What is the most memorable thing you've done?

2021.12.08 18:16 Harden12345678 What is the most memorable thing you've done?

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2021.12.08 18:16 Umbra916 Should I wash my KLR?

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2021.12.08 18:16 CyberPunkMetalHead I'm building a crypto trading automation platform with 6 other Redditors and we've hit a massive milestone today

Due to your interest and amazing response to some of the projects that I shared with you before, I was able to connect with a few other like-minded Redditors and we decided to build an automated crypto trading platform together.
Fast forward 6 months, and we've reach our first important milestone - end-to-end connection. Allow me to explain why this is a huge deal.
A trading application consists of many moving parts:

Apart from the user interface which is almost there, all the other aspects of our trading application have now come together! The database, API, users handler and signals are all communicating with each other in our first successful multi-user test!
We're well on our way to have an open beta release in Q1 2022, and that makes me happy.
The trading application will allow for custom TA analysis, as well as volatility auto trading and will offer a wide range of customisation options to implement your trading strategy:
If you're at least half as excited about it as myself join me at aesirofficial
PS: oh, I timed it with the 3Commas AMA, f in the chat.
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2021.12.08 18:16 OkCap9595 Trad Naga by @chinertattoo 🇹🇭

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2021.12.08 18:16 DrJonah Waiting for me at the top of the stairs

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2021.12.08 18:16 dabcrab wizard finger

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2021.12.08 18:16 zemalhazey OMAD One Month Progress

Hi all, I'm just about to start my OMAD diet. What was your 1st month's weightloss progress like?
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2021.12.08 18:16 SilentMeeting Following up on offer

Hi! First time poster. I just went through an interview process at warp speed (interviews Monday - Friday, confirmation I’m getting the job on Monday.) The recruiter told me on Monday he would send over the offer to me by yesterday and it’s now EOD Wednesday. Would it be bad to follow up/could it hurt my negotiating power? I’m a super antsy person so I’ve been very on edge.
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2021.12.08 18:16 MasterTerryChen Transfer aUST from one wallet to another

Hi, This is probably a dumb question. So I have some UST in Anchor and that's now in a form of aUST in my Terra Station wallet. Now I want to move that aUST to my Ledger wallet. Can I just simply transfer aUST from that Terra Station wallet to my Ledger wallet? Or do I need to get back UST first and then do the transfer?
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2021.12.08 18:16 Daft_Hunk Review #89: Macallan Easter Elchies Black 2018

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2021.12.08 18:16 dangerouslytroy Spruce up crappy manger

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2021.12.08 18:16 69xp Do u guys have any clean or sweaty "ish" Octane or dominus designs?

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2021.12.08 18:16 LetsTalkElections Tracking Donald Trump's 2022 Endorsements

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2021.12.08 18:16 Outrageous-Nothing58 Performance of Baltic Fleet artists in front of fighters on the Karelian Isthmus, 1940, Winter War

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2021.12.08 18:16 ReditGcg2002 Snowball Fight In Kelowna

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2021.12.08 18:16 blvd119 Afterpay fees may be passed on to shoppers.

