Is the black mouse droppings? Roommate saw a mouse in our bathroom yesterday, this is in the kitchen

2022.01.17 01:52 swellspoptosis Is the black mouse droppings? Roommate saw a mouse in our bathroom yesterday, this is in the kitchen

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2022.01.17 01:52 brokenhealing Being alone is killing me

I am dead? Am I even here?
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2022.01.17 01:52 hihanemaisimo Is there any IDE available for Windows 11 in Mode S?

I tried to search in the Microsoft Store, but I find nothing. I heard that Microsoft VS is coming to the Microsoft Store, which is currently only available to Insider, so is there any alternative while VS is not ready yet?
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2022.01.17 01:52 Kandescent a bar sent me here

sent here from a dif ntf. hello world?
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2022.01.17 01:52 bihesabketab Very Close to Buying a Home with Vivint / Sunrun PPA - Is it worth it?

In the process of purchasing my first home in HCOL area (East coast) that has a 20-year Vivint (now Sunrun) PPA. I’m really looking for some advice and confirmation that I’m actually looking at the big picture and my cost projections are accurate. I’ve read every post about solar PPAs, Vivint, and Sunrun that I could find on Reddit and it answered many of the questions and concerns I had. I know PPAs are (most times) hot garbage, but I’m trying to figure out whether the cost of taking over the remaining 15 years is manageable enough for me to either absorb the cost or negotiate with seller to meet somewhere in the middle (or more). I’m doing this because I feel like we got a pretty decent on the house all things considered, granted the solar PPA isn’t more of a liability than I think.
Here’s the basic breakdown…
About the PPA:
- Currently in the 6th year of 20-year PPA.
- Starting energy price was 10.5c /kWh with 2.9% annual increase (12.11c/kWh this year)
- Current energy prices in this area (non-solar) are around 8c/kWh

- PPA agreement shared w/ us in disclosures doesn’t specify the number of panels or the how many watts installed.
- No tax credits or benefits associated with PPA (since Sunrun/Vivint owns the panels).
- Termination:
About the house
- Built ~ 20 years ago
- Well-kept and in good condition
- AC, Water heater, furnace are all original to the home (20 years) and while all in good working conditions, it’s something I have money put aside for.
- New roof was installed right before panels installed. According to inspector, roof is in great condition (no leaks) and should be in good shape for the life of the solar PPA.
- 1 year home warranty provided by seller
Projecting Costs & Solar Energy Production
- I’ve tried my best to project the costs associated with taking over the PPA (or buying it out) and then working to negotiate for concession w/ seller. The process has been downright torture for a few reasons:
- At this point, the data points I have of the unit’s production are:
Where we stand:
- Ratified contract a few days ago. No contingencies. Have a couple of days left to back out and get back EMD.
- Sunrun/Vivint haven’t provided me any documentation yet and the Service Transfer Coordinator has been all too lax to provide historical production information (if they even will) or the exact fees to terminate or pay out the PPA.
- Seller likely won’t disclose any more information until after my time to back out expires in a couple of days.
- We really like the house but aren’t necessarily married to it. We’ve been in the market for about a year now and have lost out on 6-7 houses that we’ve put in strong offers (those homes were sold anywhere from $10-70k over asking. We lost a house by 5k once.) Though it’s a bit bigger than we had originally planned, its still well within out budget and not too much more expensive to houses that are 25-30% smaller. It’s in a neighborhood we really like. We locked in a pretty good rate (considering the rising rates over the past 2 months) and feel good about our mortgage and closing costs. If things go well with the deal, we see ourselves living here for 12-20 years. The home is spacious enough for us to “grow” into it comfortably, but its also not excessively big or wasteful now.
My concerns:
- Based on the limited information I have in hand if we continue with the PPA and non-Sunrun energy prices stay around the same (or compound 1% yearly) the total cost to keep the PPA is about $9k to $13k. That’s around 1% of the home’s price. That’s not too bad over 15 years, especially if the seller meets us halfway. Going back into the market means I may not win another home for another 1/2/3/6 months and I’m guessing interest rates will go up a bit in that time frame (which may just equal the loss I’d eat by sticking to this house and just eating up the extra $5-12k).
- If we push too hard for seller to buyout PPA, they’ll just refuse and I’d prob back out of the deal. Someone else will prob offer to take the house with the solar panels not really understanding what they’re getting themselves into.
- Even with my limited experiences, Vivint/Sunrun seems to be a terribly run company and I don’t expect to receive anything beyond mediocre customer service. They’re already guaranteed to get paid; why should they bother?!
- I’m afraid that I’m missing something in making (semi) accurate cost projections over the remainder of the 15-year PPA. Are my calculations off? Any suggestions to secure more accurate information?
- I know it’s stupid to even imagine the possibility, but would Sunrun even entertain renegotiating the energy rate, fixing the rate for the remaining 15 years, or offering a discount to buy out the system or PPA? Having read other posts across reddit, I’ve heard they may offer that at service transfer.
- I’m assuming that while the PPA paints this picture that Sunrun/Vivint will manage and maintain the system (and repair it is many/most cases), the reality is that most times you’ll get screwed on some stupid technicality that’s not covered. For example, I noticed hail damage isn’t covered; in 15 years we could get hail that damages the panels and then be on the hook to pay for them.
- 15 years is a long time, and anything can happen during that time period, including unforeseen life changes (even though we’re not planning on moving from here anytime soon), damages that aren’t covered by their warranty.
- This PPA was clearly a stupid decision and I feel a bit uneasy taking over it. I’m trying my best to look at things rationally and financially. If I’m only looking to pay an extra $5k to $12k (due to overpaying for electricity vs. non-solar), I can look past that – I don’t think the home is worth losing for $10k.
Apologies for the long post and really appreciate any and all opinions.
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2022.01.17 01:52 Unknown_Player0069 I wish the M4 have a M4A1 carbine barrel attachment so it would look like the XM4 commando

