“Support” build for survivor?

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2021.10.25 00:25 AngelFuel “Support” build for survivor?

Hello, new player here and wondering if anyone recommends perks that are more suited for supporting your team, any advice is appreciated
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2021.10.25 00:25 ImFuckingPositive Repetition compulsion means I’m always alone.

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2021.10.25 00:25 fostermarie happy with the bubba fett flora farms recommendation!

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2021.10.25 00:25 Taelim DeFi Kingdoms Whale Watch and Key Analytics Report #10 — October 24, 2021

Here's the October 24, 2021 Report - enjoy!

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2021.10.25 00:25 APumpkinMage Wooden bowls

Tables are one of my favorite things,
I- I know, bear with me,
It’s just that some of my best memories,
Come frog what a table brings.

Making art, writing this,
Carving stuff and making gifts,
Come and go as you please,
Nothing here, you’d wanna miss.

My heart feels deep,
When I remember my friends and family,
Talking happily as they sit down,
The music not too loud,
Wooden bowls filled with crisps,
A recurrent laughter sound,
None but peace and homelike feelings all around.
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2021.10.25 00:25 SemajFL Advice on how to move forward with/without my ex

This all started about a year ago. (US) My girlfriend from my senior year (hs) and I who I was so very in love with at the time because I don’t have any family or meaningful friends), broke up pretty mutually before I headed off for college. I had hoped she was as in love with me, but she wasn’t and I was prepared for it. I moved everything I had down to where I was going to school. and just a few days later I went to my first college party. I was sober (I always am, much different story) and really excited to just meet people because I’d been away from people because of Covid for so long. I was just walking around on my own and talking to different groups of people. Eventually, I started talking to a couple of girls, they seemed a little “deeper” than the other people there, especially one of them. I soon learned she was sober too and was getting a very sharp, mature vibe from her. Something that I always look for am attracted too. Didn’t think much of it, but got her insta that night. The next few nights and days were a blur of parties and meetin people, but after I passed by her a couple more times and developed more of a relationship and curiosity about her I invited her and her friend over to my house before going to a party. She ended up taking charge and decorating my whole room before me and her started wrestling, in front of my roomate and her friend mind you. Definitely expressing some pent up tension we had for one another. After taking a day to recover from all the partying and not being able to stop thinking we started hanging out. I hadn’t thought much about my ex, becsides texting her trying to ( maintain a friends hip with her ; we had agreed of it) then me and the girl from the party startled hanging out more and more. Eventually after a night drive and conversation about a potential interracial relationship and the effects that might have on her relationship with her family.(I’m white shes black) we both admitted feelings and I checked myself asking, was I ready for another relationship already? I decided that I might as well send it as I thought I was doing well with getting over my ex because I knew the breakup had been coming. We started hanging out every day , but I was so worried about moving too fast and was it love that I think I scared myself away from loving her. She was loterally wverything I had dreamed about and more and I think it overwhelmed me. Nonetheless I stuck to it and figured with time my feelings would develop, but I had already built a smal habit of pushing away her affection ( she was very0 -100) eventually and I’m still not entirely sure why, I don’t think it was related I got really depressed. I started stressing about not being a provide and a good boyfriend about how this was going to affect her Due to past trauma with her ex. Evntuallye I broke up with her because I didn’t think I was good enough. Tried to be friends opened up to her about how depressed I was and how awesome she was and everything she said this is what I need. We tried again, but I believe the damage had been done, she wasn’t the same anymore and only a month or two later after trying to tough it out through depression and be a good boyfriend I quit on her again :/. After a little longer of a mourning period for her we started trying to be friends again. I was telling myself friends friends friends. I need to focus on myself and further out wtf is wrong with me and why I’m so depressed . ( at the start of the year I was waking up early working out and just all around on my shit) she also said there’s no fucking way she gets back with me. Eventually we started getting closer again and it turned into friends with benefits, (both of us were great at making the other happy) then somehow some way we opted for a third time. This time I was absolutely sure I loved her and wanted to be with her , she surprised at herself, was down too. I loved her, with all my heart, but it wasn’t the girl I had dated all those months ago… I knew I had hurt