[WTS] Tom Ford Black Violet 50ml + rare samples $200 (Bottle)

Reflection Man by Amouage is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men.Reflection Man was launched in 2007. The nose behind this fragrance is Lucas Sieuzac. Top notes are Rosemary, Pink Pepper and Petitgrain; middle notes are Jasmine, Neroli, Orris Root and Ylang-Ylang; base notes are Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedar and Patchouli. Peony & Blush Suede by Jo Malone London is a Floral fragrance for women.Peony & Blush Suede was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is Christine Nagel. Top note is Red Apple; middle notes are Peony, Rose, Jasmine and Carnation; base note is Suede.

2021.12.08 19:21 assburgundy [WTS] Tom Ford Black Violet 50ml + rare samples $200 (Bottle)

This bottle is 100% authentic and unopened.
Free Shipping
I will be including 3 rare samples as well with purchase.
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2021.12.08 19:21 japsoares The TRUTH About Beluga´s NEW SONG [5 views]

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2021.12.08 19:21 theclownermb Recommendation for a Christmas gift for my Girlfriend (interests included in the post)?

My girlfriend is 22 year old recent English graduate who has read a lot of stuff because of curriculum. She likes to read and wants to get back into it again. I want to get her a book but I dont know what she would like.
Some things she really likes is Italy (went abroad for a semester), food, a high level read since shes an english major, but nothing like in old english. She doesnt like scary things, she doesnt really like sci-fi or things extremely fantasy.
Any reccoemdnations?
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2021.12.08 19:21 JBurd1127 On top of pregnancy and its own struggles, I'm also still fighting to cope with symptoms of my mental illness as well leading up to my first day of work in two months. (Art by Skoryx on Etsy)

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2021.12.08 19:21 byrd3790 How long did your longest campaign last?

How long has your longest single campaign with the same players and story lasted? Feel free to include descriptions, editions, and best memories :)
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2021.12.08 19:21 whiteghost12617 HELP !!!!!!!!

HELP !!!!!!!! so my iPhone x is stuck on the apple logo and it won't turn on, one of the solutions that i found was to put the phone on restore mode (that's what its called i think) and plug it into a pc and download a software update through iTunes , but the things is that the update exceeded the amount required and keeps on going which left me desperate. i don't want to hard reset my iPhone because some files are not backed up. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.
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2021.12.08 19:21 Mynewsify-Website Alec Baldwin ‘taking things day by day’ after fatal ‘Rust’ shooting: source, The News International – Entertainment

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2021.12.08 19:21 JesusDinosaurian2000 Doing a presentation, please assist?

Hello! I’m doing a short presentation and I have been assigned Uppland. I am searching for things to talk about but am mostly being redirected to Uppsala. Are they considered the same place? Is one within the other? Any suggestions about what I could include in the presentation you find notable? Thank your for your help and clarification!
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2021.12.08 19:21 JR33Sky Is this actually BPPV

My GP said it sounds like I have BPPV and just gave me a print out sheet of exercises to do, I can't really say it feels like dizziness, it's more like the room I'm in or the space I'm in goes really big every now and then, not the object's themselves just the distance/depth everything just seems off.
It brings on terrible panic attacks but from what I've read about Bppv it doesn't sound like this
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  1. 6. 7. 8.
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2021.12.08 19:21 Memona_Emman_Writes Where can I buy medical grade menstrual cups?

On Daraz the cups are inexpensive and i don't think they are made of medical grade silicon. Any doctors here, is the Recircle Cup safe?
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2021.12.08 19:21 Consciousness_Expand Let’s pause for a moment and appreciate the fact that the most famous novel on propaganda will be rewritten to conform to modern propaganda

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2021.12.08 19:21 itsanari Kismet - Dared

