughout the station.”
“Good. Because as soon as we get this shitshow under full control, we are heading to Herraplex and getting our Human asset as far away from his crew as possible.” Phyrea nodded, turning back to the hangar as the blaze was slowly driven back.
This whole ordeal is proving to be more costly than it’s worth…
= = = = =
Vii’a rubbed her robotic arms and shoulders to try and calm herself down and fend off the cold, despite barely having any feeling in them outside of the sensors in her fingers. Being alone in a dark, wide, open room like the living room of the Captain’s quarters didn’t help to ease her anxiety, but she couldn’t go back to bed or curl up in a corner somewhere, she was expecting someone any minute now.
Please hurry…
Her thoughts were cut off by a soft knocking at the door, causing her to gasp in alarm and take a fighting stance at the intrusion before her ears fluttered and her eyes watered a bit with overwhelming joy at the sound of the voice behind the door.
“Vii’a? You still awake?”
The Captain took a deep breath in as she fought back against the urge to run to the door and to him, slowly walking towards it, hesitantly placing her palm on the security console to open the door. Gray was standing in the doorway with a rolled up pillow and blanket under one arm, and a small duffel bag full of whatever alien junk food he could find under the other.
“Hey.” He gave her a crooked, goofy smile. “Sorry I didn’t bring popcorn. Who knew corn was only found on Earth.”Vii’a couldn’t help but snort at his stupid joke, not even bothering to question what in the Deep ‘corn’ was as she gestured him inside.
“I appreciate the thought. You happen to have Bancor Crisps in that bag?”
“The purple triangles?” he asked, setting his bag of goodies down to fish into it and hand them to her. Vii’a gasped excitedly and snatched them from his hand, tearing open the packaging as she started scarfing them down a handful at a time before pausing as she realized what she was doing and cleared her throat.
“Thanks Gray, it means a lot for you to come here now.”
“Hey, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t show up when my girlfriend needed me?” he smiled, closing the door behind him and picking up his things again before dumping them on the couch.
“Uh, shouldn’t you…” Vii’a tilted her head, not sure what he was doing setting up his bedding on the couch, “shouldn’t you be… on the bed? W-with me?”
“Is there another TV in front of the bed?” he asked, standing up straight as he gave the thick velvety blanket a few good shakes.
“Well, no, but…” she admitted, thrown off by his actions and questioning, “TV?”
“Sorry, uh, Vid-Screen. That’s the word.” he said as he began figuring out how to connect his omnipad to the flatscreen across from the couch, “Figured we could move this sleepover to the couch for the movie, wouldn’t want to get crumbs all over your bed, right?”
“Uh, right.” she shook her head, silently cursing herself for asking dumb questions with obvious answers, “Sorry, it’s just been a long night.”
“I know, that’s why I’m here.” Gray said, dusting off his palms before wrapping her in his arms and giving her a kiss.
They both sat down and Gray wrapped them up in the blanket, moving her to sit on his lap and the pile of snacks to either side of them before scrolling through his movie library, settling on one and playing it from the beginning.
“What’s that on the cover?” Vii’a asked, tilting her head at the unfamiliar creature that took the center of the digital poster.
“Oh, that’s a lion. A predator from back on Earth.”
“Oh, is this a nature documentary?” She asked, looking back to him then to the screen as the title cards ended to reveal a sprawling industrial era city.
“Uh, no. It’s a fantasy film about some kids who find a doorway to a magical realm.” Gray informed, opening a bag of gummy candy and eating some.
The movie continued on as one of the characters pushed on through the hidden tunnel behind a large wooden cabinet full of coats, eventually leaving the dark and finding herself in a clearing in the middle of an alpine forest, pine trees and snow a foot thick and slowly falling all around her. Gray caught a small gasp that escaped from his girlfriend's lips as she watched with him, murmuring, "Have you ever seen anything so white before?"
"Wait, really?" he asked, shifting a little on the bed to look Vii'a in the eyes, "You've never been anywhere with snow?"
She blushed a little brighter shade of red as she shrugged and looked away, "Yeah, I mean... It's stupid I know. Been to all of these planets all over the Trade Consortium Territory, hiked in rocky highland cliffs, trekked across deserts, and survived in jungles for months on end... But I've always wanted to see snow. Real life, cold, soft, fluffy snow. Not that shaved ice or polymer flakes some amusement parks just throw everywhere, but actual snowflakes and stuff you can make snowfolk out of and go sledding on!"
Gray stared at her in disbelief as a small, crooked smile grew in the corner of his mouth. She didn't notice as she was too enamored with the sight before her on screen, watching the snowflakes fall and the little girl march through the snow with a new friend she made with childlike wonder. He gave the top of her head a kiss as he rubbed her shoulder and hugged her a little tighter, enjoying the rest of the movie with her cuddled up against him.
"Maybe someday I can show you some in person..."
Vii’a hummed and nuzzled against his chest, continuing to watch the movie as her eyelid slowly got heavier and heavier, till it closed with a relieved sigh and soft snoring. Gray sighed and turned off the movie, picking up and laying his girlfriend down gently onto her bed across the room and cuddling up to her under the bedsheets, wrapping her in his arms and giving her a tender kiss on the forehead.
“Goodnight Vii’a… I love you…”
= = = = =
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2021.09.20 00:35 NymphaeaRubra Dream plants for indoors

What are some plants that can be grown indoors that can help with connecting to the dream-weave? My intention is to remember my dreams more frequently, recall more, become more active in my dreams, and to listen to and understand their messages.
I live in an apartment in zone 8 in the northern hemisphere. I have north and west facing windows. I don't have access to an outdoor garden. So far, I've been working with dried herbs such as mugwort, wormwood, damiana, and valerian, which I believed have helped significantly. While I love herbs and would love to hear about more, I am most interested in vining plants
I tried asking in luciddreaming with no luck. Maybe y'all can help? Thank you!
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2021.09.20 00:35 BetterThanStarlight I got my first pleasers 💅💅

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2021.09.20 00:35 lonelygirlinworld American kestrel

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2021.09.20 00:35 WheelYouLoveMe [HELP] Quedtion about the HyperX Cloud 2 Pro

I play crossplatform Warzone with Xbox friends as a PS4 user, but there is a problem where 2 of them can't use ingame voice chat so we use Xbox Live party chat and I would use the app on my Galaxy S10+. Unfortunately, my current headset only connects to 1 source so I either cannot hear the game or I cannot hear them.
I saw the HyperX Cloud II Pro being on sale at my local Best Buy and was wondering if that would help with my issues since some reviews said that it supports 2 devices while others said it does not. My budget is $50-$79.99. I'm very new to gaming hardware and thought I could get some help from this subreddit.
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2021.09.20 00:35 crispytoast9 Anybody know any good headphones for a turntable?

I’m a college student so I don’t have room (or money) for a snazzy setup but was getting tired of my portable turntable’s built-in speakers. Thought I should invest in some headphones in that case, do you guys have any that you would recommend? Also: what’s this about a headphone amplifier? Would I need to pick up one of those/any recommendations for one?
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2021.09.20 00:35 Darkcrap A picture of AOC is posted on /r/fountainpens. Baby drama happens

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