Man Kills Pet Cat And Dog With Toilet Brush Because He Could Not ‘Tolerate’ Their Noise: Gurugram

TRANSCRIPTS. These are the transcribed episodes we used to pull our data from. We've made them available on the site solely for the purposes of providing a better and more expansive amount of transcription than those already available (via the Rick and Morty Wiki Page). UP Minister Thinks Petrol Prices Is Not Affecting Most Indians, He Believes 95% Don't Use It. 4 min read 1.5 K Shares. 02. India. Over 300 Reported Cases Of Violence Against Christians In India So Far In 2021. 3 min read 1.5 K Shares. 03. India. Unaware Of Demonetisation, Says Destitute Man, Seeks Help To Exchange ₹65,000 Invalid Notes. He’s not completely aloof, but he is always on the go, doing something, too busy to stay in my hands and relax a little. To be honest he was not what I imagined when I said I wanted a hammy, but he’s got a whole personality of his own. He may not be cuddly, but he makes a lot of funny faces, and would be a really good circus acrobat. They were not well-off but were in good health, perhaps because the wife had insisted on a strict diet of healthy foods, no alcohol, no smoking, and lots of gym exercise for most of their lives. Sadly their plane crashed however, and duly they both entered heaven, where St Peter escorted them through the Pearly Gates, and into a waiting limousine. Find the latest U.S. news stories, photos, and videos on Read breaking headlines covering politics, economics, pop culture, and more. Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. When a Potty Emergency goes past critical, you get Potty Failure.. Essentially, Potty Failure is when a character wets him/herself, soils him/herself or both and the act is Played for Laughs.This is a common type of Toilet Humour.. May also happen if people hear a joke so funny that they have to pee themselves, or to anyone who's the victim of a Laxative Prank. Selfish university lecturers are putting their own needs first with their threat to strike. Hopes that Sir David’s death could usher in a kinder era of politics may not last for long. I had 2 dreams with snakes, not terrified of them, can touch them but would not want it as a pet. In my dream the snake represented knowledge, transformation, awareness and healing power; exactly what I am going through these months because it takes time to heal and transform for our greatest good 🙂 For the fear of snakes I could recomend ... I am fortunate that I have been able to mostly just avoid the stuff. My friends think it is hilarious. I suspect this is something we are born with, as I was always a tactile-obsessed baby and child. My "blanky" when I was a kid was chosen because I could not stop running the silky stuff along the edges between my fingers.

2021.10.25 02:02 environmentind Man Kills Pet Cat And Dog With Toilet Brush Because He Could Not ‘Tolerate’ Their Noise: Gurugram

Man Kills Pet Cat And Dog With Toilet Brush Because He Could Not ‘Tolerate’ Their Noise: Gurugram In what can be described only as barbaric, a 29-year-old man allegedly murdered his dog and cat by thrashing them to death with a toilet brush at his residence at DLF Phase 3 Gurugram on October 22. He killed two of them and is now out on bail.
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2021.10.25 02:02 JeiceSakazuki The MLP AUs on TikTok have inspired me to start resigning G4 characters and perhaps even writing the AU. Here's Celestia.

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2021.10.25 02:02 tinydeadpool How would you set up a time graph?

I have this assignment where I have to graph sales. It asked me to find out sales per hour after 4:30 PM.
On the x-axis, should I label hours as 4:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 6:30 PM, etc? Would it count as misleading?
I’m using a line graph to record trends, points, and numbers on each points. Do you have any other suggestions on what graph I should use??
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2021.10.25 02:02 SovietRaptor Revamped the map after two years of playing in the setting

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2021.10.25 02:02 sexy-Homoerectus For a first timer should i make an ayahuasca tea or extract DMT?

Ive been wanting to try extracting DMT for a while now but since researching im debating on this, a tea seems alot simpler, less time consuming to make and a more “chill” high from what i read. however extracting DMT doesn’t seem that complicated at all and having pure DMT crystal would allow me do to more stuff with it (like make changa) and i also like the idea of the short but super intense experience like DMT which is what made me interested in the first place.
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2021.10.25 02:02 tochaseclouds i won't be winning any awards, but i'm still proud of the progress i've made in a year!

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2021.10.25 02:02 shiny--serenity How genuine are the reviews on the covers of books?