Customers of Afterpay and Zip may be forced to pay buy now, pay later fees now borne by shopkeepers under plans for more intensive regulation of the fast-growing sector being considered by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and the Reserve Bank of Australia.
Afterpay and Zip prevent merchants passing on the cost of buy now, pay later credit, which represents about 4 per cent of the price of purchased goods. Major BNPL providers processed $11.4 billion worth of sales in the year ended June 30, implying about $450 million of merchant fees.
The Treasurer said changes to modernise the regulation of the payment system would be settled by mid-2022 to accommodate new and emerging payment systems.
“This will include considering the appropriate treatment of services like buy now, pay later and digital wallets, including any new rules around fees and surcharging,” Mr Frydenberg told The Australian Financial Review on Wednesday.
Looming, tougher regulation of Afterpay and Zip comes after the Reserve Bank said in October that it wants them to remove contractual clauses that prevent merchants such as shopkeepers and other service providers passing on the relatively high cost of the services to customers.
The RBA described BNPL as an “essential payment offering” and said its high fees were now pushing up payment costs for business, an issue small business groups have complained about for several years.
Small business advocates want the option to pass through BNPL charges to customers, as they are already allowed to do for credit card payments via Visa, Mastercard and American Express. They think this will help merchants negotiate lower fees with providers.
Marketing and customer referrals Commonwealth Bank chief executive Matt Comyn has also pressed the government to let retailers pass on BNPL charges, which would make the overall cost of accepting the services more transparent and could lead some users to switch to paying with lower-cost debit cards.
But BNPL operators, such as Afterpay, have lobbied the government not to change the no-surcharge rule, and argue a significant proportion of the fees relate to marketing and customer referral services – not payments.
The government, after planned consultations with the RBA and industry stakeholders, will likely make a final decision after the federal election, which is due by May.
“Cost of living” will be a key battleground during the election, so the government may try to avoid letting BNPL surcharges be passed through to customers until after polling day.
RBA governor Philip Lowe, who will deliver his annual speech on payments on Thursday morning, called for a more expansive definition of a payment system at a hearing of the House of Representatives economics committee in August. This would also allow the RBA to intervene and make rules for global technology platforms such as Apple or Google, as their payment services grow.
Uncertainties about regulatory power The RBA prevents the credit card schemes from stopping merchant surcharging and wants the same rules to apply to buy now, pay later.
But the RBA’s ability to regulate the fast-growing BNPL sector has not been tested, and experts consider operators would likely fall outside the current definition of a payment system, given existing bank cards are used to move funds.
Treasury said it wants to expand the law, to allow the Reserve Bank to capture the “the full suite of systems and participants within the payments ecosystem”.
“We think it would be in the public interest for buy now, lay pater providers to remove their no-surcharge rules,” Tony Richards, the RBA’s outgoing head of payments, told an event hosted by COSBOA on Wednesday. “But there are some uncertainties about the bank’s regulatory power here, so we are working with Treasury on that.”
Even if the RBA gets powers to regulate a broader range of players, any attempt to impose a “no surcharge” rule on the whole buy now, pay later fee would be unreasonable, Afterpay and Zip said because merchants pay BNPL operators for services that go beyond the payment, including referring to them the Millennial customers who have flocked to the popular apps to look where to shop.
“When it comes to regulation, Afterpay should not be viewed narrowly as a payment system but in context of the overall value we offer to our retail partners, which is significant in terms of the marketing benefit we’ve created,” said an Afterpay spokeswoman. “As an example, Afterpay competes with other online marketing platforms, such as Google and Facebook, that charge higher fees to merchants for individual customer referrals.”
Over-reaching oversight Zip co-founder Peter Gray said any expansion of the definition to payments system would only capture the actual payment processing part of a transaction, not other services provided to merchants.
“Zip has always said our model is very different to scheme payment processing because we are not just a payments system, and provide many services,” he said. “For merchants, not only do we accept payment, but we provide marketing and customer leads and significant commercial benefit by removing fraud and chargeback risk.”
The government, which, under the reforms will adopt a stronger leadership role over payment system, has indicated the buy now, pay later sector may not be in its sights, even if it is targeted by the RBA.
In its response to the call from a parliamentary joint committee for the buy now, pay later sector to be reviewed next year, Treasury merely “noted” this recommendation, while many of the PJC’s other recommendations were formally accepted.
Senator Andrew Bragg, whose 12 recommendations on crypto regulation have been accepted by the government and who will also speak at the Australian Payments Network event alongside Dr Lowe, said it is highly unusual for the RBA to have primary authority over the payment system.
“It makes no sense that an organisation which is focused on narrow policy objectives would have oversight over something so far-reaching and fundamental,” Senator Bragg will say in his Thursday speech.
“The Australia government, not Silicon Valley, or Shenzhen, or the RBA, should run Australia’s payment policy”, he will say, and with the reforms announced on Wednesday, “now we are back in control of payments policy”.
However, consumer groups said they would use new consultations next year on the details of new payment regulation to push for tougher consumer protection in the buy now, pay later sector.
Gerard Brody, CEO of Consumer Action Law Centre, said the payment reforms provide an “opportunity to ensure BNPL is regulated effectively and consistently with other credit products, to address the significant risk of debt and financial stress associated with these products”.
The industry group representing the BNPL sector, the Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA), which developed a Code of Conduct for buy now, pay later last year, said any new regulation should be developed with industry, to prevent overreach.
“AFIA believes further development of payments standards and governance would benefit from co-design through a working group that includes industry bodies, leaders from the market and other participants who will help promote the development of payment standards and help the market meet its ongoing regulatory obligations,” said chief executive Diane Tate.
Improving customers’ protection The banking sector was also digesting the impact of new powers for the Treasurer that may be used to bring digital platforms like Apple into the regulatory remit. Apple and Square declined to comment. Google did not respond to a request to comment.
Mr Comyn said payments are “a critical element of Australia’s financial services infrastructure and the economy more broadly” and “we are particularly supportive of changes that will help ensure the system remains fit for purpose, safe, and aligned to the national interest, while providing new opportunities to innovate and updating consumer protections to keep pace with the development of the digital economy.”
Westpac CEO Peter King said, “modernising our payments infrastructure and its regulation, including cryptocurrency regulation, will strengthen our financial system and improve protections for customers.”
Andy White, CEO of the Australian Payments Network, said the reforms will “future-proof Australia’s regulation of payments, through introducing regulatory flexibility, in the ministerial designation power and the expanded definition of payment system”.
“Through the recommendation of a strategic payments plan, they will provide strategic direction and clear policy objectives, and therefore certainty for industry investment decisions. They protect consumers and support innovation by ensuring that all payment providers are appropriately licensed,” he said.
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2021.12.08 18:16 JRamsbunctious A first for me and need the help of colleagues.

Company A acquired Company B and wants to pay for marketing on their page.
What process do they have to go through to make this happen?
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2021.12.08 18:16 TuaTurnsdaballova No news?

