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2021.10.25 00:12 PowerfulPanda20075 ~+* Orange Soda. *+~ I’m very proud of this edit :] I hope you like it too, and leave me a suggestion for the next edit!

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2021.10.25 00:12 AsleepReplacement103 Questions if you’ve taken the ferry from PDC to Cozumel recently

I’m going to be staying in Akumal and driving to PDC late November, taking a ferry to Cozumel and going on a diving excursion from Cozumel.
Are the ferries running at the regular schedule right now? The websites suggest it’s running on a limited schedule but doesn’t say what it is. So maybe what I’m seeing on their website is the limited schedule?
If the first ferry is 8am, how busy are they - do I need to get there extra early to guarantee a spot?
Also how on schedule are they? If I get on the 8am, am I safe to book a 9:30 diving tour?
I found one company where I could reserve a specific time but they’re asking for my passport info which I’m not comfortable providing online. Is this normal?
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2021.10.25 00:12 TheRedditLion21 Refund

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2021.10.25 00:12 ldf1998 A counterargument to remember

Hello comrades, one of the most common arguments against the raising of the minimum wage is that minimum wage jobs are meant “to be worked by highschoolers or people who don’t need to live on the money.” This argument is self defeating and as often as I see debates about this, I do not see what I consider to be the best counterargument against this mentality nearly enough.
If you ever see someone making this argument, the only thing you ever need to do is remind them that every job that has these minimum wage positions remains open while high schoolers are….in school. So very clearly, these employers are required to have employees that live on the wage. People do not get to hide behind this bullshit argument, the fact that so many agree with it is unacceptable.
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2021.10.25 00:12 haybati My First Budget Set Up! (item list on comment)

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2021.10.25 00:12 CrimsonCub2013 Would someone help me connect my 1st coal generators to my base's main power lines?

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2021.10.25 00:12 Arc-Doesnt-Exist One bad gloop and she do what I yoinky

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2021.10.25 00:12 matveyan Matveyan – Black LCD informer

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2021.10.25 00:12 Im_Just_Tim [Hiring] Commissioning background/ environment art with minimal character silhouettes for an author's website

I represent an author who is writing a fantasy series set in the desert. We are in the late stages of completing her website and she is looking to commission two pieces for use as background art.
Concept 1: very late stages of a sunset over the desert, with the sun very low over the ground, creating an orange glow over a series of silhouetted dunes. Higher up, you can see a starry sky in the fading light. In the foreground, 3-4 people riding ostrich-like creatures with two humps like camels and vulture like beaks, riding from left to right. A single sparsely leafed tree to the left that they're riding away from. The tree and the birds/ people will just be silhouettes so no real detail needed, just the outline. The main thing we'd like focus on is the sky and the sunset.
Concept 2: A man holding a spear made out of light standing on a flat desert plain, looking in the distance at a domed palace. The entire bottom half of the palace is obscured by blowing sand. There are mountains in the distance.
Both pieces should be wider than they are tall, as they are intended for use as banners.
Please let me know if you are able/ willing and what your prices are over messages.
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2021.10.25 00:12 aiaor What is the easiest way to test a directory to see if it's empty?

Assuming you have the directory name in a bash variable.
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2021.10.25 00:12 watskybbnos 21 21f from aus, please message me for the link to our group chat!! ;w;e are super welcoming i promise, we can’t wait to meet you guys!

hi guys! i’m a mod in a pretty new discord server, aimed at making friendships, building relationships and just connecting people all over the world, it’s a pretty comfy place where we all just vibe and there’s daily vc’s too if that’s ur thing! please do message me with a tiny bit about urself (even ur age and gender is ok!) and i’ll send you a link!!
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2021.10.25 00:12 fd22318791 Taking some friends who are not cyclists bikepacking?

I'm taking a couple friends on a 4 days bike packing trip in a couple months time. Both are in relatively good shape ages mid 20's. The thing is, they don't really cycle at all and I was wondering if anyone here has been in a similar situation? I want the ride to be challenging but not so challenging that they genuinely hate it or cannot continue . The ride is 250km over 4 days with plenty of rest spots along he way. the biggest day being 85km with 500m elevation. Is this too much to ask of someone in shape yet not 'bike fit'? We are going for a 70km ride together next weekend to see how they go but prior to that, just thought i'd see what others think here and if you have any suggestions! Surely you guys have roped some friends into bike packing before who don't usually ride bikes.
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2021.10.25 00:12 Electrical-Variety-1 Algae bloom

Looking for any additional suggestions. I have a 20g tank and I am fighting a large algae bloom. I was out of town for several days and the person I had watching my house over fed leading to said algae bloom. I have vacuumed the gravel and done a couple 25% water changes. Do I just need to be patient and let the tank balance itself out?
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2021.10.25 00:12 himanshukhodke went to the shankari on juhu versova link road, only OGs know the lore behind it

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2021.10.25 00:12 GeminiTheWolf Bears.

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2021.10.25 00:12 ThunderCr0tch Is there a feasible way to, beyond a reasonable doubt, prove the existence of ghosts?

I wanna start this off with saying that i am actually open to the existence of ghosts.
But i wanna know if there’s an actual way to test the existence of ghosts. Some form of evidence that couldn’t be faked or explained as something else. Something tangible.
Every time i try to think of something i get stuck with either “could be faked” or “could be explained as something else, reasonably.”
Is there something like what i’m looking for, even in theory?
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2021.10.25 00:12 Oktoolbox I got this coupon code when I went on recycled fire fighter wallets one of y’all can use it

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2021.10.25 00:12 BrokenCloudz NHL 21 is worth every penny

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2021.10.25 00:12 jmario123 How to balance studies for multiple courses effectively.

Hello friends!
I’m currently a junior at uni and my classes have finally began to toughen up a bit to the point where I have to actually study consistently to maintain a solid gpa. This is my first time in my academic career where I’ve realized the value of studying effectively as the results it yields are nothing short of sweet.
My question to you guys is, how can I efficiently and effectively study for two main lecture classes that are both intensive in material in terms of quantity and quality of work. For the past semester I’ve been studying the weeks prior to the exams (2-3 weeks exclusively) & then I fall in an endless pit where I’m basically playing the endless catch up game between both courses.
Thankfully it’s been working so far as I’ve been getting great grades but I feel like there is probably a better technique to Yield the same or similar results. I’m going to experiment this week by attempting to divide my study time between both courses daily for example 4-4 on an 8 hour day, & dynamically adjust based on comfort/knowingness.
Please let me in on your secrets as I have my next two upcoming exams in about a month and am looking to improve my study habits! Thank you guys!
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2021.10.25 00:12 Oelaae Just a little boy.

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2021.10.25 00:12 simonissmart Where can I sea the storm?

Where can I drive to maybe swim and look at this storm
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2021.10.25 00:12 domoroko egg_irl

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2021.10.25 00:12 LilPudz [GIVEAWAY] 2 Winners-Golden Watering Can + 8 Black Roses + 5 Gold Roses Each

Wanting some golden roses but havent gotten that pesky recipe yet? I got you! Enter my little give away and start your field of gold 🥳
Comment your favourite food and in about an hour I will use an RNG to get our winners!
Thanks for being awesome, ACTrade ☺️
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My grandma bought a vibrator using code Wubby and finally stopped fingering herself
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2021.10.25 00:12 CT-6410 [S2FM] Antlions

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