Time titular de hoje

2021.09.20 00:35 ciralho Time titular de hoje

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2021.09.20 00:35 GoddessFarquat Highroller in Portland ME. Best seafood ever!

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2021.09.20 00:35 Waddys [Glittering Sword] 🏆 | Guía de Trofeos y Logros | Trophy & Achievements Gu...

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2021.09.20 00:35 Whynotsnot Part number for 2012 Corolla fuel door hinge pin

My fuel door door hinge pin is broken at the top and I am just waiting to break now at the bottom also. I just can't get any google results for this item, can somebody point me into the right direction please? Should I explain the spring also while I am at it? 200,500 miles and still going strong!
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2021.09.20 00:35 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Texans' David Culley teases potential Deshaun Watson start in Week 3 | FOX

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2021.09.20 00:35 Exotic_Macaron_7669 WFS labor share

Anyone else here that spends some days in the warehouse and also help out workforce staffing in the recruiting office?
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2021.09.20 00:35 PigeonBoy1 Presque isle, Wisconsin. November 20th. Can I get a ID?

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2021.09.20 00:35 doodlepants Bike Tag #907

Bike Tag #906 - Peace Garden on the Lakefront Trail at Buena Ave
Bike Tag #907
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2021.09.20 00:35 CynicalMaelstrom [Event] The Second Court, 816 DR

Sunspear, that sprawling citadel that served as the Dornish Capital, had ever been an oddity among the great keeps of Westeros. From the Shadow City, which seemed to have been less planned out and built than organically grown, to the Sandship, which almost appeared to be beached upon the sands, and ever more surrounded by tall Rhoynish towers. It was not so much one solitary palace as it was an amalgam, a reflection of the melting pot of cultures and traditions that so defined Dorne and the Dornish. Each piece, each building, each stretch of the majestic gardens had something unique about it, as though they were ingredients to some grand meal that had been added to by a hundred different chefs, but which had combined into a delicacy despite that. For all the different flavours, little idiosyncratic fragments of identity, it all seemed to come together into a whole all the stronger for the diversity of its origins.
It was perhaps fitting, then, that such a palace had developed two courts. It had only happened in the last few months, as the Princess Aliandra had approached, then entered her majority. It had been a slow process at first, for Aliandra still attended her father’s courts from time to time, sitting Nymeria’s throne while he sat Mors’, but it had become more noticeable of late. Aliandra had set herself up in one of the great verandahs overlooking the palace gardens, a covered patio abutting the Sandship, lined with latticed walls and collonades. It caught just enough of the sun and gave just enough shade. It caught the sweetest breezes, fresh from the Narrow Sea, perfumed by the decadent medley of flowerbeds. There were few more pleasant places to spend a lazy afternoon in Dorne, and Aliandra found she much preferred it to the stuffy hall her father had to endure, cooped up in the Tower of the Sun. She was sure she would return to Nymeria’s throne when it was her time, but for now she was content to keep a court of her own, just within the tower’s shadow. Of course, all the important matters of the day still passed before her father, partly because Aliandra had no intention of challenging his authority, but also very much because she was much happier leaving those matters to men who cared.
She wondered sometimes how she would cope, when her father was gone, not with the pressures of leadership, but with the endless bloody entreaties. More than a few times, he had forced her to sit with him for the whole day, and while she understood the value of the lesson she had wanted to tear her hair out by the end. Oh Prince Qoren, he moved his fence a few feet a few feet into my land, it’s not fair. Oh Prince Qoren, she’s letting her goats drink water from my river. Oh Prince Qoren, I’m having to pay a few more pennies in tariff than I used to. It was all so petty and pathetic, after a few hours she had just wanted to have the wretched fools boiled in wine. Of course, Dorne’s ruler would be expected to endure such things, so her father had impressed upon her, but while he still held that title Aliandra was resolved to make the most of it.
Instead, her court was a place of music, culture, intrigue and romance. Bards sat scattered on cushions, plucking at lyres, ballisets, and citterns, filling the air with a rich and varied array of lilting melodies that set a perfect tone for the hustle and gossip below. Lordlings, lesser ladies, those hoping to gain the princess’ favour lingered around the edges and murmured among themselves serving as a sort of chorus to the grand performance that Aliandra was staging. Her suitors, those men she deemed worthy enough to actively pursue her favour, formed the next circle. They boasted, they joked, they artfully derided one another and occasionally threatened duels as they jostled to be foremost in her thoughts. Further in, closer to the verandah’s edge, her ladies in waiting were scattered around her, typically joining the Princess in whatever hobby or game had caught her fancy that month, be it crochet or cyvasse. They were a varied bunch, from the Princess Sybilla who seemed to imitate Aliandra in dress, word, and deed, from Alesha Sand, who did all she could to set herself apart from her trueborn cousin, to the newly arrived Moriah Qorgyle.
All of it was centred around the singular figure of the Princess. Aliandra Nymeros Martell, sat upon a spectacular divan of orange and gold, her long dark hair falling over her shoulders in ringlets. Some days she would sit quietly, content to let the court move around her and observing who tried to put themselves forward, who brooded at the back, other days she would be lively and animated, leading the discussion of some grand issue of the day and eliciting insights and assurances from her suitors. Now, she simply sat back with a glass of wine, and basked in the delightfully clement weather they were enjoying.
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2021.09.20 00:35 IndustriousRat Is this something normal or a continuing sign of something worse?