This is probably a dumb question, but it’s something that I’ve been curious about.
If, for example, there was a book with on the cover:
“This book is cool and swag!” - Brandon Sanderson
Does that mean that Brandon Sanderson actually read the book and declared it cool and swag or is it more of a sponsorship situation for the publishing of the book? How much involvement did Brandon Sanderson actually have in the review?
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2021.10.25 02:02 zillitch Edited concept discography with my thoughts

Please Please Me
I used the single From Me To You with the B side Thank You Girl for Please Please Me, making the title track the opening track as well, followed by From Me To You and Love Me Do (all harmonica openings), which follows the format they continued with the rest of their LP’s starting with With The Beatles (strong opening three originals). I follow Love Me Do with P.S. I Love You (side 2 starts with Love Me Do and P.S. I Love You)(also Please Please ME, From ME To YOU, Love ME DO, P.S. I Love YOU (title 1 has only Me, titles 2 & 3 have Me and You(or Do), and title 4 has only You). I thought A Taste Of Honey sounded good next to P.S. I Love You. Side one ends with A Taste Of Honey, followed by Do You Want To Know A Secret and Misery, party because they all open with a single guitar strum. Side Two opens with I Saw Her Standing There, followed by Thank You Girl because the titles fit together and they’re both stanky songs and I Saw Her Standing is an iconic opening. Ask Me Why is a faster song as well but on the mellower side so I think it follows well from the upbeat opening two tracks of side one (I Saw Her Standing There, Thank You Girl), and follows well with Baby It’s You which is mellow as well as slow and the titles match (Ask Me Why: Baby It’s You). I followed with Boys to bring it back up to speed and follow with Twist And Shout (despite the fact that they saved it for the end of the third session of their marathon recording of Please Please Me because of John’s vocal fry) and There’s A Place as the closing track as it’s an original and fits maybe (also Pease Please Me and There’s A Place have the same opening thing with bass kinda).
Side One 1. Please Please Me 2. From Me To You 3. Love Me Do 4. P.S. I Love You 5. A Taste Of Honey 6. Do You Want To Know A Secret 7. Misery
Side Two 1. I Saw Her Standing There 2. Thank You Girl 3. Ask Me Why 4. Baby It’s You 5. Boys 6. Twist And Shout 7. There’s A Place
With The Beatles
I added the singles She Loves You, This Boy, and I Want To Hold Your Hand (originally released with This Boy as it’s B side in the UK) to With The Beatles. I kept the original opening three tracks, but replaced Don’t Bother Me (#4 side 1) with This Boy (also All My Loving was released in Canada with This Boy as it’s B Side). I follow up with Devil In Her Heart and Please Mister Postman (originally closes side 1), and close with Till There Was You (great flow with these songs...). I open side two with She Loves You instead, following with Roll Over Beethoven (originally opens side 2), and continuing the harder sound with Hold Me Tight and I Want To Hold Your Hand. I close the album with You Really Got A Hold On Me (HOLD Me Tight, I Want To HOLD Your Hand, You Really Got A HOLD On Me), Not A Second Time, and Money(That’s What I Want)(originally closes the album)(all are piano intros which is good I think and it sounds good).
Side One 1. It Won’t Be Long 2. All I’ve Got To Do 3. All My Loving 4. This Boy 5. Devil In Her Heart 6. Please Mister Postman 7. Till There Was You
Side Two 1. She Loves You 2. Roll Over Beethoven 3. Hold Me Tight 4. I Want To Hold Your Hand 5. You Really Got A Hold On Me 6. Not A Second Time 7. Money(That’s What I Want)
A Hard Day’s Night
I only added the single I Call Your Name (such a stanky song) to A Hard Day’s Night. I left side 1 untouched, left the opening of side 2 (Any Time At All), and the close of side two (I’ll Be Back) untouched as well, but switched around the core of side 2 with I Call Your Name right before I’ll Be Back (I think it’s snug there following You Can’t Do That—also cowbell). I rearranged the three songs in between Any Time At All and You Can’t Do That from being originally I’ll Cry Instead and Things We Said Today and When I Get Home to Things We Said Today and When I Get Home and I’ll Cry Instead.
Side One 1. A Hard Day’s Night 2. I Should Have Known Better 3. If I Fell 4. I’m Happy Just To Dance With You 5. And I Love Her 6. Tell Me Why 7. Can’t Buy Me Love
Side Two 1. Any Time At All 2. Things We Said Today 3. When I Get Home 4. I’ll Cry Instead 5. You Can’t Do That 6. I Call Your Name 7. I’ll Be Back
Beatles For Sale
I added I Feel Fine, Long Tall Sally, and I’m Down to Beatles For Sale (I’m Down (style of Little Richard) was B side to Help!, but the group was doing Long Tall Sally since 1957 (cover of Little Richard)(both I’m Down and Long Tall Sally were frequent closing acts). I open with I Feel Fine and keep I’m A Loser where it is (I Feel Fine contrast with I’m A Loser of course), and follow with No Reply which has a similar sound to I’ll Follow The Sun (also contrast again with No Reply vs I’ll Follow The Sun). I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party blends into Rock And Roll Music and closes with Long Tall Sally (last song performed in front of a paying audience). Side 2 starts with What You’re Doing followed by Eight Days A Week (What You’re Doing fades out at the end while Eight Days A Week fades in), and next is Every Little Thing and Words Of Love. BABY’s In Black is followed by Everybody’s Trying To Be My BABY (which originally closes the album), and the album closes with I’m Down (frequent close between 65 and 66 tours).
