Ranchy Rednecks!

2021.10.25 02:11 Environmental-Rock10 Ranchy Rednecks!

Have yall seen these yet? https://ranchyrednecks.com/ What do ya'll think they just released their discord today.
I like the art and the story.
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2021.10.25 02:11 Loosearrows Should I get a UX/UI design major or a major I’m good at and enjoy doing?

Hello! I am thinking about pursuing UX/UI design as a career, even though it’s not exactly my passion. I am 35, and this is my second time around in college and my first certificate in Interior Design has got me nowhere. I know tech jobs can pay well, but I am not trying to do much coding. I also own a small candle business and do photography as hobbies. I am somewhat socially shy and I don’t want a job/degree that involves sales. I am stuck as far as choosing my next major. I know I could do business or photography and that could benefit my small business, but I also don’t want to be stuck with a somewhat useless major in case my business doesn’t pan out. UX/UI Design does interest me but I have seen most UX jobs require bachelors, portfolios and experience, which might be hard to obtain but possible. I am good at designing, writing, and cooking, but jobs & majors involving those skills do not pay well. Any advice is appreciated :)
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2021.10.25 02:11 Majestic_Walrus_5283 Bombshell Report Says White House Staffers, GOP Members of Congress Met With Jan. 6 Organizers — Even Promised Pardons

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2021.10.25 02:11 ticaret Çocuk Kitapları Fiyatları | Sahibinden Satılık İkinci El Satışı Fiyatları ❣️

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2021.10.25 02:11 TradersWarRoom TWR Sunday Motivator 🔥Best Stocks to Buy: DWAC, FB, BENE, UPS, AMD🏦💰 @Traders War Room

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2021.10.25 02:11 highnchillin_ Blue Lobster : Approximately only 1 in 2 million lobsters are Blue

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2021.10.25 02:11 Vindictus173 ST new horizons mod, a user experience report/ review.

Hello! In this post I'll be discussing my review of playing through United earth twice on the previous 2.9 patch and the 3.0 stellaris patch.
The intention of this review is less so to provide a "consumer level" summary of if you should play the mod and more so bigger picture items the developers could care about to provide more polish, and a more report items of what I enjoyed, didn't enjoy, or found odd as a relative newcomer to this mod.
For people interested in the mod, its an incredibly good star trek game, possibly the best this side of non-VR, and UE is both incredibly fleshed out and fun to play, if a bit tedious near the end. Onto the main content.
first item is the beginning of the game, its a bit on the let the player find out side of setting up the game, particuarly with how difficulty settings work. From what Ive seen on videos if you select difficulties < admiral the AI breaks down, and cant do certain things and becomes a joke. No where that I could see even mentions this issue and its hearsay, though my game on commodore (my usual stellaris difficulty) was a lot easier then admiral, but admiral was about the difficulty I usually would find myself playing in a normal game of stellaris. A help menu or a blurb on the title screen would help significantly with this issue, as from what I can tell this mod is fairly easy already on admiral without the broken AI (though I did get my *ss handed to me by the borg late game, which was fun!)
Difficulty is well done, early game rushes by cardiassians and romulans sometimes had me teetering on the edge of destruction, but using superior numbers in strategic battles let me win the day while my federation spun up war production- war is done very well in this game, though late game wars can carry on a bit, more on that later.
Early game in general is incredibly well done! formation of the federation and utilizing those powers is a very fun way to expand your space, I wish the base game stellaris had something like the federation ascendency mechanic.
Theres a bit of obfuscation with regards to planets and what they can do, space ports took me until I was churning out galaxy class ships to figure out, I had run out of luxuries for ~ 50 years on my first playthough because of this. Planet focuses are similary arcane, fortress worlds focus on ship production and crew production, so I think its misnamed, resorts are about pop production, embassies are luxury factories, etc. and took 2 full playthoughs to figure out, though once I did using them in empire management is a very neat bit of variety.
Empire management is great- until it isnt. Late game (on the medium MW galaxy) has me at ~50 colonies after a few encounters and integrations. The lack of automation and the requirement of research limited to only 1 building means your forced to keep many colonies since the AI has the ability to manage those large empires. This isnt a failing of the mod since stellaris has the exact same issue with MASSIVE empires, but its far more pronounced since the best way to raise additional resources is to create new colonies, exaserbating the issue. you'll often have 10 colonies to manage only a few decades in, and will keep accumulating more.
Late game requires a lot of clicking, and comes far too early. I have 25 star bases, 16 envoys, everything researched, and its only 2260 with delayed tech on. Kirk should be on a connie, not the Ent-E backed by a shizzload of oddy ships
late game wars are similary problematic, One time a war with the klingons dragged on for ~30 years since I couldnt find what world my romulan allies wanted and the war exhaustion was only at ~80% at the end. Ive seen wars with the borg if they're stalemating hard or getting dogpiled last >80 years.
Late game ships just dont last long. NX seems to last forever, then when I got the ent-c I literally researched Galaxy before It finished commisionning, the only ship after connies that feels worth building the excelsior since it keeps getting refits.
Tradition typos and wierdness, I understand 3.0 added a whole new system, but typos are incredibly common and atleast for fed I'm pretty sure every single description for adoption and completion benefits on the traditions is borked.
It feels like the borg are way to close? Both times I fought them with connies/excelsiors which seems a bit early.
Overall, these are just gripes and mostly polishing issues. I eagerly await the next patch the devs put out and am eager to start a borg campaign!
Thank you so much developers!
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2021.10.25 02:11 Crafty-Currency9038 How do I restart bodyweight workout program without losing muscle?

