5fa7k brksb zrkki 46byi dnzei 7h3t3 kk7nh hr2z7 4fkbt z5n2n 255i9 beh43 8da6t hb883 627f4 r6y6s 9si54 i68tz zs42i h8nf6 bbt8i Flight - I'm Coming Home - Stranger Than Paradise Records EXCLUSIVE PURPLE VINYL EDITION - 200 COPIES |

Flight - I'm Coming Home - Stranger Than Paradise Records EXCLUSIVE PURPLE VINYL EDITION - 200 COPIES

2021.12.08 19:06 mystery_shoppa Flight - I'm Coming Home - Stranger Than Paradise Records EXCLUSIVE PURPLE VINYL EDITION - 200 COPIES

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2021.12.08 19:06 ssssss2s2 anybody wish genshin had more diverse climates?

I know there's like rain and thunderstorms in certain areas, but it'd be cool if we could see like snow, rain, fog, and other stuff like that. It'd be pretty cool to have rain or snow in liyue, mond, or inazuma not just in certain areas
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2021.12.08 19:06 LeliPad The duality of boots in front of me in line at Chipotle

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2021.12.08 19:06 NelsonVictorofNile Any Pilots Here?

I'm looking for a career and I always wanted to fly. For medical reasons (food allergies) I can't join the military so I was wondering if there were any bush or airline pilots lurking in the ESTP sub.
Bush sounds much more interesting and engaging, but the pay is lousy. Also maybe a bit too isolated which I really like in doses but not all the time. Airlines are the opposite it seems. Is aviation a good career for ESTPs?
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2021.12.08 19:06 boocakebandit Title

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2021.12.08 19:06 Hyafumi I drew a more casual Yunjin, with a snacc! 🍨

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2021.12.08 19:06 atticus_romanus Do my honey's gills look inflamed?

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2021.12.08 19:06 Turbulent_Scholar_36 No Matter What Type A Currency Is. It Is Still Not Money.

There are now many alternative currencies, all of which are also 'not money'.
Just as all Fiat currencies are not in fact money.
Money AND currency.
One real, and the other unreal.
One genuine, and the other an imposter.
One an effective store of value, and the other a fraud.
One created by GOD (by nature), and the other created by man.
One that can be trusted, and one that cannot.
Money OR currency?
The choice is yours to make.
So please, make sure that you choose wisely.
Best wishes.
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2021.12.08 19:06 IrelandonRedditBot [r/OldPhotosInRealLife] Castleconnell Village, Limerick, Ireland sometime between 1880-1914. Bottom picture is from Google maps.

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2021.12.08 19:06 brjslaosmzo23 Puedo comprar cualquier cuenta de only, mi priv u otra plataforma, solo cobro un % Interesados por priv o a mi Telegram @thecoock

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2021.12.08 19:06 IFuckingHateYouTodd Which side in WW3 would win? Read below for the exact scenario

Russia invades Ukraine and China invade Taiwan at the same time. Japan, Australia, Canada and the U.S. focus on defending Taiwan against China, while the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Poland, with some more troops sent by the U.S., defend Ukraine against Russia.
Although the U.K. had agreed to defend Taiwan, they’re forced to focus on defending Ukraine against Russia, because they have a feeling that if Russia gets Ukraine, it’s only a matter of time before they go for the rest of Europe.
North Korea is forced into the war because of China, Iran and Afghanistan, seeing this war as a chance to gain land, make an alliance with Russia and China.
The U.S. is the main supplier of food, weapons, ammunition, etc.
So the Allies are:
U.S. Canada U.K. Ukraine Germany France Italy Poland Taiwan Japan Australia
The Ones with bad intentions probably (I don’t know what they would be called)
China North Korea Russia Iran Afghanistan
View Poll
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2021.12.08 19:06 FootstepsOf_Dawn_ Various Artists - Suicide Squad Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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2021.12.08 19:06 SmoothBrainedApe47 Earnings call happening right meow!

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2021.12.08 19:06 Ski_Ski_MF Mansfield Park and The Men Involved

I would be interested in hearing how everyone feels about the father figures in this novel and their treatment of the women (Fanny, Maria, Julia).
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2021.12.08 19:06 Material-Meal5461 Every day it gets harder…

I don’t know how much longer I can make it. Every day while turning on my laptop i start bawling. When i finally pick myself up enough to make a call and open jabber i see all the voicemails and i get that feeling again and break down again. I cant take this anymore. Ive applied elsewhere and nada, maybe geico is right and I’m just a fucking trash adjuster who doesn’t deserve any better than what we deal with day in and day out. Maybe they’ll win and ill just fucking die a goddam fucking gecko slave.
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2021.12.08 19:06 phantom18_9 18M looking for some chats before I sleep and repeat another tiring day

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2021.12.08 19:06 Chronomuim_RSA Copped YT VIDEO: Mohavi!