Side One 1. I Feel Fine 2. I’m A Loser 3. No Reply 4. I’ll Follow The Sun 5. I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party 6. Rock And Roll Music 7. Long Tall Sally
Side Two 1. What You’re Doing 2. Eight Days A Week 3. Every Little Thing 4. Words Of Love 5. Baby’s In Black 6. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby 7. I’m Down
I replaced Dizzy Miss Lizzy with Drive My Car from Rubber Soul because I think it fits really well on Help!. I kept side 1 the same but replaced You’re Going To Lose That Girl with Act Naturally. I start side 2 with Drive My Car (Ticket To Ride to Drive My Car), and follow with You Like Me Too Much and You’re Going To Lose That Girl (piano on all three haha). The album originally ends with I’ve Just Seen A Face, Yesterday, and Dizzy Miss Lizzy but since I removed the cover I end the album with Tell Me What You See and I’ve Just Seen A Face (originally next to each other (tell me what you see: I’ve just seen a face), followed by Yesterday. I thought It’s Only Love fit snug in between You’re Going To Lose That Girl and Tell Me What You See.
Side One 1. Help! 2. The Night Before 3. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away 4. I Need You 5. Another Girl 6. Act Naturally 7. Ticket To Ride
Side Two 1. Drive My Car 2. You Like Me Too Much 3. You’re Going To Lose That Girl 4. It’s Only Love 5. Tell Me What You See 6. I’ve Just Seen A Face 7. Yesterday
Rubber Soul
I added the singles Day Tripper and We Can Work It Out to Rubber Soul, and I open with Day Tripper, Nowhere Man, and You Wont See Me (day tripper becomes nowhere man so you won’t see him) followed by We Can Work It Out because tambourine in You Wont See Me. I think I’m Looking Through You is a good ending to side 1, picked up by Norwegian Wood and Michelle on side 2. I thought the title play for the close of the album with If I Needed Someone and In My Life was good. Also Wait, The Word, Think For Yourself makes sense maybe.
Side One 1. Day Tripper 2. Nowhere Man 3. You Won’t See Me 4. We Can Work It Out 5. What Goes On 6. Girl 7. I’m Looking Through You
Side Two 1. Norwegian Wood(This Bird Has Flown) 2. Michelle 3. Wait 4. The Word 5. Think For Yourself 6. If I Needed Someone 7. In My Life
I added Paperback Writer and Rain to Revolver. Opening three songs of Revolver are perfect, after I’m Only Sleeping comes Yellow Submarine and Good Day Sunshine (the yellow submarine as metaphor for the sun and the Beatles and happiness)(also one vocal performance from George, Paul, John, and Ringo). Next is And Your Bird Can Sing and side 1 closes with Rain (birds sing in the sunny rain for feeding time). I start side 2 with Paperback Writer and She Said She Said, contrast with For No One and then I Want To Tell You (the end of For No One fades out, and I Want To Tell You fades in). Once again contrast with Here, There and Everywhere, and then I kept the closing two songs the same.
Side One 1. Taxman 2. Eleanor Rigby 3. I’m Only Sleeping 4. Yellow Submarine 5. Good Day Sunshine 6. And Your Bird Can Sing 7. Rain
Side Two 1. Paperback Writer 2. She Said She Said 3. For No One 4. I Want To Tell You 5. Here, There And Everywhere 6. Got To Get You Into My Life 7. Tomorrow Never Knows
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
I added Hello, Goodbye, Penny Lane, I Am The Walrus, Strawberry Fields Forever, and All You Need Is Love to Sgt. Peppers. I kept the opening six songs the same, but I close side one with Hello, Goodbye right after She’s Leaving Home (both have strings too). I start side 2 with Penny Lane, followed by Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! (originally opens side 2), I Am The Walrus, and Good Morning Good Morning (all seems to flow well maybe). I end with Strawberry Fields Forever, Lovely Rita, and All You Need Is Love (red imagery with love and strawberries)(also All You Need Is Love and its opening just seems to fit too well as the close of Sgt Pepper).
Side One 1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 2. With A Little Help From My Friends 3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 4. Getting Better 5. Fixing A Hole 6. She’s Leaving Home 7. Hello, Goodbye
Side Two 1. Penny Lane 2. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! 3. I Am The Walrus 4. Good Morning Good Morning 5. Strawberry Fields Forever 6. Lovely Rita 7. All You Need Is Love
Magical Mystery Tour