I've been doing bodyweight exercises 3x everyday and adding 5 reps each week. I've gained a lot of muscle and I'm really happy but it's been 17 weeks and I think I'm having diminishing returns so I want to restart the program. But how do I do this without losing the muscle I've already gained?
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2021.10.25 02:11 relivedtresor Could I Get an Honest Rating Of where I stand competitively for Medschool (MD programs)

Current Year: Senior
Prior info: So a little bit about my backstory prior to coming on into college due to a serious lack of academic self esteem, lack of guidance regarding life due to growing up single family home with my parent mostly working, and bullying. My grades slipped I was considered so bad at math I was placed in a 2 year algebra 2 course, never took any chemistry, physics, or any advanced biology courses in high school at graduate with a low 3.0.
College and GPA: I figured out what I wanted to do pretty late into high school but no amount of willpower early in my freshman year could get me to the 4.0 I originally wanted due to the lack of essential critical thinking patterns I had. Eventually my second semester of junior year I was able to get my first 4.0 and it is looking like I will get another 4.0 (with my mostly math classes like physics on pre-calc on my list!!) as this semester as this semester has about 3 weeks left.
sGPA: 3.6 if I get another 4.0 next sem it will be a 3.7
my cGPA: 3.5 maybe going to finish off at 3.6
MCAT: Have yet to take it (What should I shoot for in order to get into MD programs?)
1) TA For Behavioral Neuroscience Fall of 2020- Fall of 2021 (Seasonal positions restrictive to fall)
2) Vaccinate Central Virginia March 2021-May 2021: 60 hours clinical experience as a volunteer medical receptionist (helped people get vaccinated can give more details if needed)
3) Varsity Swimming Fall 2018- Spring 2020
4) Pre-Health club Member
1) What Do you guys think? I am thinking of getting other clinical experience in the form of an EMT certification and shadowing as well since some medical schools want recommendation letters from a practicing physician and taking a gap year to study as well for the MCAT.
2) Should I do a Postbac to improve my GPA if I do not hit the 3.7 threshold but get somewhere in between a 3.6-3.7 due to the increasing GPA requirements.
3) Should I shallow my expectations and shoot primarily for DO I honestly don't want to do this and would like to shoot for an MD program to match into something competitive in the future.
- Any feedback would be appreciated
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2021.10.25 02:11 TheWanderBoi i’m high on giddey.

I’m giddey for eddie.
I’m really baked rn. I need some over reactions on Josh Giddey… i need some over the moon reactions.
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2021.10.25 02:11 ordinaryma Night with friends

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2021.10.25 02:11 zztopfila Peaceful lake

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2021.10.25 02:11 Rey01X Dogecoin has Dogecoin NFTs on its chain. Dogeparty take dogecoin to the moon.