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2022.01.17 01:52 Graimit0 Quien tenga material de Belinda Flowers hablemen

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2022.01.17 01:52 Giardiniera_Jeff I have some 6" pots and by some I mean a ton.

Are there any vegetables that could be grown on a very hot concrete patio in Illinois in these deep (9") 6" diameter pots? Want to put them to good use. Currently using them for asters which are graduating to larger pots under grow lights in prep for a very fast start in spring!
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2022.01.17 01:52 Artistic-Educator-85 x3 pro dnd mode ploblem

My poco 3x pro has a big problem. DND mode turning on automatically(Especially when the car is moving) , and then turning off automatically. Help please....
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2022.01.17 01:52 Budget_Put1517 People's who share my birthday. And damn, I share mine with mao zedong too

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2022.01.17 01:52 Foxiest_Fox Daily Ahri Fanart #1225 - The Iconic Wink does not disappoint - Art by 佐藤sugar

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2022.01.17 01:52 DoesntMatterBrian One year sober today

I just wanted to commemorate it with a post here. This last year I’ve realized I’ve had a lot of personal problems and mental health issues that I was covering up with alcohol abuse, and I’ve taken the first steps to dealing with those. I’ve also lost nearly 30lbs, started grad school part time, and had my second child.
Lately, as my one year sober anniversary has crept up, I’ve noticed the temptation to let myself try moderation. I miss wine. My wife and I used to drink a glass of wine or two together and that was something we enjoyed doing. However, she would stop at two, and I would stop after another two bottles. I wish I had the ability to moderate, but I don’t. That’s just not who I am. I can say no to the first drink. I can’t say no to the second. Or sixth.
I know I’ll be a better father to my children as a sober father rather than a drunk one. What a year.
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2022.01.17 01:52 Loops___0 What map do you want to see come into the game most

View Poll
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2022.01.17 01:52 jbzfrench [XB1] H: Fire station Bell, Junkyard Fountain W: Cave Cricket tube, TV aquarium, Camo backpack

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2022.01.17 01:52 poukoren 35M, California - looking for [chat]/voicechats, ppl to watch anime/shows with, gaming buddies and potential [friendship]