her, badly. I hoped that with my new found effort and love eventually those wounds could be healed. Even though I was still battling all of my demons she was my angel. Soon, the school year was nearing the end and she offered to let me stay at her house because my roomate situation was awful and she was going to be going home consistently over the summer. I was hyped, a week with her, however as that week neared it’s end I knew she was in a different mind space. She said that she just wanted to be my friend essentially breaking up with me. (Later I learned she was worried without her there to take care of me she thought I’d collapse) anyway, I pretty much continued living at her house while she was away, putting effort into our friendship because love isn’t selfish and I just wanted her to be happy. She however used her house as a way to escape from me, she had developed an almost heightened sense of burden when she was around me, as if I were her responsibility. (Surprising to me because besides letting me hangout with her and have sleepovers with her she hasn’t been doing that much I don’t think??? I gotta respect her feelings nonetheless) anyway, eventually I moved back to my apartment to start my new job as I had left college, and new that (shoutout google) the best way to get over someone was to distance yourself, focus on yourself etc…) I communicated that to her and did my thing. I even let her keep stuff in my apartment and the new one I moved into. Eventually she moved back for the next year of school, and I guess in her mind thought everything was good to go fro friends with benefits. In my mind I was spacing myself, but with some pressure from her, I said I was down, and made sure to separate romantic from physical. I had dating apps and made sure to not give her (“girlfriend privedledges “etc, idk if that makes sense but it does in my head) anyway, after a few times of her coming over she realized she still had feelings for me and hadn’t gotten over me. (She told me she hadn’t had feelings for me since near the start of the third try) we kept hanging out but stayed away from the physical for a bit. Eventually, we after a few spaced out little “spats” (small little arguments that show rising tensions) (there was a time she FaceTimed me and me caring about her a lot and thinking she was in trouble decided to answer while I was in bed next to another girl. She took it as me trying to show her. That) she said that she felt I was gaslighting her and being manipulative. This is something that I was taken aback by and curious about, (past trauma, have done my best to never be that) so I thought about it a lot before I answered. ( I often would say things like well I have to prioritize work, or I explained to her about how I have to work on getting over her, by distancing myself etc..) I said that just because she was reading too much into what I was saying by assuming I don’t care about her because I said I need space right now. Does not make me a bad guy. She said that she needed space from me and didn’t want to see me anymore. I was taken aback, after all of the ups and downs we’d been through, the times where I thought I was being truly awful. After chasing her for 4 months and wanting to love her. She was choosing to leave my life after a discussion similar to many discussions we’d had in the past. I even made the comment, I feel like this is one of the moments that you’re supposed to run and beg and apologize and tell them that they shouldn’t leave because that’s how important she was to me. I also knew that me apologizing for being open and honest about her not being my priority that could lead to many things. She expected me to chase her in the convo and want her a lot there. And I didn’t. And then she was gone, walked out of my house and never came back. The only interactions I’ve had with her are texting her about a scam account about her friend and asking if she wanted her dogs food back. Siri also conveniently texted to her and a girl that was coming over in a group chat “when are you getting here”. Now, a couple months later I’m thinking about her all the time, tempted to look at her insta and past videos, missing her. Feelings welling up inside of me. Feelings I didn’t feel for a month and a half, almost two months. Why? Is shouldn’t text her right? She has to decide to come into my life again? I also redownloaded Bunble tonight and one of the first people I saw on it was her I just stopped and stared at it, speechless, mind blank, literally seeing her wanting other people, I immediately deleted the app again, and haven’t stopped typing or thinking about it since then. I miss her, a lot. I’m in so much of a better place now. I’m 19, managing 7 people in a company that (if it continues on its current trajectory, will make me six figures next year) working on myself and eating healthy, meeting awesome people, a so much better place than a year ago. And she’s… well I have no clue, in my city somewhere doing whatever she’s doing. Right person wrong time? Why am I thinking so much about her? What is she thinking? What is she doing? Does she think about me? How should I continue?
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2021.10.25 00:25 koremir bu saatte kaldıranları sikeyim

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2021.10.25 00:25 KadajPuppet If You Could Pick Any Fight In Naruto Shippuden To Be Reanimated Which Fight Would It Be?

