SBA Loans / Bank Loans To Acquire Existing Businesses?

Meet the SBA, your small business ally. The US Small Business Administration (SBA) is a federal agency built solely for the purpose of helping small businesses get the funding they need —especially in times of economic hardship caused by events like the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.. Contrary to what you might think, the SBA doesn’t actually foot any of the cash. SBA Office of Disaster Assistance | 1-833-853-5638 | 409 3rd St, SW. Washington, DC 20416 In 2021, the SBA reported more 7(a) and 504 loans were approved nationwide for minority businesses than in 2020. The SBA's 7 (a) is the primary program for providing financial assistance to small ... Exclusions include, but not limited to, conventional and SBA loans secured by commercial real estate, variable rate or multi-tiered rate structures, franchisor guaranteed lending programs, Practice Solutions loans. Bank of America credit standards, collateral and documentation requirements apply. Other restrictions may apply. Small Business ... Refinance debt, buy an existing business, purchase commercial real estate or purchase equipment at the speed of our SBA 7(a) Express loan. SBA 504 Loans $350K - $5 M | Up to 25 years Start or expand your business with loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. Use Lender Match to find lenders that offer loans for your business. Bank of America is another big and powerful bank. The loan powerhouse offers SBA 504 loans from $350,000. They consider only borrowers who are in need of equipment, commercial real estate, or construction or renovation. Here are a few more details about Bank of America’s SBA 504 terms: 7–10 years on equipment; 10–20 years on real estate An SBA 504 loan is a type of SBA loan that is used specifically to purchase fixed assets, to upgrade existing assets, or to purchase real estate.. Typically with a 504 loan, a bank extends half the total loan amount, SBA-approved certified development companies (CDC) extend 40% of the loan amount, and the borrower puts down a down payment to cover the rest. The federal government's SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) and STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) programs award a specific percentage of federal R&D funds to qualified small businesses. SBIR/STTR programs encourage small firms to undertake scientific research that helps meet federal R&D objectives, and have high potential for ... Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans Trust your business to a Preferred SBA Lender. With the passage of the Economic Aid Act, new borrowers may be eligible to receive an SBA Guaranty Fee waiver and up to three months of principal and interest SBA Debt Relief Payments on a loan approved by the SBA between February 1 and September 30, 2021, subject to the availability of funds. 1

2022.01.17 02:07 sharknado523 SBA Loans / Bank Loans To Acquire Existing Businesses?

Hello fine people of Entrepreneur,
My wife and I have Paramount+ and we will occasionally kick back and watch a couple of episodes of something just to get some low-key wind-down time together. Since we both work and I'm working on my MBA, it's easier than going out and doing something when we're both exhausted.
Now, obviously it's cinéma vérité, meaning it's based on reality but not everything is 100% real. I'm pretty sure, though, that at least the debt numbers and the financials are based in reality, or at least the story behind them. Some of these people are starting or acquiring these bars with money from their jobs, friends or family. Some of them are employees that somehow or another became owners. But, it seems like the ones with the biggest debt numbers all acquired the businesses somehow or another through a private bank loan or SBA loan. These are the ones that the person might have $350,000 or even up to $1 million in debt associated with the bar.
Here is my question - is that something that is even an option?
I watched some Bar Rescue when it was on, this is back when I was in college and whatever, and now, as I'm about to turn 30 and working on my MBA, I'm finding myself wondering:
Could I basically just find a bar I want to buy, put down like $50,000, show a business plan to a bank or the SBA, and have them finance the rest? Because it seems like some of these people have financing that is unwieldy to the point of absurdity and I find myself wondering if this is a relic of the past or if I could still find my way into a scenario like that.
I don't want to buy some dingy dive bar (truth be told, realistically speaking, I don't think it would even be a bar or restaurant), but, talking seriously here, I do wonder if the way for me to get my feet off the ground and transition from a corporate job to being a business-owner might be to use my knowledge, connections and credit score to acquire something that already exists and then build something out from there.
Does anyone here have any experience with that, or is everyone here bootstrapping their own business idea from the ground up? I'm sort of assuming the latter since the name of the subreddit is Entrepreneur, but I figure there might be some people here who have experience with both models and might have some commentary.
Any thoughts would be more than appreciated - muchas gracias!
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2022.01.17 02:07 VisualGlittering8634 Matto has his priorities Straight