My parents have an involved relationship with alcohol. Every day from work as soon as they get back, they'll each have 3-4 drinks a night; oftentimes, they fall asleep at 7:30-8pm while we are together as a family (ie. watching TV as a family). My mom works in healthcare and my dad works a cushy desk job that is low stress, but they'll do this even on their days off (I also work in healthcare and get up just as early, if not earlier than my parents, but I often can stay awake later).
My brother has alcoholism and I remember during one episode during an extended family vacation he had too much to drink (which happens at least once a vacation), and my dad's mom had asked our family not to drink anymore alcohol anymore, so not to enable him. I said I would and didn't for the rest of the vacation, but my dad fought me and got belligerent when he'd secretly drink behind his mother's back after telling her he would respect that wish - "I can drink whenever I want to" was what he said, and although he said he can "live without alcohol", he wouldn't give it up. Even at home, he promised he'd drink less, but he cracks open a beer as soon as he gets home.
Is this normal? I just graduated from college (a party-heavy college, mind you) and I remember drinking only on the weekends and for special occasions. Someone I know in my life had a family member die from cancer, and the doctor apparently had attributed it to drinking moderately every single day.
I just don't recall the last time either of my parents did not drink alcohol in a day.
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2021.09.20 00:35 Mix_Living Personality borderline

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2021.09.20 00:35 lexi_hamada just here to brighten your feed, hope it works!

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2021.09.20 00:35 southpawFA What was Rep. Juan Vargas, an LGBTQ ally at home, doing at an anti-gay Christian event in Ukraine? California Democrat was a guest star at Ukraine "prayer breakfast" organized by anti-LGBTQ right-wing Christians

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2021.09.20 00:35 Icy-Specialist-9944 Don't know where I went wrong

#include  // provides std::cout, std::endl, Std::fixed #include  // provides std::setprecision void welcome(); void input_data(int change); void preform_calculations(int change, float& total); void output_results(int change, float& total); int pennies; int nickles; int dimes; int quarters; int number_of_pennies; int number_of_nickles; int number_of_dimes; int number_of_quarters; int* total; int main() { int change{}; // change inputed by users float total; // total amount of change in welcome(); input_data(change); preform_calculations(change, total); output_results(change, total); } // // An Output module that displays a welcome message to the // user on the screen // void welcome() { std::cout << "Welcome to the change counting program" << std::endl; } // // An input module that displays the amount // of change from the user // void input_data(int change) { std::cout << "Enter number of pennies: "; std::cin >> pennies; std::cout << "Enter number of nickles: "; std::cin >> nickles; std::cout << "Enter number of dimes: "; std::cin >> dimes; std::cout << "Enter number of quarters: "; std::cin >> quarters; } // // A processing module that computes the total // amount the user has entered // void preform_calculations(int change, float &total) { total = number_of_pennies * 0.01f + number_of_nickles * 0.05f + number_of_dimes * 0.10f + number_of_quarters * 0.25f; } // // A output module that displays the users // total amount of change // void output_results(int change, float& total) { std::cout << std::fixed << std::setprecision(2); std::cout << "You have " << total << " $ in change" << std::endl; } 
This program is suppose to count how much change the user has then give a total amount of that change. There are no errors in the code but whenever I run it no matter what I input as the how many pennies, nickles, etc the amount of change is calculated as zero
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2021.09.20 00:35 toasterxman My mind is boggled