Pearl’s cracked shell shifted as she tried to right herself, eye filtering out the orange of the fires around her. She swiveled her core, surveying the wreckage as she began to hover, dipping severely for just a moment before righting and aligning her new… It was a foreign sensation- fatigue was the first word that came to mind.
The Shrike II was beyond repair, that much was evident even with Pearl’s limited field of view from the interior. Metal plating had been shorn from their bolted positions, exposed wirings sparking and starting fires that just as quickly diminished. The narrow hallway was already beginning to dim as the ship leaked power. Filtered sunlight called the Ghost forward, and she wavered before forcing herself ahead.
The front of the ship was gone, her guardian with it. Pearl dropped, feeling herself deflate as she came to rest against a crumpled piece of metal. There was no sign of it as she tried to look around, raising herself for a few seconds.
“Vel?” she called weakly, and again, “Velvet?”
There was no response- she felt so tired, why was she tired…
Where was her guardian?
She’d come for her, she had to…
The ghost lost track of time- sunrises through the treetops mingled with the starfire fury of war that lit up the opposing night sky. Pearl dared not move. Even from so far away, the ground shook beneath the shattered ship as the City fell.
She dared not move, not to find Velvet, not to find help. She couldn’t- she had to hold onto the hope that her guardian was coming-
She dared not-
The Ghost shook herself from the thoughts that raced endlessly through her mind as she heard movement outside in the forest- heavy trudging and two distinctly inhuman voices accompanying them. Pearl slid herself further into hiding, the high-pitched scrape of shell on metal sending a shudder through her core. The noises outside stopped as she wedged herself into shadow, trying to keep herself from shaking. What was left of the one-man jumpship rocked as something heavy stepped on-board, and from her position Pearl could see two Cabal troops beginning to search the Shrike II. She listened to their directed chatter as one moved towards her position, the other staying at their entry that had been torn open by the crash. The back half rocked as the Cabal Legionary scoured.
For half a moment there was no noise- Pearl could see a foot raised, about to step past her hiding spot with slugthrower at the ready.
And then the world righted itself again, reality snapping into focus with the tell-tale sound of an arrow in flight. The second Legionary further out fell with a heavy thud, immediately calling back the first before it could complete its search. The soldier rushed out, letting loose a string of grunted syllables that faded as it exited the jump ship. Silence fell again for a few seconds- minutes? Before the floor shifted again- heavy footsteps making their way towards the tail once more.
So this was it?
Pearl felt herself sag. She’d failed her guardian, she should’ve gone to look, for all she knew Velvet was dead and gone already-
“I’m sorry,”
The footsteps stopped, a hesitation that stretched on before a figure stepped into view. No Cabal Legionary- face covered by a dark, dirtied helm and unmistakable if blood-stained mark at his hip-
“Who’s there?” The titan asked, voice soft as he continued to walk past. He was missing a pauldron and carrying himself favoring that side- one hand pressed to his ribs with his bow in the other. The free hand came away bloody and Pearl could see him steady himself on the scuffed siding wall.
“Sinatra, we can’t stay long- those two couldn’t have been alone,” Pearl heard the titan’s ghost, but couldn’t see where he was hiding himself. His voice was barely more than a raspy whisper.
“You heard it too-”
“There’s no one around for miles, Sin’. Look for supplies and let’s get going- it’s the most whoever got shot down can offer us now.”
Pearl couldn’t wait. She mustered her strength and shifted, pulling herself free of her position. “Wait. Please-”
The titan stepped back, arm snapping up with bow at the ready, grunting in pain with the sudden motion before visibly relaxing again. There was palpable relief in his voice as his free hand returned to his side. “There you are- see, Don, have a little more faith in other Ghosts,”
“Pah. Why should I, with the luck you’ve been having?”
“Think it’s… About time for a lucky break, then, for all of us…” Pearl said, trailing off as she dipped severely. Sinatra reacted to the movement, dropping to one knee and extending a hand to her. She came to rest in his gauntleted palm and he rose again, helm turning as he glanced around.
“Do you have a name, little one?”
“... Pearl,”
His voice was still soft as he spoke. “Well, Pearl- I’m sure you heard Don, but he’s right- there are bound to be more Cabal soon, and we need to get moving. Did your guardian have any gear we can use onboard?”