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2022.01.17 02:07 fkg2 Blues and Royals

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2022.01.17 02:07 Tyranith [PLAY] Fucking around on top of a drum beat

My new favourite way to practice - find a drum beat that's fun to play with (found this on youtube) and just go ham. I went into this completely dry, didn't listen to the drum track before playing and just messed around, it was so much fun. I know it's not very technical; it's mostly just power chords. Hope you enjoy.
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2022.01.17 02:07 someonewazhere Other Shows to Watch

If you ever find yourself running out of historical shows, I have some suggestions for what else you could watch.
-Teşkilat It is produced by TRT1 and it is about Turkey's National Intelligence agency. It is currently airing, and there are about 30 episodes out.

-Kurtlar Vadisi This show is a cult favorite. It came out in 2003. It has had many seasons, spin-offs, and movies. It is a mafia show, but it reveals the inner workings of the deep state.
Full disclosure: I haven't watched any of these shows, but my 70-year-old father has, and he has thoroughly enjoyed them.
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2022.01.17 02:07 LilFlushot Crazy To Think That It Has Been 2 Years! Happy Cake Day To All!

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2022.01.17 02:07 PolarBla Adding another pup to the pack

For those of you that had a dog that you bonded very closely with and then you added another dog to the picture, how did it go? We’re you able to love the new dog as much as your current one?
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2022.01.17 02:07 lotsofbugs9 Could someone help me identify the species found here?

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2022.01.17 02:07 imstupidiknowit 20[M4F] [relationship] idk I'm too lazy to write more.

I am really tired of being alone and want to do something about it. If nothing else, just a simple opinion on my post and how I can improve it would be appreciated.
My interests:
• Football (Soccer), it's basically what my life revolves around. I'm obsessed with it. It's not a deal breaker if u are not into football. • maths, just mentioning it so you think I'm intelligent. (I am interested in math tho fr and chess too).
-dark humousarcasm : I try to be the funniest person in the
group but often I just blurt out the most obvious lame jokes/
comments. Would like to think of myself as a combination of
chandler and Michael Scott.
What I'm looking for: I would love a long term relationship but I'm not a fan of long term LDR relationship, I have trust issues. But I'm still willing to give it a try.As I said I come off cold sometimes so please be patient with me, I won't ghost you but might take some time to reply.
I'm a football fan but I'm not really that athletic, I'm a bit chubby incase it matters. I don't have anything else to say, if u want to ask anything and are interested in getting to know me better, dm pls. If nothing else, a suggestion on this post would be appreciated too!
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2022.01.17 02:07 ThatRubikGuy Elbow pain?

I am a 13M 5ft tall, 95 lb, irish, hungarian, and a very small amount of jewish. They cancled the basketball season for two weeks and i decided to practice on my own. I have gone to the park every day for two weeks to practice my jumpshot and dribbling. Just in case this is necessary, I usually shoot with my left hand but today I decided to take three shots with my right for fun. Once my hands are too cold, I am shivvering, and can no longer shoot, I go home. Nothing seemed wrong until I decided to do pushups today. I heard a pop in my right elbow and fell to the floor in pain. I thought that that was a one time thing but every other pushup, I feel a pop in my right elbow and bad pain follows. What is going on?
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2022.01.17 02:07 Full-Science3190 Do these look like they are healing correctly?

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2022.01.17 02:07 dyou897 Have Red Shift want to trade it for Razer Nameplate/BR

I have multiple Red Shift codes from the recent Gamestop promotion in Canada. The codes are printed on the store receipt which I have too. Looking to trade for for
Razer Nameplate
Razer BR skin
Let me know if interested thanks
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2022.01.17 02:07 sonyhren1998 Katere vsebine priporočate za ogled na Netflixu?

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2022.01.17 02:07 7882628737293 uni help

I need methods to get into a radiography course at RMIT but I only did further. if I did science at Latrobe for a year and majored in math could I transfer into the other course? or would I not need to even major math? any help and as much detail will help thanks heaps.
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2022.01.17 02:07 phoenixberger [PS4,5][2K22]Selling MT $6.8 = 100K / [XBOX][2k22] $7.5 = 100K /[PC] [EPIC/STEAM] [2K22] $7.5 = 100k / [Switch] $8.5 = 100k DIAMOND Seller! Accept Paypal/Venmo/Cashapp. Bundle Available!