I Look For Some Top Fights On Google And Some From Memory So Bare With Me On This!
Once We Take Someone Off The List We Will Add Another Fight And Move On From Their Sense There Is ALOT Of Great Fights In The Series And Pool Option Limits It To 6!!
So Lets Start This - Curious To See Everybody's Take On This! <3
View Poll
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2021.10.25 00:25 bad___ger My barely wavy hair (with a reference of what it looks like wet)

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2021.10.25 00:25 peytah New build community flooded really bad near Rio Linda

Flooded our sidewalks a few hours ago. Now the pond is climbing up my driveway. The whole neighborhood is pretty bad but my corner seems to be piling up the worse.
Getting a bit worried. This is my first home and I’m new to Sac so not really sure what to do. I also don’t have flood insurance.
Two of my neighbors just went to clear the drainage of dirt and leaves but it didn’t help much.
I heard about the free sand bags but at this point not sure what good it’s going to be and also worried about driving out there to perhaps a closed facility this late at night.
Am I going to wake up to my bottom story being flooded?
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2021.10.25 00:25 Majestic-Cry4072 Does anyone know any good apartments or rental properties that will take a husky and a Rottweiler? It’s been very hard find a place to live. We’ve been living with the in-laws too long. Everywhere just seems to have breed restrictions.

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2021.10.25 00:25 Haliwax4 24 M [Chat] I’m bored, you’re bored, let’s play 20 questions and get to know each other?

Pretty straightforward if you ask me 😄 oh and if you can read this it’s probably still open
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2021.10.25 00:25 dasussy vent

it feels like my consciousness is fragmented in a way. nothing feels real and its quite frankly upsetting. i had an awesome hangout w my friend today and the day before but now i cant remember any of it. it feels like im not really living. just walking around, going through the motions, but never actually being there. im there physically, i know that (or at least in retrospect i do) but i dont experience it. im there, but im not there. i cant remember going to disneyland. i cant remember cassie's funeral. i cant remember my first day of school. i cant remember any of it. only a blur. like a stained watercolor of what once was. it never feels like im real. it feels like im not human, and with the way people treats me its honestly more accurate than saying im an accepted member of the human race. its all just so much to take in, but i can never reflect and take everything in to be thankful for what i have because i cant remember what i do have. i dont know how to fix this. nothing is helping and it feels like there's nothing i can do. i feel so powerless. im so upset i just want to scream. im sick of living my life as a shadow of what i was. its just at the point where i can only remember up to when i was 9. everything after that feels just like a blur, like im watching someone else live. like its a movie and someone forgot to take off the lens cap, but the audience stays, acting like the movie is still running. when you exit the theatre and comment on the movie to your friend, they have no clue what you're talking about. you are everyone in this situation. i am the film, the audience, the theatre, the director, the lens, you, and your friend. i live in my own head so much i have forgotten my real home amongst reality. i still have the keys to enter, but they're always misplaced. i know its fake. i know im real and what im experiencing is solely because of something wrong in my brain, but that doesnt change the fact that i still cant remember half of my life. i dont know what i ate for lunch today. i dont know if i ate at all. i cant remember anything but a blur. only a blur of a better person i could've been. my parents always tell me i was better when i was less anxious and could talk to people. i know i used to be like that. i used to be a social butterfly. thats what everyone says. i would try and model myself after that but i cant remember who that was. i dont remember who i was at that time. im so sick of living my life as a husk. no therapies or medications have helped. im starting to worry nothing will work. its been getting worse ever since school started up. it just feels like im not me. it feels like everything is a threat but, not even a real one. it feels like there's a glass screen between me and my life. one i cant break. im so tired of it. i cant remember if anything is real or not, and combined with how much i daydream, its hard to tell whats dreamt or not. im so sick of it. im so sick. i dont want this. i always feel so tired and lonely and detached with nothing i can do about it except go through life like nothing's happening. denial i suppose. but denial doesnt help. its just so upsetting. i wanna scream. its too much and i dont know what i can do to fix this. i've become so disconnected i cant even hold a conversation. im so upset and tired. i cant fix this. would i even be the same person if i found a way to? god its a lot to handle. it feels like im out of control. god this sucks. can anyone relate to this? i dont want to feel like im alone.
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2021.10.25 00:25 D0rkChilde NOPE

