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This is a bruh moment

Boston University's Directory search contains administrative, student, faculty, and staff listings. Some information is available only to members of the BU community. This man claims the rings cured his long term flu in a single night. This 25 year-old man claims that he used Alex Chiu's rings for 10 years ever since he was 15 and now still looks 15. Unicode provides a unique number for every character, no matter what the platform, no matter what the program, no matter what the language. The original online game that spawned the amazing 20Q handheld toy. footnote 1 Promotional offers, available in-store at CVS Pharmacy or online at CVS.com for eligible PayFlex HSA/FSA members.. footnote 2 You’ll want to add up your total health care expenses per year. These may include: Medical: deductibles, copays, co-insurance, health care provider visits, prescription drugs, over-the-counter items, insulin, diabetes syringes and supplies, annual wellness ... Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator. Provides time zone conversions taking into account Daylight Saving Time (DST), local time zone and accepts present, past, or future dates.

2021.10.25 00:17 ThouArtYarted This is a bruh moment

I had sone big brain advice i was gonna say but i forgot. So homie checkup time instead
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2021.10.25 00:17 GhostofKeeny What do 9/11 and covid have in common?

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2021.10.25 00:17 yummybanchan 🍑

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2021.10.25 00:17 ImpressiveGarlic3095 Reseting the end city elytra turn into drops

So I have been running a server and recently we reset the end cities by deleting region files. We kept the main island and deleting everything out of 512,512 -512,-512. After that all seems to be fine except when a player approaches a end ship to grab the elytra, they always fine the elytra as drop but not on the item frame. This might cause elytra to despawn and we lose it. What causes this problem? Is there a good fix to that?
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2021.10.25 00:17 CringeRoguePlayer The top and inside of my bellybutton hurts, sometimes bleeds.

So my bellybutton hurts when pressure is on it and every now and then bleeds just a drop. I never see it bleeding, just a bit of dry blood. Today I found a tiny insect in it that I’m almost sure was not there before today, and it made the inside all gross. Idk if it was bug guts or something else, but my bellybutton had weird yellow stuff almost like puss in it and it smells bad. I don’t think the bug part is a big deal, but is this something important? It’s been hurting for a couple weeks and I’ll find dry blood every 4 day or so.
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2021.10.25 00:17 Yaruga123 My story: jobless now in part because of work conditions that started back in january