“I- Yes, but… What happened? What happened to the Traveler, the City, why-”
“We’ll explain it on the way out, but if you’d kindly direct us to those supplies,” Don cut her off. She could feel he was near, now- resting somewhere among the titan’s armor. Pearl gave a noise a bit like a sigh and tilted her shell towards the back of the ship.
“Cache- beneath the second to last floor panel, but-”
The titan turned quickly, making his way for the supplies with Pearl still in hand. He stooped, setting his bow to the side and prying up the floor before heaving open the lid of the crate. Velvet’s weapons laid within, and Pearl could feel the other guardian stiffen.
“What’s… You know what, never mind-”
“You don’t get to be picky, Sinatra. What is it?”
“Hush, you,” the titan hissed back at Don. He set Pearl down and began to check over a compact sidearm he’d found- Velvet’s delicate, floral paintjob glinting in the late afternoon sun. The rosy Ghost lifted herself unsteadily, bobbing as she watched.
“... I, wish you luck… For what it’s worth...”
Sinatra stopped his check as she trailed off, faceplate turning in her direction.
“Ah, so she’s not coming with us?”
“... Pearl, yes?” The titan asked, ignoring his Ghost. She bobbed again. “Pearl. There’s nothing you can do for your guardian right now but survive. And the longer you stay here waiting for them, the less likely that is to happen.”
“Every Ghost has been severed from the Traveler. If your guardian is still alive somewhere, the best thing you can do for them right now is survive. Survive, and pray we get our light back.”
Pearl shifted, slowly rotating her shell in thought. “Do… Do you think we will?”
“I can’t let myself consider what it means if we don’t,” Sinatra turned his attention back to the case and gingerly hefted the weapon, testing the weight in his hand. He didn’t seem to find anything else of interest and closed the lid as he shifted to stand. “That said. I can’t in my right mind leave you alone. Be it to stay here, or head out to find your guardian, or try and make your own way to safety. Those Cabal are proof enough,”
“But what if Velvet comes here looking, and, I’m not here-?”
Sinatra dragged a hand down the front of his helmet, the motion enough to silence Pearl. “I understand, I do. But it isn’t safe to stay. Okay?”
“... Okay,”
“And when this is all over, I’ll… I’ll help you look for Velvet- that’s your guardian’s name?”
Pearl gave a slow nod.
“You need to survive for Velvet, and we need to go. Now.”
“... Where are we going?”
“Heard of a place a ways out from here. Beyond Cabal patrols. Lightless guardians are going there for safety, until all this blows over.”
“You assume there’s going to be an end to this,” Don muttered. Sinatra’s faceplate turned at his Ghost’s voice.
“Would it kill you to be positive for once?” Please?”
The crotchety Ghost gave a huffy sigh and went quiet. Sinatra shook his head and once more extended his hand to Pearl. “I can’t guarantee safety, but it’s better than waiting here- and it’s better than being alone.”
“... Okay.”
Velvet scratched the back of her neck as she glanced towards the cave entrance, hearing the sound of a ship overhead. She waited, hand itching towards her holdout. Not many rounds left. More silence. She was not about to let herself relax. She couldn’t afford it. And then a familiar voice.
The guardian stumbled over herself, painfully, arms outstretched as she tripped into sunlight. Without a word she felt her ghost almost bowl her over- the familiar sounds and comfort of Light surrounding her.
“Oh Vel I was so worried that I wasn’t going to see you again, that I would be too late and you’ve missed so MUCH in the past few months and I’ve missed YOU the past few months-”
The ghost nuzzled her cheek and Velvet brought a hand up to her, chuckling through the haze of realizing this wasn’t a dream. “Steady, Pearl, steady- you’re a mile a minute, what…”
She knelt and kept Pearl close, smiling to herself and looking up. Gentle motes caught bits of filtered sunshine through the treetops, casting the grove for the first time into a comforting light. Pearl gave a triumphant spin before settling, humming a soft note as she came to rest in Velvet’s palm. The guardian noted the solder holding one segment of her shell together as she spoke. “I, I was worried you were gone, truly gone, when you didn’t show up at the Farm-”
“The what?” the warlock questioned a bit quietly, half laughing. Relief and confusion, so many questions-
“The- oh- you HAVE been out here for so long- I have so much to explain to you- why did you stay out here, why didn’t-” Pearl’s voice finally dropped as she began to calm down, sobering. “Why didn’t you come…?”
Velvet opened her mouth to reply, but hesitated. The Ghost looked so concerned, almost hurt. The guardian’s shoulders dropped as she pulled Pearl close again. “I’m so, so sorry Pearl. I’m so sorry, I… I tried, I… I was hurt, I didn’t know where you were, where to start…”