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2021.10.25 00:25 Spare_Quarter The CCP in 1 music video.

Stuck In the Sound - Let's Go [Official Video] - YouTube
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2021.10.25 00:25 couponfordeals 66% off > $8.84 < Eachine EC05 1/24 RC Drift Car Banggood Coupon Promo Code [2/3 Batteries] [France Warehouse]

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2021.10.25 00:25 69rulez1991 Madelaine Petsch (Riverdale s2e15)

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2021.10.25 00:25 Fancy-TM Got my meme at the right moment

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2021.10.25 00:25 undefined_user_error The balls on this admin...

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2021.10.25 00:25 dtn_06 Lucky the pizza dog

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2021.10.25 00:25 focal-fossa Introducing Singular Lottery Vault: Everything You Need To Know

How’s it going #Singers 👋? We are thrilled to tell you guys about our own Vault that is going to be launched soon on singular.farm🤩!
Up until now, you’ve probably seen auto compounding vaults that have forked from several forks, but the process of simply increasing assets through auto compounding is cool but not cool enough. So to make it a cool and fun vault we are adding one more feature to this. That’s a lottery feature in which you will receive a lottery ticket proportional to your staked amount. So the more you have compounded, the higher chance of winning the lottery!
Our Lottery vault will compound at the most efficient intervals to maximize the earnings. Meaning that it is pretty much hassle free :)
How Do Vaults Benefit Singular?
The lottery vault is implemented with a 3% buyback used to burn $SING tokens. This opens up a brand new avenue for Singular farm to support and grow the floor price of $SING.
This burn feature is implemented to offset the emission rate of $SING and combat inflation, providing a solid baseline to support the positive growth for the price of the $SING token. As more and more users take advantage of the high APYs offered by vault, it’s easy to see that this would also result in burning 🔥 more and more $SING.
By staking at our lottery vault you are actually supporting $SING token, so as a reward we decided to give 1 lottery ticket per $1000. So for example, if you have $5000 worth of LP staked at our vault, your chance of winning will be 5 times higher than that of staking $1000 worth of LP token. You can take a snapshot at any time, at any pool or you can simply click “snapshot for all”. The winner of the lottery is drawn on a weekly basis. Once the “count down for draw” hits 0, you can click on “Draw” to see if you have won. Make sure to claim before the next round, otherwise, the prize will be added to the next round’s prize! So do pay attention!
So… Wen Vault, sir? Devs are working tirelessly to make this beautiful vault and supposed to deliver it by the end of upcoming week. We will launch it on Polygon first, then on other chains not long after. So stay tuned!
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2021.10.25 00:25 MarleyTang DON'T SUPPORT SHITTY AM REPRESENTATION. Just a quick PSA, also about a certain big movie coming out next month..