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[PC][2K21][Epic&Steam]: $7 = 1 mil, $4 = 500k
[PS4/5] [2k21]: 1.8 USD = 100k (500k minimum) $16 = 1 mil (Bundle)
[XBOX]: $2 USD = 100K (500k minimum), $18 = 1 mil (Bundle)
$2 = 1 mil
Payment: Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp
New Rep page:
My 1st Rep:
2nd Rep:
3rd Rep:
For PC buyer please add me on Steam: phoenixberger
For PS4/XBOX just PM me on reddit, and I will help with how to put cards on auctions and things can be done in 5 mins.
My discord: PhoenIx#7852
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2022.01.17 02:07 VeterinarianSorry366 What are some unspoken rules of Reddit that new users should be aware of?

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2022.01.17 02:07 dani_sugar The Traitor?? (spoilers lol

Ik this would be crazy but im going for it anyway, it'd be amazing to predict something crazy so im going big 🕺
So we all know a main problem in the story is that there's a traitor causing rumors to happen and that they're tied to a human. Meaning the mystery would have to have a similar or exchanged motive as the human. What if the traitors are Teru Minamoto and Mystery No.6 Shinnigami, the God of Death and Life. I'm terrible at finding evidence and support but it kinda pieces together. Shinnigami's job/putpose is to raise sacrifices and basically ward off supernaturals, and Teru is too also exorcise supernaturals. What if they were working together and helping each other clear the existence of supernaturals. We all know Teru has a big enough reputation to get people to believe stuff, easily spreading rumors without making himself too public about it, the effect is even greater if he is tied to No.6. Teru gets his pay and money by exorcising supernaturals, but what would Shinnigami probably get out of it, who is Shinnigami even working for, what is he doing, is it for himself? There's so much we don't know and that's why this is mostly a broken theory. But what if the reason Teru wants Aoi(girl )back, not as a lover, but as an everliving sacrifice. Shinnigami's power is to bring people from the dead and also to sacrifice or kill them, and he can make people supernaturals. If Teru is working with him, he could just make Aoi come back to life to constantly use her as a sacrifice for various places. Like some sort of anti supernatural subscription for people lol. Also why it "under the school" mentioned so many times, I remember hearing the line around Teru once but also apparently the Mokke live there. Are they connected? That would actually be funny lmao.
WAIT A MIN I JUST REMEMBERED THAT NATSUHIKO AND SAKURA EXIST. I've heard a lot of people say that Sakura being the one spreading the rumors, but that wouldn't make sense because she's dead, they need to a be a human. I've also heard that Sakura is a story plot distraction so that there's a big reveal for like a plot twist. BUT IF NATSUHIKO IS SOMEHOW CONNECTED TO NO.6, he knows about the "How to become a supernatural 101" stuff, those two are bound to be connected in some way to No.6 if I'm right about Teru. WHY ARE THEY WITH TSUKASA? HUH HUH? TELL ME, yes im going crazy) Tsukasa's goal is to learn about all the supernaturals so idk what's going on with them.. 🏃‍♂️
Uhhh thank you for reading my crazy theories. See ya next time on Crazy King's crazy theories Tell me what you think, if i missed anything or if i got something wrongBYE AND TY
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2022.01.17 02:07 Markfrederickbell Pre Departure COVID Test

Looking at a short trip to Rarotonga soon and according to the Government’s COVID site , I need to arrange a pre departure COVID test through my doctor and cover the cost involved (up to $200) . Does anyone know why this can’t be arranged via the normal COVID testing station (for free)? I’ve rung Healhline however they didn’t seem to be 100% sure.
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2022.01.17 02:07 anonutter Carrying medicines for others in international flights

Hi everyone,
I'll be flying back to Zurich this month and a colleague of mine has asked me to get an over the counter medicine as he has not been able to visit home in a while due to the pandemic. It's a beta blocker called METOPROLOL SUCCINATE. I was wondering if I'm allowed to carry medicines for others in my hand luggage? Do I need any special documents for this? I have a picture of his prescription at the moment. The medicine is available over the counter in my home country but needs a prescription in Swtizerland I think. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.17 02:07 stilldiscount01 [100%OFF]Microsoft AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals Exam Preparation Test

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