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2021.09.20 00:35 Affectionate_Equal94 https://t.me/joinchat/Zgc5w_D4g9phODQ0

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2021.09.20 00:35 whogivesadamn69 To what extent is salad working for you

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2021.09.20 00:35 WithinVoid Beast Boy just landed in the SuperverseAI collection in the form of AI generated image!

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2021.09.20 00:35 its-a-me-Marcos The State of the Sub II

My fellow revolutionaries,
It's been a while since I've done a general update, so I figured it was high time to do one.
First things first: I would like to thank every single one of you that subbed to this subreddit, whether you did so in good faith or bad. Each of you that messaged me personally and let me know exactly how much my thoughts meant to you was absolutely crucial for the development of this movement and my own self-confidence. This is including the dm's that I never responded to, especially the one that said something like "boy, you are right on the money." You know who you are and I'm sorry I never got to tell you how much your message influenced me. I'm not good at dealing with praise, I'm not good at accepting complements with grace, but I hope this thank you finds you somehow. Better late than never, right?
Secondly, it's become clear to me that manifesting this dream requires a broader digital footprint than a single subreddit. This movement requires a bunch of pages to help broadcast the message to as many people as we can; and the message is really simple: we can do better.
Instagram - the.human.dream Tiktok - the.human.dream Twitter - the_human_dream Youtube - The Human Dream Facebook - The Human Dream
If I should create other accounts, let me know. I'll ask you to follow them if you don't mind putting in the few minutes of effort to do so. After all, the only thing that really matters here is traction.
I'll also be creating a website that is independent of any social media account. I'm finishing it up now and should publish it sometime tonight.
Third, I'm planning on posting a short 5-10 minute video as the first post on each of these accounts to act as the catalyst for launching this revolution. This video will essentially be me talking into a camera for a few minutes and humanizes to this movement. I believe that unless I actually step out from behind the curtain of anonymity and expose myself to the species as a revolutionary committed to the impossible task of uniting the species and overthrowing all existing institutions, then this movement is destined to fail. People don't believe in ideas, they believe in other people; so viola, a hero rises to meet an impossible challenge with the help of those able and willing.
Fourth, I've created a facebook event for 18/10/2021 from 09:00 - 17:00 CST to put an actual date and time for this revolution.
Fifth, any and all advice, criticism, or comments are helpful. The more data points I get, the better I can tailor this message. So shoot, with whatever you've got, because that's all I've got right now.
Broadcasting love, hope, and solidarity from the HQ of the Climapocalypse.
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2021.09.20 00:35 GeorgeYDesign 'Seriously worried about their physical safety': Australians in France fearing scrapped submarine project backlash

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2021.09.20 00:35 JohnnyRoastbeeff Cornicione!

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2021.09.20 00:35 GeorgeYDesign Emmys 2021: Ted Lasso, The Crown favourites to win as stars hit the red carpet

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2021.09.20 00:35 NomadicJoker97 I can not install the game no matter what I do PLEASE HELP. "Checksum Error"

I just want to play the damn game. I've tried everything from extracting the files from the temp folder from downloading. I paid 50 dollars for this game and I just want to play it. Is that too much to ask for. I am looking for any fixes that may help me finally get this game installed and playable. I keep getting this checksum error that makes me have to install the game over and over. I tried 7 timed already with no success.
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2021.09.20 00:35 sK197666 What do you think about big black dog?

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2021.09.20 00:35 SuspiciousInterest50 What is the most unbreakable alliance ever

Other than people who are related like BvW
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