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2021.12.08 19:06 GratefulDeadInside [Corporation] is so relatable and quirky! I love [Corporation]!

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2021.12.08 19:06 BabishLongan Pretty good day at Ponce Inlet, FL. Smoked the mullet and made fish dip.

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2021.12.08 19:06 brownutts67 4130 CRmo Hardtail agressive geometry bikes

Like the title says i'm looking for your help to create a list of steel bikes, preferably 4130 steel, for trail and maybe a bit of enduro. I'm also more interested in 27.5 bikes. If you could help it would be great.
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2021.12.08 19:06 themagicman_1231 Need some help with crestron

Hey everyone. I just fell in on a fairly large group crestron on devices. Looking for some tips or guides on using crestron toolbox for configuring devices. I’ve used AMX Studio before but it’s been a while. I am pretty sure they are fairly similar.
I also have a 1542 Touch panel that is stuck in a boot loop or something. I keep trying to factory default it by holding the reset button (even tried doing this 11 times in a row like the tech support guy said to do) with no luck. It just says the system is doing maintenance do not reboot and I can’t get it off that screen or reset it.
Thank you all in advance. Any helpful tips or resources would be great if you have them.
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2021.12.08 19:06 searchmyname Rocket Confirmed!

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2021.12.08 19:06 Stew_E ($AYUR) Ayurcann Trading at a Massive Discount, Super Undervalued Stock

($AYUR) Ayurcann Trading at a Massive Discount, Super Undervalued Stock
Ayurcann ($AYUR) is a leading postharvest solution provider with a focus on providing and creating custom processes and pharma grade products for the adult use and medical cannabis industry in Canada. Ayurcann strives to become the partner of choice for leading Canadian cannabis brands by providing best-in-class, proprietary services including ethanol extraction, formulation, product development and custom manufacturing.
Let’s talk about how Ayurcann ($AYUR) is extremely undervalued in the cannabis sector, they are currently trading at ~$0.16 CAD with a market cap of roughly 16 M. They are primarily focused on toll processing and white label manufacturing solutions for Canadian licensed producers. The company is additionally primarily focused on cannabis 2.0 products such as vapes, edibles, and concentrates. What the company offers to LPs includes extraction and refinement, bulk oil sales, and white label manufacturing.
So the market for these services is growing exponentially, between the years 2020 and 2025 the market is expected to grow by three times to $10.1 B sales from $3.1 B, and all of the 2.0 cannabis products are growing exponentially fast when it comes to their market share, we are talking an estimate 228% growth from 2019-2022.
The company’s service providers develop expertise and utilize economies of skill to offer services more competitively than companies can do in-house, which is a strategic advantage for Ayurcann because they have the ability to offer these services more competitively and at a lower cost than a company can do if they try to do it on their own.
Let’s look at Ayurcann’s income statement:
The company’s revenue is growing exponentially fast from $787,000 to over $1.86 M which translates to growth of 137% year-over-year. On top of that, $1.8 M in sales they generated $900,000 in gross profit margin, which translates to 49% gross profit margin, higher than almost any company in this sector. The best part about their income statement is that the company is already profitable in Q3 of this year, generating $124,703 worth of comprehensive income, which shows that they are one of very few cannabis companies in the sector that is already profitable.

Onto the valuation:
The company currently has a roughly $16 M Market Cap, if you extend their revenue out over four quarters, this brings you to $7.5 M in annualized revenue. As for their Price to Sales Ratio, if you divide 16 by 7.5, we get 2.1X which is extremely low (undervalued). Take a look at their earnings and they’re generating $498,000 on an annualized basis based on this last Q, which gives them a Price to Earnings ratio of 31.5; while they are growing at 137% year-over-year which means if this doubles by next year, they would be trading at a Price to Earnings ratio of 16x.
If you compare Ayurcann to their competitors, they had 2.1x in Price to Sales Ratio, while a similar and big competitor in this sector such as Valens ($VLNS) has a Price to Sales Ratio of 10.1X, but they are losing money. With that being said, Ayurcann’s stock value has experienced a down trend recently, which I believe is a perfect entry opportunity for investors. To wrap this up, the company has great financials, an impeccable income statement, with some of the highest gross profit margins that can be seen in the cannabis industry. Do your own research and stay classy my friends.
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2021.12.08 19:06 Dwindmill2020 Offers (no coins)

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2021.12.08 19:06 AcidDoughnut861 When is Jack gonna make another roblox video?

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