I start MMT with the title track, but then the crew goes to Crackerbox Palace upon a hill, where lives a Fool... from the hill a giant bluejay swoops up the crew and others, where they are Flying... to India, so the last two songs on side two are Love You To (opens India) and the closer Within You Without You. The Inner Light starts act 2 of the film and side 2 of LP as it shines and then the crew heads back with the bluejay (cue Blue Jay Way). The bluejay lands and introduces them to some pigs (cue an alternative version of George’s Piggies from the White Album) and the piggies find the crew a bunch of ultra truffles (cue Savoy Truffle on the pig hunt), so they become rich (cue Baby You’re A Rich Man). Finally the crew returns home to their mothers (Your Mother Should Know), but the song their mothers know ends up being Revolution 9.
The Beatles
I totally reorganized the White Album and separated disc 1 and disc 2 by theme, disc 1 being ballads and folk type songs and disc 2 being hard rock and R&B type songs. I added When I’m Sixty-Four to disc 1 with the “granny music.” I added Polythene Pam and She Came In Through The Bathroom window to disc 2 (both were written in 1968), as well as Hey Bulldog, I Want You(She’s So Heavy), the single release of Revolution, and A Day In The Life.
Disc One
I start disc 1 with Honey Pie (iconic opening), Martha My Dear, and When I’m Sixty-Four, followed by Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-La (actually #4 on the White Album) and then Long, Long, Long (6 vs 3 but 12 letter titles (3,6,9,12) commas IDK), and Mother Nature’s Son and Julia (Mother Nature’s Son which drew inspiration from the same Maharishi speech that John’s Child Of Nature did, also Julia is about John’s mom, so yeah). Side 2 starts with The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (great opening track in its title but also the guitar intro in the song itself). Followed by Rocky Raccoon and Piggies (BB (Bungalow Bill), RR (Rocky Raccoon), GG (Piggies)). Also the guitar intro of Rocky Raccoon matches that of Bungalow Bill and the honky tonky style piano at the end of Rocky Raccoon matches with the harpsichord in Piggies. Then I go with Blackbird because animals (raccoon, pig, bird) also there are animal noises in piggies and blackbird. Then after blackbird which is acoustic goodness I follow with Cry Baby Cry and Dear Prudence, which is a funny ending because usually you start a letter with Dear...
Side One 1. Honey Pie 2. Martha My Dear 3. When I’m Sixty-Four 4. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da 5. Long, Long, Long 6. Mother Nature’s Son 7. Julia
Side Two 1. The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill 2. Rocky Raccoon 3. Piggies 4. Blackbird 5. I Will 6. Cry Baby Cry 7. Dear Prudence
Disc Two
I start disc 2 with Polythene Pam (Prudence and Pam). Disc 2 is the no-no album for kids... it starts with Polythene Pam and She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (John/Paul), followed by Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey (really long titles), and then Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? which is also about monkeys (Paul saw monkeys doing it in India), and then Hey Bulldog because the piano is similar and then Sexy Sadie because piano and then end side 1 with While My Guitar Gently Weeps which is also piano yknow... Side 2 starts with Yer Blues (countdown intro) and then leads into I Want You(She’s So Heavy), Revolution, and Helter Skelter which all have similar openings and then Happiness Is A Warm Gun which eases into I’m So Tired and the finale A Day In The Life (John/Paul/John)
Side One 1. Polythene Pam 2. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 3. Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey 4. Why Don’t We Do It In The Road 5. Hey Bulldog 6. Sexy Sadie 7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Side Two 1. Yer Blues 2. I Want You(She’s So Heavy) 3. Revolution 4. Helter Skelter 5. Happiness Is A Warm Gun 6. I’m So Tired 7. A Day In The Life
Let It Be/Get Back
I separated the sides Let It Be/Get Back by theme, so the first side is “Get Back” their jams and the second side is “Let It Be” or their ballad type stuff. I added The Ballad (haha) Of John And Yoko to the first side and Hey Jude to the second side. I also like the single version of Get Back more so I opened the album with it, followed by Two Of Us (originally starts the album) and For You Blue to make the opening three tracks (Paul, John, George). One After 909 follows with Ballad Of John And Yoko next because they start so jammy and side one closes with Dig A Pony and Maggie Mae due to a severe case of similar openings as well. Maggie Mae also closes side 1 of the original. Side 2 starts with Let It Be (both sides start with the title tracks) and continues with Don’t Let Me Down (Let It Be Let Me Down)(also the transition from the end of Let It Be to the beginning of Don’t Let Me Down is perfect), I Me Mine, I’ve Got A Feeling, The Long And Winding Road, Across The Universe (the long and winding road across the universe), and Hey Jude with the epic close.
Side One 1. Get Back (Single Version) 2. Two Of Us 3. For You Blue 4. One After 909 5. The Ballad Of John And Yoko 6. Dig A Pony 7. Maggie Mae
Side Two 1. Let It Be 2. Don’t Let Me Down 3. I Me Mine 4. I’ve Got A Feeling 5. The Long And Winding Road 6. Across The Universe 7. Hey Jude
Yellow Submarine
I replaced Hey Bulldog on Yellow Submarine with Lady Madonna (maybe a lady instead of the doggy in the movie?) and All You Need Is Love with Good Night (dreamy close?)(also Ringo’s Yellow Submarine and Ringo’s Good Night)(also all the Beatles films are Ringo centric to an extent u know).
