All star host not at top of search results?

2021.10.25 00:26 Nyah_Chan All star host not at top of search results?

Hi so I’ve recently become an all star host… I have 5 cars on Turo, all priced accurately and cheaper than most, all have lots of trips and high reviews… desirable vehicles
I was expecting when I became an all star, my cars would be higher up in the results (there isn’t much competition in my area either)… but instead they’re basically at or near the bottom with the cars that are severely overpriced or that never rent
I’ve noticed a lot of other all star hosts are in lower results as well, but others aren’t? Yet the cars at the top are not all star and have barley rented if not at all and are not desirable nor cheap… I don’t understand?
Anyone have any insights?
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2021.10.25 00:26 ReconRevenge Help US Commander RAN! please have StarLauncher Giveaway for USA Residents!

Hi Ran! Help us enter please! After exhaustively completing the IDO registration process, we are now informed not open to USA. Can you have some type of entry for USA? I know you giveaway a lot of stuff but 90 % of them are out of USA winners. Food for thought, we are a HUGE part of the community but are becoming more more excluded from the wife changing opportunities.
Help US Obi Ran....
You're my only hope!
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2021.10.25 00:26 Interesting-Glass-21 How can I file an external complaint about my private school?

Especially with regards to educational standards
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2021.10.25 00:26 Muffinkingandcookke If this post reaches over 69 then I’m deleting it and reposting until it stays 69

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2021.10.25 00:26 samrf1202 This subreddit needs a Player v. Player (PvP) discussion flair

This thread would be for dropping x player to acquire y player and discuss the move and ask the community why they think it was a good or bad decision.
This could also be applied in trades where OP trades x player for y player and wants to discuss with the community about the move.
I’ll start: Although De’Anthony Melton has been balling out with the absence of Dillon Brooks, I made the decision to drop him and acquire Josh Giddey. I think Giddey will provide long term value to a struggling OKC team where him and Shai are the top 2 options on the team. I think I made the right move but I was wondering what you guys think, will Melton still be valuable when Brooks comes back or does Giddey provide better long term value for a struggling OKC team?
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2021.10.25 00:26 darlingplyb Please bring back those items 🥺

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2021.10.25 00:26 coleswrrld is Ready Player One voxel or triangle based graphics?

after watching ready player one for the 9th time and seeing the log out animation and the hologram animation in the scene when Parzival talks to Dickweed nolan sorento it seems the "in-game" graphics are made up of small cubes indicating it could be voxel based.
Curious to see what the communities thoughts are on this and if you think the future of gaming will be voxel based or what we already have in the industry.
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2021.10.25 00:26 V4ULTB0Y101 So... Thoughts on Anti-venom

What if halfway through spiderman 2 venom, like in the comics has a piece of him turned into Anti-venom by Mr negative I would like to know if this is possible according to the story of both previous games
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2021.10.25 00:26 adchiasedotcom Rammus Tốc chiến: Cách lên đồ, bảng ngọc và combo chuẩn mạnh nhất

Rammus Tốc chiến: Cách lên đồ, bảng ngọc và combo chuẩn mạnh nhất Rammus - Tê Tê Gai là vị tướng đấu sĩ đỡ đòn sở hữu bộ kỹ năng có độ linh hoạt cao. Rammus có khả năng phản dame rất đáng sợ, khả năng áp sát mục tiêu rất nhanh chóng kèm hiệu ứng khống chế rất khó chịu. Đây là vị tướng mà những vị tướng xạ thủ đều phải e dè khi tấn công hắn.
Hôm nay mình xin gửi đến các bạn bài viết hướng dẫn cách chơi lên đồ Rammus Tốc Chiến và bảng Ngọc bổ trợ cho Rammus , trang bị full sát thương dame của cao thủ kèm thứ tự tăng bộ kỹ năng và phép bổ trợ, combo Rammus khắc chế mới nhất trong game LMHT Tốc Chiến.

Chi tiết: [Rammus Tốc chiến: Cách lên đồ, bảng ngọc và combo chuẩn mạnh nhất
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2021.10.25 00:26 MikkiMinajj Welcome to Scorpio szn ♏️

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2021.10.25 00:26 Delicious_Captain_69 What's Up, Novocaine mashup I found

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2021.10.25 00:26 iamseanmitchell PS4 90 Stretch Glass for 3s 60w% PSN: Sean—Mitchell

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2021.10.25 00:26 sarahigod What is a Halloween costume that made you go "damn i wish I would've thought of that"?

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2021.10.25 00:26 SuperDuperSmashBro Add me for daily gifts! FC: 0300 2296 3537

Will try to gift every day!
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2021.10.25 00:26 Burgermasterm Just camped some losers for 200 kills!

Just camped some losers for 200 kills!
Me and my homie had maxed diamond shop/diamond armour and sword and they had clean leather. TOO EASY
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2021.10.25 00:26 funeralxfog95 How’s the cover band market? Do those still exist?

I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a cover band to make some extra money. It was a good source of income for me when I was a kid.
I’m curious if cover bands are still a thing? How’s the market for a cover band - too many? Not enough for people to care?
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2021.10.25 00:26 captaincheezbeard [XBOX] [H] tactician black tachyon III [W] 850c or offers 🤘

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2021.10.25 00:26 Bunny_Art_ I was harassed at the mall

For background it was a halloween event, i went to test out my cosplay.
I’m 15, and i was harassed by probably 16-17 year old boys, they kept saying “I smell a gamer girl” or “hm i see a gamer girl” and following me.
Then i had men, around their 20’s stare at me and point out the fact my costume is skin tight..they also followed me.
And middle school boys kept yelling hi at me and one ran up to me saying i was hot and ran away laughing..
I just wanted candy :(
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2021.10.25 00:26 delu_ bought d2r while waiting for new stuff and i just realized something

i fucking love that keeping up with accuracy rating isn't half of the progression for melee characters in LE.
it makes so much more sense to get stuck on a boss because either my resists are low or i can't dodge big hits and not that my char somehow has 37% chance to hit five meters tall dude.
can't wait till this game fully drops...
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2021.10.25 00:26 chartreuseeye Halloween EP done in the style of a storybook cassette: The Spits "Haunted Fang Castle"

In addition to being a great band for those who feel nostalgia for old-school punk rock, this is an entertaining, catchy, and kinda spooky story simulating a beloved, bygone medium, actually wholesome for the whole family. Check it out for the holiday: My cohost shares her fascination with single-frame-at-a-time filmstrips & overhead projectors in the classroom in conversation about this album on the Out of Obscurity Podcast's Halloween special here:
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2021.10.25 00:26 BassBurr25 Victoria Justice

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2021.10.25 00:26 xSnake0 Switched a VM between workstation player and pro

Hello all,
If I were to put a virtual machine on a portable SSD, which was created using VMWare workstation pro, and then use the driver on a computer that only has workstation player, will I just lose temporarily lose the pro features or will there be compatibility issues?
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2021.10.25 00:26 __treks__ Seems strange to me that a peak bagger wouldn't have navigation skills. Interested in thoughts.

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2021.10.25 00:26 mahkefel Welp

Sometimes the difficulty is just right, sometimes it's a spike out of nowhere, sometimes I'm just reduced to hysterical laughter. This was a hysterical laughter moment. (Slightly off-screen: Regill was turned to stone several days ago.)
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2021.10.25 00:26 throwawaydid555 Thought y'all would enjoy this gem. No, it was not paid

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