I wish to share my story. I'll edit/change the names of people as i don't want them targeted. The first part of this was a document i wrote up while stressed and tired one night of everything I had been through and everything I had planned on telling my supervisor. The exit interview portion is what i finally sent. For context i used to work in production with dangerous/hazardous chemicals and machines that are used to create circuit boards.
I am responsible for:
When I walk in I need to get notes on the department: I need to see what if any note from supervisors, any TPI's, what jobs are in the department, how many boards and orders are here, what hold tags are on them, what the hold tags are for, ensure that the jobs are where they are supposed to be in department, that they are accounted for being it in our Enig department, if it's micoetch, if its hot ailead, sulfuric clean, silvepre fab silver, or if it's not even to us but a neighboring department.
I have to inspect every tank, every value, every meter reading because if I miss one thing or make one mistake that could cause everything in the department to stop, spill or accident to occur, a chemical overflow or draining down wrong line, or product to be ruined. When I do try to get notes from previous shifts I have to drag the information out of them constantly asking specifically things like: how is the gold, how is the nickel, what are the numbers, the temperatures, what jobs do you have in the line or partial jobs in line I need to know about, are they queued, the travelers signed off, are the documents filled out correctly and are the boards are in spec.
and if I fail to ask the right question or in my walk around I fail to see boards or orders in my department that I can't account for I am now responsible for them. Does not matter who left them or what happened before I am now the one in front of it and I am now responsible. I have to access the priorities of the night, organize and find what I am running, and prepare myself for the endless runaround.
A basket comes out, I empty it, dry it, examine the boards for defects, reload the basket with new order double checking recipe and any tags or special instructions, send it, go get x-rays, ensure were in spec, save, print, enter in measurements in computer and prepare for the next basket.
But simultaneously I am responsible for checking tanks, monitoring the hoist for sliding or other issues, watching to see what sulfuric clean jobs come in, any micro-etch jobs, and what ENIG jobs come in as I need to juggle cleaning in between all that.
If there is a breakdown, the hoist slides, a tank temp drops because of mechanical or meter malfunction I am responsible for fixing or attending to that to ensure it gets fixed. If there is something wrong with the line that will put the boards at risk. I am responsible for doing everything I can within my power, whilst maintaining safety protocols and procedures, and within my authority to salvage the panels. I have to know what to do, how to do it, and then act, all while ensuring every step I take is justified and noted as to explain the situation as if I am defending myself because the responsibility is on my shoulders for everything that happens.
With a new person now I am responsible for their training, but the word training does not even begin to express the depth of what that really entails. I am responsible for their knowledge of ALL things I know of the department and what I must be responsible for. I must ensure their safety and understanding in everything they do and why we do it, I have to double check every action they take because in learning something there is bound to be mistakes, even if not intended but by the nature of learning there will be errors or misunderstanding. I am responsible for everything they do in that department on top of my existing duties.
I am responsible for the pacing and quality of the department. I see when we are behind, I hear when people talk, and the message is clear that for every moment that something goes wrong, that somethings breaks, that line has down time it is tracked, recorded, thoroughly examined and investigated. One can't help but feel like as a person you have done something wrong despite what might be said to the contrary. There is absolutely a disconnect between us, including you Supervisor, and those above us who don't see what is going on the department. Even you struggle to get changes to help us, and we pick up on that. We see you struggle as well and we bear that on our shoulders, I bear that, because my nature is to want to help, and I can't.
I can't control or fix things that are beyond what I can do. I am one person, and I cannot do everything, I cannot fix or prevent every issue, breakdown, or problem that arises in the department. And I recognize my own nature and faults that I take these things to heart. I find myself feeling helpless, stressed, tired, and ready to break down so often because I can see everything that needs to be done but I can't reasonable do it all.
At this point I am willing to concede my inabilities, that maybe I can't do the job effectively as others, that I am poor for because of my nature and work style for the job, that my skill sets are not what is required to manage what is being asked and required of the department. Right now, it just feels easy to concede and accept and repercussions of lecture, warning, write-up, of all I have failed at then to keep going day after day of trying to endure what I can't manage anymore.

Exit interview statement

Safety, in addition to product quality and morale of the department, became my biggest concern that was not addressed while working.

For more than 8 months we have had an employee, Co-worker on Swing Shift ENIG line that did not know how to run the line properly and was not being safe resulting in grave shift to being responsible both for cleanup and somehow always being blamed (in part because swing shift would be responsible for maintenance on Fridays and graves would do start up on Sundays meaning we as grave shift had the responsibility thrust on us to fix and address all issue that were left for us them before day shift and supervisors came in Monday morning).

This employee was also instructed by our department supervisor, Supervisor, to train other people because, and i quote, "he is our only certified operator on swing shift".

Some of the things he did that i believe should in no way be tolerated for safety and quality control of product:
Heated Nitric Acid to over 180 degrees causing fumes that irritated skin and burned eyes of department employees and was only caught by grave shift in our start up inspections,
Flushed hydrogen peroxide down our drains by not shutting off rinse values multiple times,
improperly cleaning and creating chemical baths for our line, failing to read hold tags for panels and baskets resulting in panels breaking in our line and falling to bottom of tanks,
failure to load baskets properly resulting in damaged product or delays in department from little work being moved through line.
failing to teach his co workers (as instructed by supervisor) safety procedures for department (which i only found out after having spend a shift with them to test their progress on training and see what else they needed for certification per supervisor approval to teach/test) such as fire exits,
At what temperatures that you can safely drain water and chemicals down the appropriate line (when asked directly he said there was no issues of safety concerns dumping them down lines or transferring them though our barrel pump at at over 180 degrees),
what to do for a chemical spill, what to do if you get chemicals on you, emergency wash stations including their location and use,
and alarms in our department including our cyanide alarm which our most recent new employee had no idea was even a thing to worry about (and this new employee was with us 2 weeks already).

