I'm finally starting to not care anymore

2021.12.08 20:04 Frosty-Ask9489 I'm finally starting to not care anymore

It's been months now and every time we talk he's basically a different person. He's been mean and lashed out at me so many times over my imagined cheating and called me so many names and last night I finally stopped trying to be the bigger person and I just lashed back with everything I'd been holding back. I knew it would really hurt him and that's not usually who I try to be but I'd picked up the phone earlier and he yelled at me after just apologizing for yelling at me a few days before.
I'm tired of the infantile projecting he does. He's not sick according to him. This isn't because of his bipolar and I'm the crazy one. He's diagnosed me now with borderline personality disorder and says I'm a narcissist who just wanted to "keep him in my box" whatever that means. He freaks out when I block him like he blocks me. He's been playing the victim all day over the messages I sent giving him the same treatment he's been giving me for months. He literally threatened me about the rest of the rent he owes me from taking off when we have a lease together then he said I'm not threatening you. Then he proceeds to tell me all I ever did was threaten him.
It's utterly ridiculous and even when I screenshot the things he's just said he won't admit there is anything off about how he's behaving. Then he messages me a day later saying he's sorry and he knows everything is his fault and he knows he has problems. I have quit trying to make sense of it and I've decided to just stop listening to anything he has to say at this point. He gives me whiplash and it's almost comical to an extent. It's so strange seeing someone I used to respect act like a total child. It feels good not to be so sad about it all anymore though. He's not trying to get help and he has zero self awareness right now so I've started telling him I'm no longer interested in speaking to his illness and he can contact me if and when he gets help.
It almost makes me question my sanity at times. I have to look back at the messages and stuff we used to have to confirm that no this does not seem to be the same person I was living with for the past five years. I'm just so tired of it all I wish I had never met the man. I feel kind of bad saying that but he is exhausting and unpredictable and generally unstable. The projecting and lying and childish behavior are just so unattractive too. I do have my share of issues but I stay on my antidepressants and do my therapy workbooks. At least I try....
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2021.12.08 20:04 Cheetahtoo Three healthy foods help you maintain kidney health, liver health, and lose weight.

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2021.12.08 20:04 THEZUKUS The Elizabeth Holmes Trial: The Defense Rests Its Case

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2021.12.08 20:04 prodbymat1 *FREE* | SQUEEZE - TRIPPIE REDD x PLAYBOI CARTI x KEN CARSON HYPERPOP | 166 BPM | Bbm

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2021.12.08 20:04 unknown939hj Medio meeh, calientan más sus tiktoks jaja

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2021.12.08 20:04 InMambaWeTrust All time teams PS5 league ran by a NFL players. Drop Facebook names if you want in

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2021.12.08 20:04 grrrxsxsxs101 Mr Elevator-Sunshine Starlight

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2021.12.08 20:04 ProphetOfMrMeeseeks Where did you lose your virginity?

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2021.12.08 20:04 helloooolol whats your favorite award show moment

and please start arguing w each other in the comments 😒
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2021.12.08 20:04 DagothSlur I’m really craving some _______ right now, but it’s to damn expensive

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2021.12.08 20:04 splendidEdge can't beat the FIRST boss (Death) in Dante's Inferno

so I'm playing Dante's Inferno and the first enemy is Death. When he is almost dead you have to press R just to get a button promt that tells you to press O (circle) many times. I press O like mad but he just lets go of Death eventually and I can repeat the sequence and I get no different outcome. Is this a bug??? When I press any other button he will instantly let go of him and trust me I'm smashing O as fast as I can. So what do I do????
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2021.12.08 20:04 igneousink In her spare time, Mary like to play with her cat and work on her trapezius muscles.

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2021.12.08 20:04 FitParsnip1489 Groinal responses help plz!

How do you get rid of groinals? I have pocd and it’s a living hell. I try to ignore but it’s impossible
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2021.12.08 20:04 BigChiefMason VIDEO: KittenCoin meets Adopt Me-ow of Chiang Mai - Thailand! Learn more about our newest charity partner and their UNIQUE cat habitat!

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2021.12.08 20:04 SS_Misfitz [Ps4] w: 308 h: caps

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2021.12.08 20:04 Delilah199 Calculate pension

I got a letter (2021 pension update) from my pension provider saying that my pension could be 462 pounds a month. My question is how to calculate the potential pension in the future? I have had different jobs and except for the first one, the pension provider has been the same. To recap in bullets:

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2021.12.08 20:04 BuryMeInTimbersGreen A card that allows you to search your deck and/or discard pile for an “item” card?

Hey guys! I’m new and don’t know the game very well yet and a quick search of the subreddit didn’t turn up an answer. Is there a basic card that will allow me to search my deck and/or discard pile for an “item” card specifically? I’m thinking I’d like one or two of them in my Hawkeye-Aggression deck to heighten my chances of pulling his quiver early.
Thanks for any help you can provide! Cheers!
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2021.12.08 20:04 jdele11 Why do Americans pay Federal Income Tax if the government prints billions of dollars a day?

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2021.12.08 20:04 NuggetKing204 He’s a bad redraw for my favorite shot from Hope

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2021.12.08 20:04 santansmoke If Max takes out Lewis, who wins the WC?

not what we would want but, just out of interest ….
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2021.12.08 20:04 Corn_On_Da_Kahb Concept art for my homies Band

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2021.12.08 20:04 Borkerman Wright would have made a one heck of a trial

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2021.12.08 20:04 Odd_Algae_4205 Reshiram 4425 6130 8127

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2021.12.08 20:04 Havoksygene Help for toggle pickupable object

Help for toggle pickupable object Hi im working on a world and im trying to learn udon 3.0 and i managed to find by myself how to turn off and on the pickupable component of an object but i would like to do it on multiple object at a time
Here is what I have done for 1 object
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2021.12.08 20:04 sarahkriggs12 I mean… I don’t know what I expected…

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