Abbey Road
I Want You(She’s So Heavy), Polythene Pam, and She Came In Through The Bathroom Window are pretty hard to replace but I put in Glass Onion, You Know My Name(Look Up The Number), and Goodbye to Abbey Road.. First five songs are the same as the original but then I go Here Comes The Sun followed by Glass Onion which bridges into the classical elements of Because. The medley starts the same with You Never Give Me Your Money and Sun King but follows with You Know My Name(Look Up The Number) (Sun King which is slow eases into You Know My Name(Look Up The Number) which starts slow and is overall still slow)(also You Never Give and You Know My Name...). Then comes Mean Mr. Mustard (more like the esher demo to bridge Goodbye)(You Know My Name... it’s Mr. Mustard), Goodbye, Her Majesty, and then Carry That Weight and The End.
Side One 1. Come Together 2. Something 3. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 4. Oh! Darling 5. Octopus’s Garden 6. Here Comes The Sun 7. Glass Onion 8. Because
Medley 1. You Never Give Me Your Money 2. Sun King 3. You Know My Name(Look Up The Number) 4. Mean Mr. Mustard 5. Goodbye 6. Her Majesty 7. Golden Slumbers 8. Carry That Weight 9. The End
In my alternative universe the crew split for a bit but then return soon after with a double LP of some old and more newer stuff (while maintaining solo careers)(and then they return to make one last album in the later seventies), also of course all the songs would sound different on an actual Beatles album (shorter songs and beautiful harmonies and such).
The Black Album Disc One
The Black Album (the double LP) disc 1 starts with Back In The U.S.S.R. (previously unreleased), Art Of Dying, and Hold On (Paul/John/George). Then goes Every Night, Old Brown Shoe and Maybe I’m Amazed (piano), and side 1 closes with What Is Life. Side 2 opens with I Found Out (great opening but also What Is Life? I Found Out.) and then comes Doctor Robert, Mrs. Vandebilt (The Dr and the Mrs), Letting Go, and Free As A Bird (you’re a free bird when you let go). Disc 1 closes with Isolation and Dear Friend (piano solo from John and Paul to close)(also Dear Prudence ends disc 1 of the White Album, Dear Friend ends disc 1 of the Black Album).
Side One 1. Back In The U.S.S.R. 2. Art Of Dying 3. Hold On 4. Every Night 5. Old Brown Shoe 6. Maybe I’m Amazed 7. What Is Life
Side Two 1. I Found Out 2. Doctor Robert 3. Mrs. Vandebilt 4. Letting Go 5. Free As A Bird 6. Isolation 7. Dear Friend
Disc Two
Disc 2 starts Oh My Love, Another Day, and I Live For You (John, Paul, George)(also coherent together (Oh My Love, Another Day, I Live For You)). Continues with another Paul/John piano with Tomorrow and Remember, then Single Pigeon and Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey as the close. Side 2 starts with The Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp(Let It Roll), which fits as an opener (let it roll) and matches the close of side 1 with Uncle Albert, Admiral Halsey, and then Sir Frankie. Then goes Crippled Inside (Crisp and Cripple), Junk (you feel like junk if you’re crippled inside), Mull Of Kintyre and Working Class Hero (similar sound maybe), and then Big Barn Bed and the closer Love (disc 2 opens with Oh My Love and closes with Love).
Side One 1. Oh My Love 2. Another Day 3. I Live For You 4. Tomorrow 5. Remember 6. Single Pigeon 7. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Side Two 1. Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp(Let It Roll) 2. Crippled Inside 3. Junk 4. Mull Of Kintyre 5. Working Class Hero 6. Big Barn Bed 7. Love
The Beatles Last Album
The crew’s late seventies album is pretty much the theme of Band On The Run with songs like Cleanup Time, Not Guilty, (Just Like)Starting Over, Instant Karma!, and The Back Seat Of My Car (about freedom maybe but also like the backseat of a cop car) all being related to the opening track Band On The Run. So it starts with Band On The Run, Cleanup Time, and Bluebird (being free bird vibes)(blue cop?). Then goes Surprise Surprise(Sweet Bird Of Paradise)(surprise from blue cop makes you dream of paradise)(also birds). Then Not Guilty, JET (flying away), and LET Em In to close side 1. Side 2 begins with (Just Like)Starting Over (like starting over from the second side of the album)(also the opening chimes mirror the doorbell sequence at the start of Let Em In). Then John again with Instant Karma!, followed with The Back Seat Of My Car (piano on piano). Then Give Me Love(Give Me Peace On Earth) (u say that after being in a cop car), and then I Know(I Know), followed by Real Love (Give Me Real Love) and finally Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five.
Side One 1. Band On The Run 2. Cleanup Time 3. Bluebird 4. Surprise Surprise(Sweet Bird Of Paradise) 5. Not Guilty 6. Jet 7. Let ‘Em In
Side Two 1. (Just Like)Starting Over 2. Instant Karma!(We All Shine On) 3. The Back Seat Of My Car 4. Give Me Love(Give Me Peace On Earth) 5. I Know(I Know) 6. Real Love 7. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five
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2021.10.25 02:02 DracoBlaze214 Killer Bunny V2 (now with appropriate boots).