Any news today from the LRC team? Looks like nothing in the GME earnings release, right?
I’m just gonna hold because we know what’s coming as confirmed for Q4 from Byron and Daniel.
Is LRC gonna be at the zkRollup event with polygon tomorrow?
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2021.12.08 18:16 Rulr000rr Habe dropbox mit 2.600+ videos / dm bei Interesse

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2021.12.08 18:16 PuffLaser Is there such thing as a video with subliminal messages and/or images that can make someone physically sick?

I've done some stupid and watched weird creepy videos online. Usually they just bother me, but I recently watched one with a bunch of flashing images that made me feel sick the following day. I woke up very dizzy and have been having dizzy spells ever since. Was there something in that video that messed with my head? Or am I just imagining things?
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2021.12.08 18:16 Batwaffel 8Dio Holidaze Sale - 60% off site wiiiiiiiide. "Indica-Dominant Tools 4" free I think until 9 December with every purchase over $150 after discount supplied from the guy on the corner. Use code: 60DIO

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2021.12.08 18:16 Starfuckingman I am a beginner who's interested in Heidegger. Can you help me?

Hello everyone.
Well, they say when you want to read and learn something, start with what interests you. I am interested in Heidegger. Deeply. But I am afraid that I lack the knowledge so I wouldn't misunderstand him and his ideas. I always wanted to get into philosophy but nothing that philosophy asked really made me super interested or invested. I was sometimes interested in stoicism but found it hard to achieve and lost interest with time despite watching a lot of videos about it. I also read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and liked it, but stoicism didn't stick with me much. My passion is movies, I found myself interested in movies that represent vague obscure ideas about life or persons or person's relationships which eventually lead me to some talk about Heidegger. My interest in Heidegger is real and I plan to dedicate self-studying time to understand him. So for someone who doesn't know much about philosophy, where should I start? A path that should eventually lead to Heidegger. Who do I need to know about before him? And what books should I read for them? or can I just delve into Heidegger as a beginner?
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2021.12.08 18:16 Rea-wakey #SPX [Edinburgh] Rea-wakey delivers a speech on the economy outside Dugald Stewart Building at the University of Edinburgh

Thank you for having me today outside this incredible institution, the University of Edinburgh. Today, I want to give some remarks on the Scottish economy - the work that I and my party have been doing to deliver on this for the Scottish people, and our plans looking forward should the public continue to have faith in us to lead the next Scottish government.
Economically, our policy for Scotland is pragmatism. We will work to find efficiencies in the budget and otherwise, where we can eliminate duplicate funding or capabilities and streamline operations when it is deemed useful. Otherwise, we aim to keep taxation relatively low, while still paying for our funding priorities. In the next term, the Scottish Liberal Democrats will create an economic innovation council, to continue our drive to modernise and continuously improve Scotland’s economy through new opportunities in technology, services, and other sectors with both a high growth potential and high level of resilience.
If possible, and subject to the possibility y of a cut in the block grant from Westminster, we will continue to cut LVT down to a more acceptable level. LVT was set far too high for far too long - and it hurt many across Scotland in the process. By continuing to rebalance the burden of tax amongst those who can afford to pay the most, we can make the situation better for everyone.
We intend to keep a small surplus as possible, as my Finance Ministry did in the current budget passed last term, but otherwise we plan to continue to balance the books as much as possible. Large surpluses are fiscally counterproductive, and only serve to pad government coffers when money should be invested in Scottish families and Scottish communities. A new Government led by the Scottish Liberal Democrats will increase Scotland’s share of defence contracts, including shipbuilding, for both the Ministry of Defence and for orders from abroad. In addition, we will work with local authorities to increase the use of vacant buildings by new startup companies, whom need relatively inexpensive spaces to work in. Scotland is filled with empty buildings which should be repurposed for our 21st century community. To put these sites to use, we reduce the blight on our communities, and provide a further competitive advantage to Scottish businesses.
We will also work diligently to increase the number of digital workers and freelancers in Scotland, both by lobbying in Westminster for visa changes to make things easier, and by launching campaigns to advertise Scotland as a place for workers to easily, with access to the best scenery and countryside that the UK has to offer while being extremely interconnected with the wider United Kingdom. We will also work to market Scotland as a gateway to the wider UK economy, as a cheaper alternative to London and most of England’s bigger cities. We will make Scottish business more competitive by providing infrastructure and other legal advantages which we will have over NI and Wales, as well as their employees and management.
My work in the last term has been focused on delivering a budget which fixed the problems of the previous – which senselessly took money from the pockets of the hard working Scottish people, while failing to fully invest in our communities. While we face the looming threat of a potentially large cut in the block grant from Westminster, we are confident that we can once again guide and set the agenda economically this term, as we did last term.
For me, my work is just beginning – and if the Scottish Liberal Democrats are elected back into Government, we will do everything in our power to build on the hard work we started last term.
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2021.12.08 18:16 whitebread95 Scustin - The Killer (Official Video) (Smooth Funk / Alt R&B from Dublin)

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2021.12.08 18:16 edditbot (+41951) LPT: When lending a pen or marker hand it over without the cap, you are much more likely to get it back

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