I had brought up this issue to my department head Supervisor and grave supervisors multiple times that we have a co-worker who is a liability and safety concern to himself and those around him because of his actions and carelessness but for 8 months he was allowed to remain in his position and was made in charge of teaching new employees. Despite every attempt to train and correct his behavior he continuously returned to old behaviors and unsafe practices. I could not remain working for Company knowing that such an issue relating to the safety of our workers was allowed to continue for so long.

I would have happily stayed if my safety issues would have been addressed, and still today would be willing to come back if they were taken care, but as it stands i can not in good conscious remain working in that environment knowing those unsafe behaviors are allowed to be tolerated and that he be allowed to train others in such unsafe practices.
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2021.10.25 00:17 MexWevC 17 de octubre 2020 ‘El día que perdimos la ciudad’: Un documental sobre el ‘Culiacanazo’. Ese día, el Cartel de Sinaloa se enfrentó con elementos de la policía y el Ejército a la luz del día.

17 de octubre 2020 ‘El día que perdimos la ciudad’: Un documental sobre el ‘Culiacanazo’. Ese día, el Cartel de Sinaloa se enfrentó con elementos de la policía y el Ejército a la luz del día. submitted by MexWevC to Mexico_News [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 00:17 Fiugat merde

diarrhée humaine
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2021.10.25 00:17 ChickGalentine 11:59pm on the sell by date? Awesome. 12:01am on the day after? Throw it away!!!!

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2021.10.25 00:17 patrickskie With fire

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2021.10.25 00:17 FilmFan4816 Daisy selling for 105

DM me personally for details. Will be open for as long as I can, max 3 hours. Feel free to grab DIYs and if you wanna leave a tip, that's fine. I'll take bells, NMTs or pears
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2021.10.25 00:17 Opoyiss Tesla rolls back new self-driving software version over false warnings

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2021.10.25 00:17 ZoolShop Judge Grants SEC’s Request To Extend Discovery Phase of Lawsuit With Ripple by Two Months

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2021.10.25 00:17 unlivedSoup69 My attempt at a crappy Godzilla pumpkin

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2021.10.25 00:17 sam1z1z Monitor shuts off after mini fridge compressor turns off

So I recently got a mini fridge for the room and when the compressor shuts off one of my monitors turns off. Weird because I'd expect that to happen when the compressor turned on not off. I have my pc and monitors connected to a good ups and the issue persists. Ive tried connecting the mini fridge to the ups too but still the same issue. The monitor is connected to pc via DVI cable not HDMI as well. Any tips?
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2021.10.25 00:17 psquaredn76 Who here thinks Mike Judge is prophetic? I mean this came true…except with Horse Dewormer instead of Brawndo

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2021.10.25 00:17 gothcapricorn Gluten & dairy free tuna Mac with df ricotta and df cheddar shreds

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2021.10.25 00:17 a-kind-stranger256 belt time

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2021.10.25 00:17 DubbleDan FYI the miracle on techwood drive was six years ago.

October 24, 2015. Damn it’s already been six years.
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2021.10.25 00:17 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Your Monday Briefing | NY Times

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2021.10.25 00:17 Levon_Hutchinson Filament curling up on first layer and not sticking

I recently bought a Ender-3 V2. For the first two prints I had no problems. A couple days later when I go to print a file, the filament seems to curl as soon as it starts extruding onto the bed (see video attached). As I continue printing it also gets stuck to the end of the extruder resulting in bundled mess. I have tried many different solutions such as cleaning the bed, cleaning the extruder end, levelling the bed, changing the bed temperature, nozzle temperature, print speed, fan speed etc. to fix this, but I am still experiencing the same problem that the filament curls and doesn’t stick down to the bed.
If anyone has an idea of how to fix this please let me know as this is basically a brand new printer and I am keen to get it working :)
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2021.10.25 00:17 XFearthePandaX Has anyone done Kesh's Drawing Camp ?

Pretty much the title. I found this youtube channel a while back and saw he had his own courses. I was looking at this program, and I was thinking of buying it, but I don't know how to judge whether or not they'd be worth it since I'm still a beginner.
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2021.10.25 00:17 CattyB051 Lil Hissing Cats NFT - Are you a cat-lover? Drop on Nov.4 (ETH blockchain)

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