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2021.10.25 02:02 TwoForTheMorgue [1967] The Avengers - "Murdersville", a childhood chum of Mrs Peel's retires to a quiet, friendly little English village – that is now the headquarters of Murder Incorporated. Starring Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg.

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2021.10.25 02:02 sprayfoamparty how to prevent immediate shut down on keypress?

I am just starting to use awesome but there is one configuration that's in the way and I can't find how to fix it.
Whenever the power key is pressed, the device immediately shuts off with no confirmation. Since this key is conveniently located just above the backspace on this little netbook, I keep hitting it! So it's very slow going because I am losing my place in reading and trying things out.
I copied the default configuration to ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua as per the docs but I can't find anything about power off in there. I have not made any changes because this issue is dominant.
I did find a page that explained how to specifically unmap a key. However to do that I need to know how to refer to this particular key so I tried using xev in hopes it would block the shut down command but of course that didn't work and now I cannot find that information again.
I'm running GalliumOS and so far been using XFCE. Installed awesome via apt with just the defaults. In XFCE, hitting this key opens a confirmation dialogue offering shut down, restart, cancel etc. That behaviour is preferable.
The keyboard reported itself as pc104 but that is erroneous, this is the actual compact keyboard layout, they key that stops the show has occasionally been interpreted as F11 which is its location.
thanks for your help! if any pertinent info is lacking I will provide.
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2021.10.25 02:02 Idekanymore548 You know, I never really paid attention to the stuff written in the timeline when you’ve chosen “Crime” as your special talent

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2021.10.25 02:02 invisible_gent I have too many saved posts

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2021.10.25 02:02 AllAroundLooney "Meme Queen" (models by Cally3D)

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