I'm looking for someone to chat with or voice call with frequently or semi-frequently. Someone chill, open minded and understanding. We could play some PC games, watch anime/shows/movies together or just talk about life. It doesn't even have to be that serious. We can keep it shallow or attempt to go in deep. Don't mind at all if you're shy or awkward since I can also be cringe as fuck. The only real requirements I have are: be 18+ and please put a little effort into the convo. It's ok if we're not connecting or vibing. I won't take it personally and I hope you won't either.
I get a ton of super low effort messages like "hi, what's up?" "hey" "yo, how's it going". I'm going to just ignore all these messages. Not asking for much here. Just tell me a little about yourself. What do you like to do? What are your favorite movies? Games? Songs? Anything about yourself at all. It doesn't have to deep or meaningful. Some info that may be relevant:

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2022.01.17 01:52 DankRedditor73 For Honor Sucks

I hate for honor so much. Why do people even play it. Those who play it get no women. They have no game and they probably lick wiener when they aren’t playing for honor. You guys probably get surprised when you can’t parry your abusive stepfathers hits
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2022.01.17 01:52 Winter-Flower-8698 some people go through serious problems in their lives and need medication to get better, and for ME it's disrespectful to make a trend like that. (giving the idea that this is cool.)

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2022.01.17 01:52 Key-Algae-8705 NFL Legends - Deebo Samuel Edition

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2022.01.17 01:52 TheRealHambino OQ2 thinks I’m in Party chat but I’m not.

Idk what happened to my OQ2 but it thinks I’m in a party chat. Series of events: Last thing I did was playing PokerVR within party chat. My headset was about to die, so we got off. I left the chat, put it to charge
3 to 4 hours later after fully charged: I put on my headset, immediately got a notification saying the following: Only people in the app can hear you, press the Oculus button to switch to party chat.
Im not even in a party chat. No indicators of even in a party, no exit/end button, not green button saying party.
When I tried to start a party ie. send an invite I get the following: Couldn’t send Invite. Please try again.
Thought that was weird, I hit “Create Party” it gave me the following:
To create a new party, you just leave the one you’re in.
It’ll prompt me to create a new party with location but after hitting create party, it goes to a blank gray window with party in the left hand corner.
Now I’m not still in a party what so ever, but the system thinks I am.
Attempted solutions that didn’t work: -Resetting by holding power button. -Resetting within the menu (power off) -Unlinking my Facebook account through phone and Oculus -bypassing party creations through multiple users, same error given. -voice command to leave party. -voice command to create a new party
Last resort: I prompted a hard factory reset. Thinking this will be the overall solution, to my surprise, it still didn’t work.
I can’t talk in game chat because the system thinks I’m in a party chat.
I literally have nice clue wtf is going and any help would suffice.
Thank y’all for y’all’s time.
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2022.01.17 01:52 PotatosealXD Marks new lady?👀(made this after watching Encanto)

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2022.01.17 01:52 B1CYCl3R3P41RM4N Halp my SSTO keeps flipping.

I’m working on building a slightly larger class of space plane and I keep running into an issue where it flips wildly out of control whenever I’m about to make the crossover from open to closed cycle on my rapier’s. (For context this craft has 4 rapier engines, 2 nerv engines, and enough Dv to get to Jool and back easily without refueling for an idea of scale). It seems like the nose of the craft is catching too much aerodynamic resistance and flipping once my velocity gets to around 1100 m/s and I’m trying to adjust my attitude to about 20 degrees over the horizon. I’m being super delicate with the controls but it still just wants to flip seemingly no matter what I do. Anyone got any tips?
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2022.01.17 01:52 stuntguy3000 📰 COVID-19 Update - 17/1/22 - 3,829 New Cases, 0 Deaths

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2022.01.17 01:52 Fiaaak820 How much does the Venn diagram of apex players and people who’ve seen twilight overlap

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2022.01.17 01:52 VHSUNKNOWN My girlfriend got me tickets to the pistons suns for Christmas sadly this was the only picture I took before my phone died. It was great seeing the boys play though

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2022.01.17 01:52 ataxiaaa My baby friend🐈

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