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2021.10.25 02:11 GFK_redeyewhite Walking My Pet Human - gfk

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2021.10.25 02:11 No-Cherry-1728 A good way to waste your allowance.

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2021.10.25 02:11 Jolly_Newspaper_3847 I’m a tai lung main and my friend plays master croc and keeps spamming his infinite up air and down air and I just can’t beat him. any tips?

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2021.10.25 02:11 asmajda Russia refuses Bitcoin ETF trading | Cryptopolitan

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2021.10.25 02:11 OwnEntertainment8524 Malu Trevejo ❤️ (NEW) Get There Full Album in Comment ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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2021.10.25 02:11 PirateGabby any suggestions/advice?

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2021.10.25 02:11 Moby_Duck123 Looking for someone to make a custom leveling bot. Happy to discuss rates.

In my server we currently use Arcane for leveling and ranking up for our community. It all works fine and dandy, except I want to be able to award people exp for reaching certain milestones.
In our community, we're linked to a game server, and so levels and ranks are tied to in-game benefits, which is why I want the freedom to give people exp in Discord to rank up when they meet in-game milestones.
With Arcane I can only set their level (and not past lvl100). This isn't helpful because I either have to round up exp given, and it doesn't scale well for higher levels.
So here's what I need the bot to do:

Track messages and award "exp" per message. Longer messages give more exp. Needs a cool down to avoid rewarding spam.
The bot needs to be able to distinguish between channels and award more or less exp to "weighted" channels.
At each milestone of exp it needs to "level up" a user. The bot needs to tag the user in a designated channel with a message like @user leveled up to [level]
At certain levels the bot needs to give roles that represent ranks.
There needs to be a command to check what rank people are. Something like !rank @user that would bring up a message displaying their level and highest role.
We need Admin commands for giving exp, and setting levels manually. !setlevel @user [level] and !giveexp @user [amount] or something of the like.
I already have a custom bot hosted with Amazon which we use for our in-game and discord stuff. I would like to add the code to the custom bot we already have so I don't have to pay for a second host. We have a current bot dev who is not able to pick up this project while he works on something else.
This will be, of course, paid work. If you're interested in discussing rates, please leave your discord name and # in the comments, or message me directly on Discord: Moby_Duck#1389
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2021.10.25 02:11 toodleroo Doing Shots Is Stupid

Why hold your nose and throw back straight liquor, when you could have a larger mixed drink and enjoy it for a lot longer. It's like eating tablespoons of lard instead of enjoying a cheeseburger and fries.
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2021.10.25 02:11 AwakenFromComa 26 [M4F] Texas / Anywhere

Alright…. Okay.
I’m gonna try to write this message in a way that is similar to me, but text is annoying (Ahhh, it rhymed!)
I’m a dude…. Err, a guy… Uh, a person.. Okay, I’m a human.
On the physical and birth portion, I look like a dude, but it is unlikely you’ve met a dude like me. Or, I suppose, a person like me.
I’m here, reaching out, in an attempt to find literally anyone to talk to.
I have friends, I have family, but I would like to talk to someone who doesn’t know me. (Another rhyme? Whaaaaaaat?)
If you want to know anything about me, just ask. I’m pretty open about most things. Seriously, search my profile, and you’ll kinda know where I stand about a few things.
I work a lot, so I might not be able to respond in a timely manner. Regardless, if something has caught your eye, or you just feel bored, shoot me a message, I’ll try to respond in a timely manner! Thanks be to you!
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2021.10.25 02:11 FuelSure What is mid ladder considered?

I’m 4310 trophies, pretty new to game and not sure what mid ladder is considered but I keep hearing the term thrown around. Also I keep going against players who have cards like 2 levels above mine, I play 2.6 hog and I only have my cannon and musk lvl 10 while I constantly go against decks with level 11s basically across the board. How can I level up my cards fast?
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2021.10.25 02:11 Bluetommy2 Holy hells Stannis

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2021.10.25 02:10 sj_samurey Offers

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