A certain movie called 'Eternals'.
So, earlier when the racist Netflix movie Kate came out, one of the best works of satisfying 'revenge' was seeing Squid Game not just blow it out of the water, but also become a global phenomenon.
But positive representation can be overshadowed by subpar or terrible racist portrayals. Coming out very soon is the new superhero movie 'Eternals'. Big blockbuster in theaters next month. Don Lee's character gets shafted, and I think the hero he plays, Gilgamesh gets friendzoned by none other than Angelina Jolie's character.
Meanwhile, Sersi played by an AF will be in a love triangle with two WM characters. This movie will also feature the first real sex scene in a Marvel movie. On a scale of 1 to 10, I think it's like a 9.5 chance that sex scene is between Sersi and one of those WM characters, some love-making on a beach I think. Remember, as of now there has still never been an AM character in the MCU movies or shows who has ever even kissed a girl onscreen. This is the optics, the message the movie wishes to send to the kids and teens who will be watching this in theaters. The contrast between Don Lee's hero vs Sersi, even after all these years of wildly differing quality of AM vs AF representation in the Marvel universe.
I think there's also an implied romance between the first deaf MCU hero and Druig, another Eternal played by an Irish actor. The deaf female MCU hero is half-Mexican and half-black. Again, this is the optics.
I don't need to tell you guys that money talks. And we only have so much money. You know what's also coming out next month? Cowboy Bebop with John Cho in the lead role.
Right now overall reception to Eternals is pretty weak. 'Choppy storytelling', 'not particularly exciting', reviews for Eternals are the most middling for the MCU in years, it's one of their weaker movies.
Imagine if Eternals gets a bigger box office than Shang Chi? If you consider Eternals to be a bad deal for east AM representation overall, simply don't watch it in theaters. No word of mouth. When you pay for those pricey tickets, you're basically telling them "yes YES, shitty undesirable AM representation, more WMAF saturation, please more more!!" Watch Cowboy Bebop instead. Watch anything that does not shaft Asian men.
Critical reception is already pretty weak for this movie. It does not have to be that much of a box office hit. Speak with your wallet. Review-bomb them, lower their ratings.
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2021.10.25 00:25 Suspicious_Ad_6870 I do support!

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2021.10.25 00:25 hockeyhell11 Spot the bubble

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2021.10.25 00:25 Grisanthir [US][A] [Proudmoore] 10/10M 10/10M 12/12M Recruiting Multiple Teams!

- Proudmoore-US [A] 10/10M 10/10M 12/12M Recruiting!
We're an established guild of chill adults who have been raiding together since HFC. We have two CE, one mythic, and a heroic team. We're always looking for great players to add to our roster.
**K Team:**
Raid Times: M/Tu/W 8-11pm PST
*Current Needs:* Ele Shaman, Mage, Rogue, WW Monk, Venthyr Boomy, and any other outstanding dps player.
**JC Team:**
Raid Times: Sa/Su 7-11pm PST
10/10M 10/10M 12/12M
*Current Needs:* Heals:[Shammy, Pally], Spriest, Mage, Boomkin, any exceptional player
**X Team: (Heroic Team)**
Raid Times: Tues/Weds 9-11pm PST
10/10N, 9/10H
*Current Needs:* Warlock and DPS
**Templar Team:**
Raid Times: Friday 7-10pm PST
9/10H, 10/10N
*Current Needs:* **Tank**, H Pally, Spriest, Mage, Boomkin, any exceptional player
*Will consider any exceptional applicants for all teams*
**What we expect from you:**
-You must come to raid prepared to kill the boss with enough knowledge of the fight that you should be able to raid lead it.
-You must have a working mic and be able to talk on discord
-You must transfer to Proudmoore to be on the team.
Apply at: https://discord.gg/d9FprFF
Contact us: **(contact AFTER you have submitted an application)**
*K Team*
-Plasma#1738 (@Plasma#6030 Discord)
-Dawgsix#1268 (@Dawgonefour #5454 Discord)
*JC Team*
-Gris#1272 (@Gris#9036 Discord)
*X Team*
-Icelus#1465 (@Kaladorn(Leofalon#8704) Discord)
-Anekaa#1536 (@Anekaa#4979 Discord)
*T Team*
-Soundscape#9755 (Discord)
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