“... I understand,” the ghost returned, perking up again. “You stayed put to stay safe- and what a place!” She lifted up and spun again before returning, close to Velvet’s face. “Do you know what happened? We were cut off from the Traveler, every guardian was lightless for a while, was real rough going-”
“What… Happened?”
“The Red Legion attacked- but-! All that’s been taken care of- everyone’s got their light back! And Sinatra kept his promise-”
“Oh! Sinatra-! I was waiting at the other half of the ship, waited as long as I could- and I couldn’t have survived alone out there- he saved me and promised to help me find you, and brought me to the Farm, and now that everything’s back to normal-ish we came looking for you!”
Velvet tried to take in her ghost’s rapid-fire story, rubbing her forehead. “Sounds like you’ve had quite the adventure-”
“-AND he promised he’d give us a ride back to the Tower, and we also already took care of the chest in the back of the Shrike since, the ship’s, um…”
“Not flight suitable?” The guardian asked, raising a brow with a bemused grin.
“Something like that,” she shot back in a similar tone. Both guardian and Ghost rose, the former unsteady on her feet. But for the first time in months, without pain. “So, are you going to introduce me to your new friend?”
Pearl bobbed and began to zip off, rushing back and forth to Velvet and the area just beyond the grove. The guardian saw the ship she’d heard earlier hovering in low orbit, her pilot leaning against a tree in crisp armor. The titan’s bow lazily rested over his shoulder and his helmet was tucked under his arm- straight dark hair framed a hardened face, but his expression was neutral as he gave a polite nod to the fellow Awoken as she came to stand a few paces in front of him.
“It appears some thanks are in order,” the woman said after some hesitation. She reached a hand out, back straight and tone formal. “And introductions- though I’m sure Pearl has told you plenty.”
The titan nodded, shaking her hand. “Sinatra. And yes.”
Velvet brushed a few strands of hair behind her ear and cleared her throat. “In that case, thank you- for keeping her safe.”
“And bringing me here,” Pearl added. The warlock couldn’t hide even a subdued laugh.
“And bringing Pearl to find me, yes.”
Sinatra nodded, remaining stoic. Velvet could feel silence stretched between them, razor-wire on the precipice of something-
“Let’s get you back to the Tower. I’m sure there is catching up you need to get to. Including a visit to the shipwright.”
Sinatra turned, taking a few steps away as he hoisted his helmet up, dunking it back into place with little ceremony. He glanced back over his shoulder, bow still in hand. Velvet opened her mouth as she saw her own sidearm perched just above his mark, but her words were unanswered as his ghost returned him to his ship in the latticework of a transmat jump.
Pearl tilted herself, eye steadily rolling up to where Sinatra’s ship hung in its lazy idle. “You’re going to love the Bifrost,” she said, and as Velvet watched the Ghost began to spin herself into a tizzy. The warlock felt herself shifting. “He’s got a waffle iron and-”
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2021.12.08 19:21 WhatThePenis ACC Final Standings Charts

Overall standings, no division
Atlantic Division
Coastal Division
A move up indicates a win, a move down indicates a loss. Feel free to leave feedback or suggestions! Going to try to get to other conferences this week :)
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2021.12.08 19:21 Therak1es Accidentally ended up creating unwinnable scenario against final boss (mild spoilers)

So essentially the run was already scuffed since Dismas got decimated in a freak accident and got replaced with a hellion so my melee-range damage division was pretty bad but eventually I ended up locking myself out of a victory. (un)fortunately I had an upgraded run and hide so I decided to survive until round 100 in the hopes that maybe it would for just one turn not use denial of arms...
Yeah that didn't work out
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2021.12.08 19:21 mangamariam This was on a straight road, gotta love Washington State drivers.

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2021.12.08 19:21 Delilah199 Citalopram, alcohol and erratic behaviour

I have experience an erratic and aggressive behaviour from a friend who is on Citalopram. After him drinking, I can see him changing completely, verbally attacking people, accusing people of horrible things that leads to a very bad situation. My only findings were related to an alcohol craving caused by the SSRI pills. I have also read some people used to get that behaviour with the SSRIs. I am trying to find more evidence and possibly solutions.
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